Friday, January 27, 2006

last day b4 CNY break.... :P

26 Jan

GOT to FORCE myself to get up for eng class though very duper tired ler... today was having a great eng class, as mr Chandran shares with us on offensive language... hmmm isnt that interesting to... errrr... he divided us into gp of 2 person, one being a pharmacise n; the other being one disabled patient, eg. blind, neck/lower body paralysis, mentally retarded... u know there are really some good actors in our class, including mr chandran himself!!!! :O

then hav malaysian study @audi... still the same lar, not listening to her at all... sienzzz... thks fioona for distributing the mandarins... thks samantha for giving woohoo nozes members small gift consisting of sweets.. i think my group is the only group that still keep in touch with OO constantly.. am i not rite???

during tutorial session, hs makes some unforgetfull moment to the all.. haha... "I KNOW, I KNOW!!!"

after tutorial, went the store @sri petaling.. the poor joanne tried to skip last lecture, but failed cos her car's alarm got problem... after changed a new battery for her remote, stil failed to stop her car's alarm..

came back to lecture at 4pm.. dr mario's lecture... many already go missing.. declare an early cny break for themselves?? this mario's lecture was damn damn damn damn boring ler.. mayb i cant concentrate or somewhat... when the time passes 5, evyone seems to changed, all get ready to go back liao.... wishes each happy holiday n happie cny b4 going back to home... it was really tired of having lecture from 8.30 - 5pm!!!!

went for a farewell dinner @canadian pizza for kimberly, darren's twins sis, as she is leaving to south australia on 10feb.. meet up wit some old secondary friends, yeaw nian, shyh chien, yen ting, jia lin, su ann, su lin n' some other batai-ians... two pairs of twins here today, kim n darren, su ann n su lin!!!
the pizza there was jus okay.. large pizza was considered small n v dun get full enough.. so v left at 8+ n headed to william, a mamak stall nearby... bump into another gang of djians.. daniel, stephen, joan, vyking...(they said jonathan asked them out, but he ffk?)
headed back home at 10+ after wishes kim yak lou shun feng n' all the best~!

Review on THE WIG

Star Ratings:

Overall -0.5 star
Cast - 2 stars
Plot - 1 star
Effects - 3 stars
Cinematography - 2 stars

Honestly, “The Wig” is nothing new. It is yet another Asian horror movie which fails to live up to the expectations of horror fans. Not only are we getting more and more bored with the Asian horror movies recycled ideas (Let’s face it, how many times do we need to be scared by haunted inanimate objects?), we’re also greatly disappointed by the lack of effort to make a horror flick which is more out-of-the-box.

I am not sure if you’ll be able to follow the story as the editing is quite bad. I barely catch up with the story line... You may get confused with all the flashbacks that don’t really mix with the story’s development. Furthermore, a lack of character development plus a monotonous storyline makes “The Wig” a crying shame if you compare it to better horror flicks such as “Ju-on” and “The Ring”.

one thing weird was vyeaw keep laughing throughout the movie, sumtime with jian, though it was a horror movie, then contagius to the whole row of us.. luckily we were seated on the last row...

Basically, “The Wig” is an effort put to waste. haiiizthh... a total waste of 7 bucks in the cinema!!!!

hang out with birdS...

25 jan

"one bird (tien) suggested to hav a hang out with vb birds b4 CNY.. but then 2 birds cant make it on the thurs(last day).. so hope u guys dun mind hanging out on wed after lecture... v will bak zhui mou gui..."

this msg was pass around all vb members last night...

>>> the next day, 11 out of 12 birds turn out on the hang out@ mid valley.. bird v12(wmeng) hav sumthing on (secret....surprise for later lar ), so couldnt join us...

arrived mid valley at about 5pm, rushing dinner @kim garry, then watching movie "The Wig", a korean thriller movie... more on review(see next entry!)

next, hang out @mamak, sri petaling till 12midnite... aiyakkkss.. got to rush back liao cos tomolo need to come for eng class!!!!! one good thing is that tomolo will be the last day b4 cny break.. hehe... so nvm lar.. :p

Friday, January 20, 2006

finish with video shooting...

20th jan
damn faddup with some msgges yesterday's nite... make me go to sleep only at late night..

happy that today did filming on 4!! inital P, kungfu mahjong, chicken liltle, n shaolin soccer... evything goes smoothly, except mahjong lar...
~ when comes to saving the world, it must be.... 3 chicken little from imu, qris, joan, fish :P~

quite tired of spending 10hrs in imu liao, rushed back for tkd, tonight hav annual gp pic taken :P

almost the end of the word.....

19 jan...
today is an unlucky day!!!! dam sui lar.. morning video taking session successfully done.. alhtough with some delay..

waited for evening session but it was cancelled cos video cam out of battery, due to sum silly action of batchmates... apologize to all the ready-to-act actors.. really wouldnt like to trouble any1... sienz diao!!!!

at nite, this is the worst moment.. when i try to open my studio file(which contains 80% of the detective game video done), it fails to open!!!! omg, i alredi hav the feeling of reformat again(which means all my files will be gone after that)this is not the first time this error occurs.. the last 2 times i reformat my comp becasue of this error!!! so i stil couldnt open my studio file after an hour of fixing the prob...

my efforts will be flying, 2 wks continuously nitely efforts, >30 hrs gotta be gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
will ask around to fix it, the chance of fixing it is almost none for me... i edi accepted the worst feeling after sum time.. damn sad damn pain my heart!!!! i am soo soooooo dam sad!! for me this is almost end of the world for tonite lar, tomolo stil hav big shooting coming out..

thks for the imu buddy who gives concern on that.. i will settle it myself... haiizithhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, too sui these few days liao...

no more editing for tonight.. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz peacefully as my frenz said!

Sunday, January 15, 2006

gathering with 'really old lost frenZ'

15 jan~

Hav a gathering with old standard 6 buddies at one U.. met with lip zhun, bor yow, joanne, melisa, timothy, yik han, rue han n' jian lun... i hope i spelt u guys name correctly.. haha.. one thing i very 'nei jiu' was that i totally cant recognise some of them!!!! quite regret of missing the last 2 hang outs years ago... hehe.. anyway hav a long chat with them, wow all future proffesionals de(got doc, dentist, few engineers, pharm, acturial science... yesterday got to meet up with ken ling, another primary mate during tkd in KBU! :O till v hang out another time... will neva forget u guys wun..!!

11pm ~
damn sad.. forget to do revision since thursday.. paiseh ler... tomolo got workshop at 9, cham :(

the truth revealed.. a mark of new starting??

14 jan

this morning went to KBU and started a new tkd class there.. the founder of the club is my bro, zhuon n he holds the president position.. hehe.. alhtough only with 5 students as a minor start, hopefully the news could hav been delivered to all students and more will join soon.. jus hav a short intro class today!

receive a msg from a quite-unexpected person.. got to know a 'truth' tonight, that i was waiting for since... i guess i am both happie n' disappoint to know it.. it really tells me that i should re-examine my life and start evything again.. after tonight, i will always hav a good nitez sleep lur!! :P

Saturday, January 07, 2006

orientation detective game shooting....

6 jan

today got myself up at 6.35am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeah am, though today only ha one only lecture of malaysian studies... totally crap!! but ther is sumthing interesting...

meet the rest of members infront IMU at 7.30, supposed to be that time, but malaysian timing.. haioiizith.. edmund last to arrive at almost 7.55..
went to 'sumwhere', the amazon jungle to take video... the experience of DIRECTING video is damn great... experince of seeing the members to behave during their shooting can be a very good laughter...

video shooting session ended at about 12.30pm, with hardwork of roughly 4.30hours.. expecting a great job done... very very very looking fwd to playback the shooting, one form su ann n another from wei li, then very very very berry berry berry verry verry very looking fwd to edit n see the final outcome too..

will only show the final product during days of orientation for surprise.. hehe..

~the actors n' actresses for detective game 06'~

Edmond:"kim, wake up!!!!!!!"

~the poor sue choo is dead!!~

~adam trying be as cool as the japenese~

~joey helping sue choo to fa zhong(make up)~

~the full video comittess (vyuen n' su ann missing)~

~wmeng as video coordinator help to make up kim... ~

hav a short celebration with shu ning n frens, for her 20th bd at food A after class...
"Happie 20th birthday shu ning!~"
went tkd at nite, teaching 5 yrs kids can make me vomit blood one day.. hope not lar.. anyhow ,stil hav to luv them all time, kids mah...

**thks cousin benny finally got me new router after for like 5 dyas.... damn happy to get to online again.. ahha :P **

New year’s Eve@ Malacca

31 dec

New year’s Eve@ Malacca

A Chinese tall story

I tot it could be an interesting movie to watch, but turns out to be…. Terrible… bad… boringgggggggg.. dun watch !!! haha...

Friday, January 06, 2006

Tkd Party nitez 05’


There will be a party in tonite’s tkd class.. this is the first party being held in the 6 years of tkd in DMAG… it is a end year party +6 years anniversary of dmag!!!

Being quite busy this noon wrapping the small wonderful presents for de party!

Today we really hav a short class… class started late at 8.15 due to heavy traffic (heavy rain + pre-new year’s eve road closed) n ended at about 8,50pm :P Then hav sum group pics taking.. the complete group pic is not taken because there are stil at least 10 students missing.. party started at 9.10 with the request of evy1 to blow one balloon!

Then v took pics again, while the balloons are kept for further uses…

1st starting of with ice-breaker, then v hav ‘makaning’, then hav ‘lucky number + punishments’ game, limbo rock, makan again, n finally ended with Macarena dance.. party ended at about 11.30pm n v ‘sapu’ most of the leftover snacks + doing cleanup =(

It was considered a successful party n it shall be held annually if evything goes well :PpPp

Thursday, January 05, 2006

days without internet.....

5 jan
daysssssssss wihtout internet was really... can u imagine that...................from one who uses to online daily... daysssssssss wihtout internet was really....... down............................ bored............................................

internet had been down since last sat(31st dec, i wasnt at home!!! ), my router has been down due to lighting... soooooo sad ler........!!!! T,T T

hope i will hav a new router very soon... 160 bucks gone......................... supa sad.... t.t

today attended english classs.... haiiizth... later sumore got malaysian studies.... haiiiiiiiiiztrhhhhh... !!!