Sunday, December 17, 2006

anotha tired day! ;) 2nd MTF national interclub TKD champ

17 dec, sun

took part in the national inter-club tkd championship today... both my bro n i were 'mai zhu zai' (sold over to) terengganu, where v represent terengganu instead of our own club..

there were lotsa participants in open guys larh EVE!! fighting 5participants to final is the limit dy larh... so long time neva experince such a hectic fight dy... sumore to fight 3x2mins a round wasnt easy larh!!! @@

was lucky enuf to lost to national fighters in the semi or final dy.. if not v gonna bring back 'steel medal' dy... lolz

i won 1st 3 rds, quite oklarh, jus abit of clashes on my legs, lost in the 4th(semi) n got myself a bronze medal...

zhuon won 1st 4rds, lost in final to ryan, yeah again ;/

but wats good was that he had got himself a place in the terengganu sukma team..he wil be going in-camp training in late dec, n starting to get his monthly trainin $$ for one n half year till sukma 08' if evything goes right.. so good luck to him lorh! :)

think this interclub will be my closing match for my tkd journey on a ring dy..
fighting with a yellow belt at an age of 9, closing with a bronze medal on a national championship at age of 20 was okay dy... i tot i will fight till 26/27 like that lerh.. lolz

im so tired dy... thks my dear dear for evything, waking up early in the morning, SUPPORTs, teman me play games, chat n all! she went offline abit early than me! geeezzz.nvm larh.. lol ;)

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