Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I AM back....

25 Oct, wed

I AM back... i am able to run, to jump n to fight again! glad that my legs were on a good recovering dy.. the wound was closing nicely..jus need another wk to fully recovery..

Last sat, went to sir ranjendran's deepavali open hse.. went with eve(the bulliable driver), ken n vincent.. meet some old frens ther..ryan won the recent youth commenwealth games in australia.. congrats larh! pity eve that day larh, being the only gal ther, wat do u expect, center of bulliable target.. lol ;)

* thks eve n tkd members for making me a card of gratitude, instead of one for recovering? hehe.. thks guys! :)

At nite, went subang for seafood with tkd mates..discovered this nice n cheap place for seafood.. 10 of us, v ordered crabs, sotong, lai niu prawns, tofu, vege, chicken wings, kwong fu chao.. rm130 oly :))))))) smilling in joys with saliva dropping.........


happie raya to my muslim frens n happie holidays to those non-muslim! :)

hav tkd training with kbu mates on mon, since they are going for mapcu tkd nex sun..
tested, that im able to fight again, wudnt put effort to train, but looking fwd for a good fight nx wk..
went jogging afta that, tested again, i can run edy.. stamina dropped, of cos.. muahahhaa.. i am on a gud way recovering!


went mid v to shop with qris yesrterday.. a day of fulfillment n joys.. v got evything v wanted, but not Ej's one.. oppss! ;)

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