Tuesday, October 10, 2006

hols cont..

9 Oct, mon

Got myself back to IMU at 10am for a demo practice.. the recruitment drive will b on this wed&thurs.. wil b doing a demo with fellow frens for tkd club.. ther will b cheerleading performance from pharmaknight for dance club as well.. ;)

stil nid lotsa practices afta this, as this is oly our 1st rehearsal, plus vincent, kin thong didnt turn out today..eve really put in lotsa efforts in this demo, will try my best s well to make it a success! hope things turn out well on wed n thurs, if not sure very paiseh wan!! :O

*had lunch wit hy at a dimsum shop at sri petaling..wana try out the new curry house ther but condition don permit jus had dimsum ;)

*fish got 3rd in drawing competition.. nowonder jus now ejie n me try searching for the art piece but it was gone missing.. congrats! :)

*ther might b a tkd demo in kbu nex wk.. still working on it..

*frens are ther in penang alredi.. tomolo they will go payar n den to langkawi.. hav a safe n great trip there!!

*hav got myself a job interview on this wed s well.. looking for flexible working days n high paid jobs.. wish me lucks!

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cYbeR FiSh said...

i wonder who "hy" is....ngek ngek~