Tuesday, October 31, 2006


30 oct, mon

pheeeeewww! yahhhooooooooo~ damn glad to pass my sem4...with my frens ther..!!!! :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

congrats to those who passed again!

n neva give up, jia you for the unlucky ones who failed pp,
v are alwiz with u k.. jia you! :)

looking fwd for sem5.. n a new life... ;)


Vyeaw said...

Yeah yeah... looking forward to new sem, new life... n looking forward for u to share ur probs wif me... ngek ngek...

Hmm... i wish to taste da Peach for pAss v bought fr langkawi so much...


ti3nD said...

hmmmm.. sem5 arrr...v 3 stil wan sit togeta like sem3 ar? or jus u and hs in sem4?

scary larh wei..
cannot be the chilling ones dy..
must whack each othas butt to remind each otha to study k?

aikkssss... d peach champainge stil in my car arrrr.. move here move ther evyday i drive...

when it hitted the 2nd wk of sem5,
d day results release again,
its the time v celebrate to pass....
phewww... ;)

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