Saturday, December 23, 2006

"a story of the housemates..."

ONCE UPON A TIME, there are this 4 wEiRd students who come to imu to study, they are all grouped in the same batch, but all diff sub groups!!

the first one is a very tall guy... the outstanding one from the batch due to his tallness! very crazy one.. can go very very siao one..he is the batch's joker, at the same time being the runner's up for 'most ganas'! he can talk nonsense like there is no tomorrow, on the other hand can be berry serious pulak..he has some nick like tall marshian, papa, abu n so on..? he is a very nice guy afta all, since he playes dota well enuf!

the second one has characteristics that totally opposite from the 1st.. he has a nick of 'small kid' from the batchmates due to his height... he is very nice to be bullied.. he is the crowd's target to shoot at.. even when he is asleep, there will be some kepoh ppl talking about his bad.. this guy alwiz reply ppl late in sms, as a result, we alwiz fail to do chain msging as he often FORGET to fwd..

now the 3rd one..he is WeiRd too... he seems quiet in the beginning, but getting noisier days by days.. is it due to peer's influnces? among the joke that he used to tell, the 'lao shu chi ping guo' punya reminds everyone about him.. he had serious cough in the past months..thus 'ehem ehem, blah blah bell' were named afta him... recently he had got his cough cleared, totally.......

and the last one.. he is very noisy.. he is hyper talkative.. he can crap so well n go very crazy jus as the 1st one.. and he loves to eat and he has an oversize stomach recently...he nice is 'si fei zhu'... throughout the semester, he spread his genes to his class-partners bit to bit...

As time passes, the 4of them get to know each other closer, they hang out together, they play and they crap together, they even sing on the stage as a group! sometimes, the first one gets angry with the second, then the 3rd and the 4th will support, and the 2nd one will get deep into trouble...but on another occassion, the 2nd one gets bor song with the last one, now nobody will put any attention into it pulak... however, they seem to be very happie with each other.....

a closer link of the 4of them has established when they finally decided to be HOUSEMATES of one another....

they have a great time being housemates of each other..

as life goes by, there is a time for the separation of each of them when they have finally graduated... they will be placed at different ulu places to work... they had to say 'good bye' to each other...................................

thank you for reading...lolz ;p

cintan mee belated 22nd bd~

U20 Dec, Wed

Had a v.belated burfday celebration for vb's 2nd most ageing person, cintan mee!(chim tam ming)
our ah head is jian, june baby!

wathed eragon... was okay okay larh.. but dont like the starring ppl..eragon2? might consider geh.. kim hoe lets go.. the late outing ended by having dinner @gasoline in

happie burfday tam ming! ;)

Sunday, December 17, 2006

anotha tired day! ;) 2nd MTF national interclub TKD champ

17 dec, sun

took part in the national inter-club tkd championship today... both my bro n i were 'mai zhu zai' (sold over to) terengganu, where v represent terengganu instead of our own club..

there were lotsa participants in open guys larh EVE!! fighting 5participants to final is the limit dy larh... so long time neva experince such a hectic fight dy... sumore to fight 3x2mins a round wasnt easy larh!!! @@

was lucky enuf to lost to national fighters in the semi or final dy.. if not v gonna bring back 'steel medal' dy... lolz

i won 1st 3 rds, quite oklarh, jus abit of clashes on my legs, lost in the 4th(semi) n got myself a bronze medal...

zhuon won 1st 4rds, lost in final to ryan, yeah again ;/

but wats good was that he had got himself a place in the terengganu sukma team..he wil be going in-camp training in late dec, n starting to get his monthly trainin $$ for one n half year till sukma 08' if evything goes right.. so good luck to him lorh! :)

think this interclub will be my closing match for my tkd journey on a ring dy..
fighting with a yellow belt at an age of 9, closing with a bronze medal on a national championship at age of 20 was okay dy... i tot i will fight till 26/27 like that lerh.. lolz

im so tired dy... thks my dear dear for evything, waking up early in the morning, SUPPORTs, teman me play games, chat n all! she went offline abit early than me! geeezzz.nvm larh.. lol ;)

Saturday, December 09, 2006

a delayed one, VB sem5 semnual dinner...

28 Nov, Tues

IT WAS WAY BACK to 2nd day, 2nd week of sem5, wher v hav our delayed self-cooked annual dinner@vista... it was a late one cos v are waiting for the results from resit, then oly v cud celebrate wit worries-free....

This time v hav qris(main chef), till stratchlyde ;p + tam ming + me ;)
qris cooked fried maggi(wantan mee failed n throw away.. sobs) + hou yao kai + seaweed soup + sour fried fish(jian + yeaw cooked till head n' tail detach from e fish) + tong sui.. while tam ming cooked vege n i did fried rice...

afta dinner, v hav had a supa late belated bd celebration for wm n darren.. made them do prank calls... LOLz... cant resist to laugh when u listen to how they actually flirt on the fon larh.. Hahaha..

some pics...

~our main dishes of the nite..~

~future wife?~



~ vb full attendance... ;P~

~still vb.... ~

~ the family is expanding... ~

~ belated bd boys...~

~off camera shot!~

~a big happie family... ~

Monday, November 27, 2006

yeahhhhhh! :) all passed sem5!

27 Nov, Mon

woooowwww... yeahhhhhhh!!! oooohh laaa laaaaaa... huuray!!!
congrats to all p105iers who did resit!!!

congrats to buddy kim n darren n desmond! ;)

Friday, November 24, 2006

long waiting....

24 Nov, Fri

Skipped lectures today.. heh, its only the 3rd day of sem5 lerh.. went for tkd demo at kbu instead.. had a successful one..was sumting diff, v had basics, target kicking, self def n planks kicking.. kevin had the recruitment booth setted up since mon n managed to get about 15ppl to sign up.. great news huh? hope the demo does grab more attention! ;p


fri ending soon dy in another 10mins..m jus waiting d whole nite patiencely..................................Zzzzz...... ;)

some thoughts...

thay2nbbra e4dyoeacny th..gtaktso Itastiwiit &lettuonon istdnglleo

abe..isIcel igI'siudfi remrngstns erefllwifm lieau..ufid is2mymshys

madbh/deIN ilewKLargK soit/b,k.... eatI..IdeSM tau2p..ip;) necupoaril

Thursday, November 23, 2006

back to reality... STUDY lorh...

21 Nov, Tues

Had a last outing with frens on tues... 9 of us went cheung k at favourite k-place, pyramid... v sang from 1-5pm plus.. den watched deatch note... it was a good show.. i tot it cud be a movie with unexplainable scenes jus like another horror jap movie.. but i was wrong.. it was sumting much beta.. too bad it was from a manga series, so it has no ending for the movie, make me so wanted to watch the 2nd episode lerh...

afta movie, meet up with jian n qris, 2 big bosses n v had dinner at OUG... qris wasnt fine n kips vomitting, and the worst thing was that she hasnt eaten anything yet... poor qris.... jian even bought her 'wah muay', but seems no help...

got to noe that she was admitted to Sunway medical centre the late nite from hsheong...

22 Nov, wed

Had my first day of sem5 today.. ha... glad to see evyone back again! most big diff were that some with new hair cuts dy, some of da gals make curly or straighten their hair..heh.. ;p

afta lecture, went to visit qris with a whole bunch of frens... she was doing fine dy... she discharged from the hospital on the same day.. QRISTINE LIEW, NO MORE SPICY FOOD, NO MORE SOUR FOOD...... U BETA DONT MAKE US WORRY AGAIN K!!!!! @_@

23 Nov, thurs

2nd day of sem5 started with an eng class at 8.30am.. arrrgh! again, yet again, i was selected for eng class.. 'lucky' to say tat i hav to suffer the same tiredness while driving to uni, same concentration-loss during lecture afta eng class, arrrrghh.. dam sick to think of the same thing again n again each thurs!!!! but nvm larhhh.............

2nd day of lecture ended with prof ong kok hai's teaching.. he is good n funny at times.. at least i do pay attention to him.. 80% of the time.. haha...
tats all larh.... tata ;)

cant wait for fri, i hav sooo much to say .....................................................!!!!!!!!!!!! ;) ;) ;)

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

weekend - grandpa 78th bd + working...

18th Nov, Sat

Got to know that qris was sick n admitted to host kajang for a day dy... she had high fever.. visited qris with darren n hsheong in the noon... many were ther too.. at least got 15ppl there.. v brought her oranges, potatoes CHIPS n some sweets... n she actually could get down the bed, walk n jump ard normally dy.. glad about that.. had a long chat with them.. the rest actually went out for SATAY at nite.. the doc APPOVED qris to go out n hav satay, she will be discharged from hospital on sun's noon..

At nite, had dinner for grandpa's 78th bd.. i tot it is his 79th bd, cos last yr i made a photo for grandpa on 78th bd dy.. but it was a mistake last year -_-" anyway, wish my grandpa alwiz strong and stay healthy + happie + long live, cheung meng bak shui ;)

19th Nov, Sun

Worked for Ian for one whole day to earn myself another 100bucks.. this time hav got my bro to work with me, togeta with ah sun n jia nin.. v worked as time keepers for this GRA(Grass Racing Autosport) racing competition in the an open carpark in shah alam.. Ian n jia nin treated us really nice, was glad to work wit them... ;)

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

first morning.......

yiniydunin hewirdde.... Totmourami 1stheaar.... daortmross

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

upS n downS.. y alwiz like that?

work work WORK.......

6Nov - 12 Nov

I hav been so busy working last week that my free time at home was jus merely to sleep only...
Worked for unisys for the last time on last mon, den decided not to work there anymore afta getting better offer from evelyn..

Worked as CAR set up crew on tues and wed.. a true new experience..only 3 of us, kai meng, eve n me... working hard to set up for the trial run n showcase room on the first day n working as marshals for the test run the 2nd day.. get to work togeta with ur frens, chatting while working, free time, free lunch, free transport, high paid, nice employer.... v did put in efforts to make the showcase of ABC car a success.. one bad thing was that v nid to work under the hot sun.. so as a result = a burned chick or roasted pig skin were wat v got!!

rested on thurs...

then fri, sat n sun worked as organisation crew for ANOTA BRAND OF CAR... the same old setting n marshals job..except nid to wipe car in the morning and get to drive XX n YY cars back n forth from carwash place to off road track... its easy.. its fun... and its tiring... wake up at 5am and got home at 9pm for dinner.. its an easy job for u to hop on for some quick $$ :)
too bad auntie said no more car projects this year dy..........

* thks evelyn for getting me into it.. really hav lots of fun working togeta with eve n kai meng... :)

* i wana rest... i wana enjoy my last bit of hols well............ ;P
* due to private n confidential mafan-ess, i hav got to replace the name of organiser with XX , yy n so on.... thks to eve larh....!

Monday, November 06, 2006

gud lucks....

6 Nov, Mon

TODAY marked the beginning of zhuon's final exams... wish him all the best till nex wed...

gud luckssssssss...... :)

Sunday, November 05, 2006

1st mapcu tkd......

5th Nov, sun

MAPCU TKD was the last event for mapcu(malaysian association of all colleges n universities) sports carnival.. it held at apiit smart school in subang jaya... did bring u guys some gud news.. did bring charmine some gud news geh..

overall, it was jus a small competition..instead of all togeta, participants were divided to black belts seniors, seniors n juniors categories... this is to encourage juniors participants to take part mah.. KBU, zhuon's school had got a total of 3 fighters.. dey brought back 2 golds n a silver.. weiii.. not bad wei...

while imu, oly with 2 players.. me n jack oly... got a beta results..jack won bronze in poomsae n silver in fitness.. while the lucky me won gold in sparring, silver in poomsae n gold in fitness.. hehe.. ;)

my last fight was a close match.. i won 6-5 over ahmad hariz, an old fren of mine.. while zhuon won wei jin 4-1 in the final...heheh.. gud fight bro! ;)

while in beep test, de imu runners had conquered the top... wahhahaha... zhuon did level 11, wei jin came up 3rd with lvl 11-11, jack 2nd with lvl12.. while i broke my own records... won with lvl 12-3.. how can i run beta today?with injuries n tiredness that i got afta all the fights? perhaps was the competitors' spirit n some inner strength that motivates me to finish up by top...? :)

yeah yeah.. i hitted the 20th medal of the year dy.. :)

~with KBU family...~

~kbu family with the medals....~

~imu family.. minus zhuon....~

~overall champ trophy, won by apiit....~

~its me

~me, coach, zhuon~

YEST marked another meaningful history.. which was the official formation of PJTC(Petaling Jaya Taekwondo Club)... v are no longer affliated to others, but to MTF alone.. v hav got our independent.. blurrrrrrrrr lerh??? forget bout it bah...! ;p

~sista n brothas practicing yoga :P ~

~sista n brothas act cool ,while cousy smiling nia...~

~the family of pjtc...~
AM DYING WITH TIREDDDDDDNESSSSS NOW... gona Zzzzzzzzzzz... gd nitessssssss k :p

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

jus a thought... 'beep test!'

It is a test to test the physical, endurance of a player, used in the selection of national squad, regardless of any sport... okay it is like this, u hav to run to the opposite end, 20m long, in a given time limit.. of cos u started with a very slow speed, den slowly run faster n faster as the given time is shortened.. u started with level 1-1, den follow by1-2, 1-3 n so on with the same time interval till level 1-10, den start with level 2-1..... till level 20.. understands bor?? @@

the minimun for a national player to pass was level 10 for guys n level 8 for gals..

i tested on mon n today.. mon hitted level 10-4.. n today was level 10-5.. my limit was ther dy.. aiiiihz aiihzzzzzz... my record was level 11-3 LAST TIME... now arrr... aihhz aiiiihzzzzzzzz...

hope to perform well in this weekeend's mapcu tkd... wei jin same weight with me.. aihhz aiihzz.. gold medal flying away dyyyy.. aiiiihzzzzzzzzz...

today not working dy... waiting for jobsssss... lol.....

Tuesday, October 31, 2006


30 oct, mon

pheeeeewww! yahhhooooooooo~ damn glad to pass my sem4...with my frens ther..!!!! :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

congrats to those who passed again!

n neva give up, jia you for the unlucky ones who failed pp,
v are alwiz with u k.. jia you! :)

looking fwd for sem5.. n a new life... ;)

Sunday, October 29, 2006

the day afta tomorrow...

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rehaaysht.. cibibyopmi attbdae4ss Vachit..?eb eaybykthu~ ppot,dJues


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here..dthsm ni2heaines tearrdgttr pideitrtke ,Iuweaaton ntsimeheep

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tiin&keade ll..*isndar vmhuseon.... katassmyde y..gassonar

more updates..

27th n 28th, thurs n fri

WORKING - been working terribly ALOT these 2 days.. thurs worked for 7n half hours n today worked for 6 n half hours... tireddddd nia...

yest's feelings were mixed... more mixed than a plate of penang rojak.. but it wasnt nice.. started off with sweet greetings...but ended wit tears dropping down...aihhhz.. jus dont ask me y larh k..

fri ar, d mixed feeling were stil ther... this time it beceme pizza hut with 3 flavors of cheese inside..but it wasnt tasty..started off with worries, ended with happiness n sadness again..aihhzz... but this time no tears...jus arguments n doubts...aiihhzzz..

went to kyee's 21burfday celebration on fri's nite.. meet all frens here.. so many came.. reunion reunion kekeke... happie 21st birthday kah yie! =)

*sem4 results will be released on nex mon... till then v pray hard togeta k... p105iers.. evyone must pass sem4 togeta!!!!!!

* gud luckssssssssssssssssssssss guys!

Friday, October 27, 2006

there is always a betta day, tomorrow...

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aideedretm lyaray..Iyd ..k?hk..miea zedeankeua myartassr;) rdariccalo

Thursday, October 26, 2006

jus meant for u...

25 Oct,

etiflyttmu nie!goudac teIhtueaks Asmbinypea 2rvf,mrd;) we4lalrer..

,urtmeIl..I Rdanfrldlu motpomomvU Deimsowoes sternoyb;)

2b cont..

20 Oct, Fri

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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I AM back....

25 Oct, wed

I AM back... i am able to run, to jump n to fight again! glad that my legs were on a good recovering dy.. the wound was closing nicely..jus need another wk to fully recovery..

Last sat, went to sir ranjendran's deepavali open hse.. went with eve(the bulliable driver), ken n vincent.. meet some old frens ther..ryan won the recent youth commenwealth games in australia.. congrats larh! pity eve that day larh, being the only gal ther, wat do u expect, center of bulliable target.. lol ;)

* thks eve n tkd members for making me a card of gratitude, instead of one for recovering? hehe.. thks guys! :)

At nite, went subang for seafood with tkd mates..discovered this nice n cheap place for seafood.. 10 of us, v ordered crabs, sotong, lai niu prawns, tofu, vege, chicken wings, kwong fu chao.. rm130 oly :))))))) smilling in joys with saliva dropping.........


happie raya to my muslim frens n happie holidays to those non-muslim! :)

hav tkd training with kbu mates on mon, since they are going for mapcu tkd nex sun..
tested, that im able to fight again, wudnt put effort to train, but looking fwd for a good fight nx wk..
went jogging afta that, tested again, i can run edy.. stamina dropped, of cos.. muahahhaa.. i am on a gud way recovering!


went mid v to shop with qris yesrterday.. a day of fulfillment n joys.. v got evything v wanted, but not Ej's one.. oppss! ;)

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

stil thurs..cont...

19 oct, thurs

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tiino?dano ongaRwtele ..Rgiehagh: qumeominn? wentarais// esetolgado

learn self def ;p

a short msg... :-)

hoyItqrdss wrgoriatuo uainsaeloh WeToutIm;p r?gor,ur:) I,dawihemi

Monday, October 23, 2006


19 Oct, thurs

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!Bheosimht utcoo,ewye Idurplast.. pahaetthtr onagusn'00 thvtodetig

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T;,Imeogni )Zdoguette huhadmawz! Swiyudenul huvgomit//// EEintittar

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

a day off...

18 oct, wed

Worked yest from 2-7pm.. getting used to the data keying dy.. but my boss wasnt satisfied on my 1st day... too slow my speed n the standard deviation for errors was 1.51%... ohhhhhhhhhh.. perhaps i did beta today? nid to check back the stat on thurs..

So today i took a leave.. work 2 days, rest 1day.. hahahahha.. lazy nia.. stil thinking wher to go? how to pass my time? lol...

Gotta remove the stiches on my left leg on doesnt seem to recover at the moment..i can walk like normal(if im wearing socks n shoe) but i cudnt run n do sparring as b4... ishhh! received news from eve that mapcu tkd is on 5th nov.. national interclub is on 17dec.. i wanna fight!! that cud be my last 2 fights in the ring b4 i retire from the ring? i need a miracle recovery in 2 wks time pls... :)

Monday, October 16, 2006

update update..

17 oct, mon

Finally got myself a day off n OUT on sun..LEARN the -ness thingy by watching you, me n dupree! not a good show..dont choose this show if u hav a choice.. haha..a fulfilled day, i shal hav more time to hang out with u! ;)


STARTED work today.. with UNISYS company in damansara height.. drove ther.. pay rm10 for parking, regretted to drive ther, i tot its only rm5(for saturday oly!) started to work, key in data(thousands over of acc no + amount of $$$ for citibank alone) from 1-7pm.. tat oly cover the number of cheques received from the date 9oct -12oct.. dam busy.. dun hav time to rest.. tired.. neckache like sia..since it is a flexible job, i will quit once i hav earn enuf larh(means i fried the boss sotong, wahahaha)... tomolo gotta take public transport dy..geez!!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

my boy had got his yellow 1 :)

13 Oct, Fri

Had tkd grading for my kids tonite.. there were total 15 of them, 5 are taking their poom(junior black) today.. grading went well, glad to say that my students all passed! heheh :) glad that the naughty boy had finally got his yellow belt afta 5months.. he is only 4 yrs(he said so), he joined us 2 yrs afta his bro joined the class.. first student who hav got yellow bet at the age b4 5yrs old at my gym.. stil my fav student so far, potential fighter in the future as well... ;p

~the 2 white belt~

~zhuon n my fav personal kid, wei jie~

~its him again, he is oly 4yrs+.. heiyah!~

~small gal wan ru~

~free sparing~

~it is jus like another training.. ~

~heiiiiyak! small gal kristine oso can break plank lerh!~

~yellow belt doing their basic~

~from brown 2 to poom!~

~geoffrey, fav student in tkd ring~

~naughty boy's bro, him n me~

~my future fighters~

Thursday, October 12, 2006

demo, again... lalalalalala~

12 Oct, thurs

Again, had tkd demo this morning in imu.. today ther were less ppl watching us, oly sem1 students, as they jus finished their oly lecture in the morning, plus a few p106iers.. p105? bpharm?

v really tot evything jus went smoothly today..was a success demo..perhaps was beta than yest.. less nervous, less mistakes.. but actually it isnt! i hav an injury on my leg, where i oly discovered it when i got back to home.. it bled quite seriously, i din noe bout it at all.. i realised pain on my foot, i tot it is only a bruise or wat.. ther was a deep cut on my left leg actually, got it from kicking the apple on knife( i tot i hitted on the knife back??? or i kicked it too hard that it went one rd?) afta washing my wound, it started to bleed.. bleed alottttt.. so zhuon fetched me to the clinic.. i hav got 4 stiches on my tapak kaki! first time having stiches, saw it on zhuon's cheek long time ago, n on my student's lip not long ago.. it is memang pain during the injection of the painkiller, but afta tat i feel ntg at all, the doc jus get busy to do the stiching, without sayang my leg at all!!!! argh! one bad thing now is that i cant wet my bandaged foot FOR ONE WEEK, cant even straighten my tapak kaki to walk like normal..pain pain pain! aihz aihzzz.. n got to remove those stiches one wk later..

think i cudnt make it for tomolo's red box session dy.. so sry lerh, sista!

I hav got myself a temporary job.. its working on data entry with maybank accounts thingy.. working time is flexible, choose to work on any wkday, 6-8 hrs daily, reasonable high paid(rm6.50 per hour).. will hook myself onto it for a few days for sure!

* thks my demo team members : eve, kin thong, pei ling, ejie, yuna, nisha, jasmine n alex?

* i tot u r sick today.. not feeling gud.. not well.. lalalalalalalalalala~!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

tkd demo for recruitment drive ;O

11 Oct, Wed

Im back to imu in the morning.. Had a rather thorough practice b4 the actual tkd demo at 12.30.. suddenly, time flies, its 12.30 dy, evyone got nervous.. ejie, pei ling were so nervous.. 1st time doing demo worh.. my adrenaline haven hit me as im conducting the demo for the very first part, basics.. den its me n eve, v did a pattern, v did koryo, oly practice twice to hav came up with same ending timing! which means v cud be good partner in poomsae event if v practice more lerh ;p

nex, its the last part n the part where evyone is focus on - destruction(planks breaking).. start off with white belt, did a front kick, followed by turning kick, then chop kick(ejie), n back thrust(pei ling).. all planks broken! *clap clap... while i failed to break the jumping front kick one's with 2 tries.. argh! failureeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! at that time, yeah my adrenaline levels raisesssss...

fortunately, afta that evything went smooth n v made the demo a success!
erm today v hav spent rm61.50 for planks.. i broke 5 with 5 kicks, rm 27.50 fly dy... lolz

eve n me concluded that today's demo was a failure! v mus do beta tomolo! wish us lucks! :)

* today was another bad day.. mixed feelings lerh @_S

pp team gathering ;p

10 Oct, tues

The pp team hav had a small gathering party at chai yong's big hse@bukil jalil golf area..3 stories bungalow lerhh..;) delay delay delay to buy food.. this desmond is still playing ping pong at vista while v are supposed to gather at that time(this captain really 're ai' ping pong ;p) afta makan, jus chat chat n chat.. pity choon wei being the oly 'banana', poor case, alwiz nid kok liang to translate.. wher as kok liang is having hard time catching up with canto.. steph n desmond, best at their own prinsipsssSSss.. hahaha.. all 8 of us even 'cereboh' into chai yong's room afta makan..ahhaha..too bad paik ling went back taiping dy.. all e rest present.. v had pizza+kfc+chai yong's mum cooking+tong sui..

till then, wait for nex wk bak ku teh makan trip den ;p

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

hols cont..

9 Oct, mon

Got myself back to IMU at 10am for a demo practice.. the recruitment drive will b on this wed&thurs.. wil b doing a demo with fellow frens for tkd club.. ther will b cheerleading performance from pharmaknight for dance club as well.. ;)

stil nid lotsa practices afta this, as this is oly our 1st rehearsal, plus vincent, kin thong didnt turn out today..eve really put in lotsa efforts in this demo, will try my best s well to make it a success! hope things turn out well on wed n thurs, if not sure very paiseh wan!! :O

*had lunch wit hy at a dimsum shop at sri petaling..wana try out the new curry house ther but condition don permit jus had dimsum ;)

*fish got 3rd in drawing competition.. nowonder jus now ejie n me try searching for the art piece but it was gone missing.. congrats! :)

*ther might b a tkd demo in kbu nex wk.. still working on it..

*frens are ther in penang alredi.. tomolo they will go payar n den to langkawi.. hav a safe n great trip there!!

*hav got myself a job interview on this wed s well.. looking for flexible working days n high paid jobs.. wish me lucks!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

unlucky day...

7th Oct, Sat

didnt Zz well last nite.. alwiz got prob that bugged me..recently.. wat is wrong with me? wat happen to us? was it my fault all the while? @_______________@

Went Inti College Malaysia in Nilai for mapcu pp match early morning! reached the competition hall, saw many players are warming up there.. got to know who is ma li wei n so on national top players.. msia top first, second n third gal players were there! giiillaaa!

we hav no lucks..drawn into a group with all good teams there.. grouped with nilai inti, sunway, taylors, n nilai international college.. v won taylors n nic but lost to nilai inti n sunway! if v were grouped in the other gp, v might be the top of the gp n make it into final.. but v ended up didnt even make it to the semi, thou based on overall, v are supposed to be in the semis.. aiihz aiiihhzz.. my last mapcu sport event was sent off into the sea liao.. lolz!

later came back to vista at 5..waited for wm to come back n bugged wmeng to open the door for me..pigged on bugger's bed immediately.. im real dead!! got to pig for an hour b4 my pig's tone alarm sounded.. got up, shook wmeng up.. washed my face n get rdy to leave vista dy.. v are going to vincent's hse for steamboat ;)

Meet up with e rest, su miin, pei ling, khang wern, baobao.. sue choo got bumped into us afta coming back from burger stall.. vincent invited her n she din resist to go with us. hahah.. had lotsa fun talk in the car with the presence of sue choo.. kakakaka.. pity pei ling lorh!

Many of p106iers came s well... erm chen han, chi yuan, yieng, flora, million,thrisa, mei wen n jason..poor jason got 'zat' by vincent's mum for not being able to speak chinese well..remind me of the same case happened to bugger from my gang.. haha.. had very nice steamboat, sumore got sour spicy crab, forced to use hand to enjoy the full taste of it.. nyummms ;) evything were great, the crab was the best!

* thks desmond for the pp training thruout the time...
* thks vincent for such a nice dinner/gathering/open hse :)