Saturday, May 31, 2008

britains got talents 2008 semi finals day 5 results

Congratulation to Escala and Nemesis for making it through to the final.

As expected, the quartet playing with srings - Escala was voted to be first last night. It is so obvious that they are the public favourite at all time. Watch their audition performance here first if you hasnt.

The judges were so impressed by their performance again.Piers was astounded by their act: “I think bookmakers all over the country are ripping up their books because you have just became the red-hot favourites!” Amanda beamed: “If that doesn’t get the royal seal of approval, I don’t know what will.” Which was followed up with Simon’s assessment of their performance as: “simply phenomenal.” The question is, can they win in today grand final?

Then it is down to judges to choose beween between the dance group Nemesis and the comedian Craig Harper for a second place for saturday's final.


It was age versus youth, tradition versus the future, and it was a decision not many people would have liked to make. After a yes each from Piers and Amanda, it was down to Simon to cast the deciding vote. “If I was choosing with my heart it would be you Craig” he said: “But I’m going with my head… so I choose Nemesis.”

Next, this one here where they judges should really press their buzzle but i dont get it why they didnt. -_____-" Lets give a big hand to Anya Spark for her spirit in showing big girl power. -_-"

I will go 100% with Simon that they isnt one person in this world that would pay money to watch this performance. -_-"

It didnt work quite well for Madona Decena to grab some sympathy votes from the public.

Other not so bad performances included Diva Las Vegas, sexy babes Carbulesque, singing duo Per Diem.

Who is your favourite among the ten finalists?

Escala and Nemesis, together with Signature, Kate and Gin, Andrew Johnston, Strike, George sampson, checky monkeys, Faryl smith, Andrew Muir will be in action again on tonight's final.

Tune in to ITV1 tonight at 6.50pm to join in the magic.

Turn over for ....More Talent on ITV2 after the show to celebrate the show's biggest and best moments.

Then return for the results show which airs on ITV1 at 9.30pm.

And ...More Talent dissects the evening's events one last time on ITV2 at 10pm.

Im getting really excited for britains got talent 2008 grand final. See you guys there :)

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Friday, May 30, 2008

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Britains got talents 2008 Semi finals Day 4 results

Britains got talent 2008 semi finals Day 4 is over.

The result for top 2 to go into saturday's final was very clear cut. Without any questions, Faryl Smith won everyone's heart and managed to get a place into saturday's final by having the highest public votes. I didnt expect Jeremy Lynth to qualify, instead i thought james stone did well. But his singing is more for older generation, so may be that is the reason why he didnt get enough votes to qualify.

Then, it was down to Jeremy Lynth and Andrew Muir, where the judges will play a role in deciding who should go into saturday's final. It was obvious, hence Andrew won over Jeremy easily when Piers and Amanda voted for Andrew without any difficulty.


Jeremy made a big mistake of dropping his ball twice, and this was the main reason for Simon and Piers to press the buzzle. Andrew's voice is great. Also as for his shoes and watch, the yellow striking color are so 'outstanding' last night. The judges hope when he comes back for final later on, instead of singing a good song, they want him to sing a great song. One more thing to bear in mind for Andrew - to change his pairs of yellow shoes.

Congratulation to Farly Smith and Andrew Muir.

Simon can be very professional at one time, but sometimes, he is just too much. Like last night, he cant stand the singing from vizage, and he pressed the buzzle on behalf of Amanda. It was so rude for Simon to do that and Amanda was so mad at him. 12 millions of people are watching the fight between the two of you - Simon and Amanda. If you think you can dominate this semi finals, then what is the point of having Amanda as a judge? Its really funny to see the judges argue each day. Lolz. The vizage are very determined of their own acts. However, they made a really big mistake to stay stubborn and continue to sing while they act, this further aggravates the judges. They have paid a big price for their stubborn attitudes. Pity the vizage.

Their performance was stunning and her singing wasnt that bad rite? Come on, at least better than Michael Machell or Kay.

Day 4 was kicked off by a 52 year old club singer James Stone.

Other performances included funny guy Charlie wernham, Harlequins and Boogie Babes.

Wanna be on Britain's Got Talent? Britain's got talent 2009 is open for application now.

So go on! Apply now!

Programme makers are now accepting applications from everyone! You can be any age and have any skill... as long you can entertain the people, you could be our ultimate winner!

Okay now seriously, if you have got real potential and wanna be part of it, take the challenge and apply it here.

8 out of ten finalists have been selected to perform on saturday's night final. They are Signature, Kate and Gin, Andrew Johnston, Cheeky Monkeys, George sampson, Strike, Faryl Smith and Andrew Muir.

The final 8 perfomances that we are going to see are singing duo Per Diem, Escala, Dance group Nemesis, Solo dance by Anya Sparks, superstar singer Madonna Decena, Caburlesque, Diva Las Vegas and Craig Harper. Dont miss out the last semi finals tonight at 9pm stv channel 5, see you there.

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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Britains got talents 2008 Semi finals Day 3 results

Congratulation to George Sampson and Strike for winning a place in saturday's final.

It was a very clear cut for George Sampson to win the public votes last night.

George showed us his strong will in winning Britains got talent final. The public love him. The judges gave excellent comments on his performance. Piers said "Sir Winston Churchill said 'never give up' and you never gave up. You were winning in the rain". "I want it for you as badly as you do," said Amanda through her tears. And Simon said, "We know this could change your life. You get my vote. You were terrific".

Then, it is down to judges to choose between Strike or Charlie Green to proceed to saturday's final.


Charlie took a great risk by singing a song written by his dad's idol. Indeed, it was a wrong choice. The judges love young charming charlie but they hated the song.

Piers was confused. "Everything about you says you're a star, but I'm not entirely sure that I liked the song that much - but I do like you".

Amanda nodded. "I think you're delicious and you are such a pro but I agree with Piers".

"You're a ten and the song was a two," said Simon. "It really upsets me because I want to see you in the final."

In the end, Amanda and Piers chose Strike over Charlie Green.

Simon speaks first. "Charlie you were hampered by your song choice but you have huge potential. Stike you are unique, one of myfavouite auditions. But as far as potential to win goes...Charlie.

Amanda: "I have no difficulty making this decision. I am 100% putting Strike through!"

Piers: "Okay... Strike".

And this one here is comparable to the Micheal Machell who played the star war's theme song on the first night. Their performances were rubbish.

Lets boo the Deans of Magic. This was the first team that was buzzed off prior to completion. BoooooooOOoooo!!

Next, i think Hoop La La did a wonderful performance last night. They managed to impress the judges as well.

Other performances included Irresistible, 23 girls + 1 boy dance group mary halford march, and Urban Gypsies.

That is the end of britains got talents 2008 semi final day 3 - George Sampson and Strike will be performing again in saturday's final together with Signature and Kate & Gin (day 1 winners) and Andrew Johnston and Cheeky Monkeys (day 2 winners).

Tonight, we are going to see young singer Faryl smith vs scotland singer Andrew Muir. Together with them in semi final day 3 are James stone, The harlequins, Vizage, Jeremy Lynch, The Boogie Babes and Charlie Wernham. See you there same time, ITV channel 5, 8.30pm!

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Britains got talents 2008 Semi finals Day 2 results

So, its the end of day 2 of Britains Got Talents Semi Final. Without any doubt, the most famous performance goes to Andrew Johnston.

A video that is going to have more than a million views...

Andrew was very nervous last night. He was lacked of confidence initially but then he slowly picked up his confidence and eventually ended the song perfectly. His voice is clear powerful and beautiful. Piers said "I think you are the favourite to win the whole competition." Amanda said "You did make me tear up but I managed to hold it together." And finally Simon commented that "The first third was shaky. Then halfway thorough you got your confidence up. You are a very talented young man." As expected, Andrew made his way to the final by having the highest public votes last night.

It was a very tough choice to make for the other one to go into the Saturday's final.

It was between Cheecky Monkeys and Flava.


On one side, its the super cute dance duo cheeky monkeys - Charlie & Krista. They are so professional and so lively. They are very enegertic and are able to show a very good combination in dancing. The crowds love them. The judges adore them.

On the other hand, the dance group Flava turned up to be equally strong. Their first performance during audition was incredible. It was really great. They were the first group to make Simon changed his mind to accept hoodies. “You have done one thing incredible, you’ve just made hoodies acceptable. I love that you have done it yourself, you are raw talent and you are as good as what I’ve seen in America. There a lot of people getting a hard time in this country at the moment, particularly young people and I just think you are an incredible representation of the good that is out there.” They did a very great performace last night also. However, their dream of spreading the positive message via dance was broken when Amanda and Simon chose Cheeky Monkeys over Flava to enter Saturday's final.

Other not-so-good performances on Britains got talents semi final 2 included big-group-39-members Mandy Ellen dancers, bang on using recyclable items, the surgeon+master magician Sauris Nandi, old friends Kay and Harvey, the contortionist Iona.

Congratulations to Andrew Johnston and Cheeky Monkeys for making it through into the final to join Signature and Kate & Gin.

The Britains Got Talents 2008 Semifinal 3 Schedule is out.

Tonight, those in action are extreme martial art Strike, Hoop La a, The Deans of Magic, Charlie Green, Irresistible, Mary Halford March, Urban Gypsies and George Samspon.

See ya same time ITV channel 5, 8.30pm! Good luck!

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Britains got talents 2008 Semi finals Day 1 results

What is Britains Got Talents to you?

All you need is a dream and some balls to go for it.

Here is the 32 confirmed semifinalists out of 40 for Britains Got Talents 2008 :

Boogie Wonderland
Kate and Gin
Tracey Lee Collins
Signature (Suleman Mirza)
Dean Wilson
Michael Machell
Sophie Mei
Phil Blackmore

Charlie Green
George Sampson
Craig Harper
Madonna Decena
Andrew Johnston
Faryl Smith
Anya Sparks
Charlie Wernham
Jeremy Lynch
Per Diem
Hoop La La
Strike (Extreme Martial Arts)
Cheeky Monkeys
Urban Gypsies
Iona the Contortionist
Kay and Harvey
Deans of Magic
Nemesis Crew
Andrew Muir

The first 8 semifinalists have performed last night. The results for Britains got talents 2008 Semi finals first day were out 10 mins right after the show. Some were outstanding while some were seriously out of their form.

Lets take a look at the top 2 performances of the night -

Please welcome Signature

They didnt let us down and managed to perform their best last night. The crowds and judges love their original michael jackson + hindi dance mix! Keep it going Signature! Signature managed to win a place in this saturday Final by having the highest public votes.

and please welcome Kate and her smart dog - Gin

Simon commented that Gin is the most talented dog in Britain during the first audition, Today, He rephrased his word and claimed the 2nd performance was one of the most talented performances in the world! WowwWww!

Congratulations to Signature and Kate & Gin, see you in final again!

Something unexpected, He/She took simon's words seriously and gave us some surprise here -

Its Tracey!! WooooWwww. Perfect cross-dressed! Nice performance but he/she is just not good enough to enter the final.

Phil Blackmore performed badly last night. It was quite disappointing as compared to the first time. You can watch the video here and compared it with the first time here.

And the worst ever performance of the night goes to Michael Machell -

The crowds doesnt like Michael, and they booed him throughout his performance. I agree 101% with simon that this guy dont deserve a place into the semi finals. He questioned about simon's knowledges in music in the end of the show. In addition, he said to Simon "What you know about music can be written on the back of a postage stamp!". He sucks. Fullstop. Anyway, i think that the judges put him through to aid the elimination process during semi finals. LOLZ.

Other videos related to britains got talents 2008 semi finals day 1 are Boogie Wonderland, Sophie Mei and Dean Wilson.

Its quite sad for Dean Wilson to be eliminated after being voted as the 3rd best performance of the night. But it was really tough for everyone to vote. You can watch the recap for day 1 semifinal here. Cant wait to watch tonight's show, where we will be able to watch young choirister Andrew Johnston and the Mongolian contortionist Iona again, 8.30pm stv channel 5, see you there!

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