Sunday, April 30, 2006

heee =)

29 April
TODAY was a great day for me!

firstly, i think i slept at 5am this morning.. and i got up at 6.10am... @@ i remember adam woke up at 4.45 for cooking maggie mee, while wmeng was STILL studying, v talk about nasi lemak @sri petaling lrt station, which oly start business at 7.30am.. we could see lightning flashes from time to time... sign of down pour?

Got myself infront of imu front with adam at 6.40am... so many ppl were there alredy.. there is a charity run going on today.. super 7 charity run.. was surprised to see some of my bathmates here today - phuayfhern, voon yuen, xin yin, hui ming came for the run as well.. on the other hand, many were attending muet test in bukit jalil school, very dreadful test, from 7.30 till 1pm..

the weather was jus too nice.. it was drizzling when we were running..
3.....2.......1...... boooommM! prof ong wisled to flag off the starting of the run............................................................

secondly, i came home and slept from 2-8.30pm!!! i neva have noon napping for so long time liao.. but today i sleptZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.... haha! am i pig enuf for today???

so de results of the run were quite amazing.. junie claimed to be first for female category, million got 4th, step got 5th, voon yuen got 6th, and phuayfhern got 9th... this phuayfhern was bugging me for a bronze medal b4 the run starts, now she hav got herself a medal, with her own Will.... weldone all.. congratsssssss...!

while on the guy side, patrick turned out to be 2nd, ven gee 4th, aaron 6th, vincent 8th, and me... amzingly, i got 1st.. haha!! huuuuray..

Me + Junie + Mr. Charmine

Me + Aaron

glory for pharmacy... yuen yuen + junie +me + phuay fhern

hmmm.. indeed feeling happie...a very satisfied, fullfilled with muscle aching day! =)

*my grandpa is out of hospital today.. he looks okay, but not yet fully recover, stil having difficulty in moving around.. stil under medications.. wish to see him get recover soon! =)

Thursday, April 27, 2006

blessing n' praying hard for my grandpa...

27 April
Had jus visited my grandpa in hostpital with my dad n' sis.. was relieved that he seemed to be okay today.. according to the Dr incharge, medical check up showed that he was okay, bp had gone down to normal, 140, 80, but ther is sumthing seems not right with the blood vessels in his rear lobe of the head, making him weak in controlling balance... he can hardly walk cos he falls to the right when he tries to walk.. the situation had turned better today..evything else were okay.. phewwww phewww... but then grandpa will hav to stay in hostpital for another few days... praying hard that i can see my healthy grandpa doing walking again evy morning soon... =)


26 April

TODAY was a bad day! my grandpa is very sick n' has been hospitalized this morning.. he is suspected of imbalance stroke.. being a very healthy ppl aged 78, he has no sickness previously, but suddenly today bp rised up to 220 sistolic.. wat is going wrong arrrrrrrrrrrrr??? =/

my body is half dead today! due to yest' morning body combat class.. it was very exhaustic n fun! at nite, as usual, hav a tough tkd training.. competition ard corner mah =)

wish n bless my grandpa to recover very soon! =)

Monday, April 24, 2006

22nd April

THe annual IMU goodwill games was held today.. IMU bukit jalil VS IMU seremban... a total of 11 events were on.. which are male basketball, female basketball, netball, darts, table tennis, badminton, male futsal, female futsal, male volleyball, female volleyball, n' road relay!!

Being more active this year, i took up 2 events, table tennis n' road relay since the timing are jus perfect.. one from 2-4, the other starts at 5.. hehe...

BEFORE the tabel tennis match - lunch-ing at A & W, beside lake garden

~it looks like sumthing big is in the lake... ~

~ hmmmmm... ~

~ i hav got myself a big monster.. hehe.. not bad huh???~

~ the ping pong team @ lake garden b4 the match... ~

During the match...

~ Our pp boss, desmond! ~

~ shaun in action ~

~ this is daniel lor.. ! ~

~ yu ying n' me ~

~ happie PP family... victory moment... ^^ ~

As for pp, the organizing team was duper ineffective yet lousy... they called off the gals team as they dunhav enuf gals players... sumore they setted up for 4 men doubles, 2 female doubles n' i mixed doubles.. but they themselves do not hav enuf players.. rather smart huh??? anyhow... v managed to dabao them, 7 - 0, what a record man.. lolZ!

ON the other hand, there was a delay of the run, we are waiting for the seremban team lur.. while waiting, v received a big news that IMU bukit jalil DRAW with IMU seremban with 5 - 5 wins each.. so this LAST road relay event will determine who to be the overall champion.. wahhh... stress ler???

v managed to run with stress free lar, n ended up to beat seremban runners... keke...

so i hav got myself the first 2 gold medals in year 06', indeed a good starting huh?? =)

Friday, April 21, 2006

movie review : Shrek 2

Shrek 2

Classification: U
Genre: Animation
General Release: 21 May 2004
Running Time: 1 Hour 45 Minutes
Distributed by: United International Pictures
Starring: Mike Myers, Cameron Diaz
Director: Andrew Adamson

Star Ratings:
Overall - 4.0 stars
Cast - 4.0 stars
Plot - 3.5 stars
Effects - 3.5 stars
Cinematography - 3.0 stars

In this sequel, Shrek (Myers) and Princess Fiona (Diaz) return from their honeymoon to visit Fiona's parents, the king and queen of the kingdom of Far, Far Away. Fiona's parents however, were unaware of the curse that struck their daughter and is shocked to find that their son-in-law is a 700-pound ogre instead of Prince Charming. Meanwhile, the king has plans of his own to put right his version of 'happily ever after'.

There's not a single boring moment throughout this show. Every little role played its part enormously, and that is the beauty of "Shrek 2" really. Puss in Boots (Banderas) deserves more than a mention here. The addition of another talking animal part is exactly what the movie needed to boost its already-there humour. In fact it's that little orange cat that provides most of the laughs. Banderas managed to give his part all the drama a hit man, or rather, a hit cat, can carry, without spoiling the seriousness of the humour.
Missing this movie, is missing a whole lot more than a good laugh, trust me!

u want sushi?????

20 April

hav had a second sushi making session today with sis ellie... she likes them too much.. =p

~ the raw materials... ~

~ carrot, timun, crab sticks, sweetcorn, tuna.. nyum nyum! ~

~ this is how to roll a sushi roll lorrrr ~

~ teng teng.. this is the outcome :P ~


~ look properly lar.. its from the label oly... ~

and finally...

~ and this is half of what v got today... ^^ ~

How is the outlook?????????? yummy??=p

A succesful event - cultural nite

14 April

TODAY is the last day of sem3 b4 study break... v had an extremely big event in imu today, which is the cultural nite, for charity purposes! this involved p105 n b104, was a project-kind of assesment for malaysian studies... thks mrs poon for such project... v hav spent lotsa of efforts and time into it, really glad to make it a very succesfull one that nite.. feel really relieve, happy, definitely memorable kind of feeling.. very satisfied man!! thks to the committee members, thks p105iers.. thks to helpers n' supportes... thks!!!

~me + wmeng welcoming U to kaleidoskop - the theme for cultural nite! ~

~ on the left multi acting roles hseong, the real tai kam jie, tai FI jie in the mid, DRAMA boss, phuayfhern on the right~

~ bertepuk-tepuk tangan.... malay dance ~

~ the capable ladies + woman - fionna, jin wern, mrs poon~

~ with dr kang, he is being a great emcee, plus a pro photographer that nite.. ~

~ group pic with bpharmers + mrs poon ~

~ our boss' red clothes is damn eyes striking man! ~

~ Fionna n' Julian - our very best lovely emcees that nite, thumbs up!~

~ towards the end... spot the poser !!! haha~

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Movie Review : Ultraviolet


Classification: U
Genre: Action/ Adventure
General Release: 20 April 2006
Running Time: 1 Hour 30 Minutes
Distributed by: Sony Pictures Releasing International
Starring: Milla JovovichCameron BrightWilliam FichtnerNick Chinlund
Director: Kurt Wimmer

Star Ratings:
Overall : 2.5 stars
Cast :2.5 stars
Plot :1.5 stars
Effects : 3.5 stars
Cinematography : 3 stars

"Ultraviolet" is about a special group of humans in the late 21st Century who have emerged as the result of a genetic mutation, causing them to have enhanced speed, incredible stamina and acute intelligence. Milla Jovovich is the rogue female warrior who's protecting a mysterious child named Six (Cameron Bright) from the evil government leader Daxus, (Nick Chindlund). Full of fighting scenes with great action from milla...

Somewhat disappointed by the show, I must say that "Ultraviolet" isn't particularly something to look forward to, but then Milla Jovovich has made this a passable treat by putting sincere efforts to play an action heroine that's worth a standing ovation. If u looking for some pleasure or good laughther, say nono to ultraviolet!

movie review : 50 First Dates

50 First Dates

Genre : Romantic Comedy
Starring : Adam SandlerDrew BarrymoreSean AstinRob Schneider
General Release : 1 April 2004
Distributed by : Columbia Tristar Films
Running Time : 1 Hour 38 Minutes
Director : Peter Segal

Star Ratings: Overall - 3.5 stars
Cast - 3.5 stars
Plot - 3.5 stars
Effects - 2.5 stars
Cinematography - 2.5 stars

Remember your first date? Those butterflies in your stomach? Imagine having to go through that fifty times! Adam Sandler stars as a man having to make Drew Barrymore's character fall in love with him everyday. The reason - she has short-term memory loss. With Sandler and Barrymore, plus Sandler's pal Rob Schneider providing the laughs, "50 First Dates" is set to be another hilarious ride. The entire show was entertaining, dont miss such a movie!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

my boss, adam's 21st bd!

8 April

HAv had celebration of adam's 21st birthday at his hse tonite.. 12 of da birds + smiin gathered at adam's hse in klang... HApiie 21st birthday boss!

one day PD trip :)

7 April

WEnt PD with wmeng n bpharm juniors today... a full one day trip, left vista at 9am and back vista at 7pm.. the beach was still considered OK, not as dirty as i went last time, stil able to play in the sea, though the seawater is very salty..!!!

Later went dagei with jian, fei hing n' terry! jian n' me got to da bao them 5rds straight in dota... wakakaka... long time neva been this syiokkkkk liao...

later on the way home, v saw police inspecting cars on the opposite way, v headed a long way back to fei hing's house at puchong to change car cos his road has expired =_=" !!!!!! anyway, luckily no more road block, v got back to vista safely.. hahah!!! got myself back to lovely home at 12.30am...... Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Saturday, April 08, 2006

vb @ mpsj, serdang

6 April

Hav had playing INDOOR volleyball with jian, qris, wmeng, adam, hseong, gordon, kwern, smiin, chansee, peiling @ MPSJ, serdang!

hav not been even touching a volleyball since..... last nov, last year! woWww... missed it soooo much!

~ stadium tertutup MPSJ @serdang~

~ 1 2 5 8 ~

~ junior + senior ?? ~

~ we are the orangie ~!

~ the white team! ~

~ and lastly the black team! ~