Monday, July 30, 2007

to my dearest, happie 8months anni!

happie 8months anniversary, lou poh zai! ;)

had pp3 clastest2 jus now, m looking fwd to the feedback session...hope i can pass? -50 out of 400 @@ hmm...another paper tomorrow, fmt2, a whole pile to study! gambateh bah.....

Saturday, July 28, 2007


Wednesday, July 25, 2007

treat the end of classtest 1 like end of degree exams ;p

24 july, tues

Huuuurrrraaayyy! FMT 1 classtest was over!!!! although it is the very first paper n we will be sitting for pp3 classtest2 + fmt2 classtest next week, but still.... @@ We treat today as our special day, a day that worth a small celebration! satisfied ;)

~ broccoli plus carrot, japanese toufu n pork slices plus mushrooms, masala chicken plus potatoes ~

~ si lai hsemates n i ~

n i curi curi take a pic of other hsemates punya dinner...they said they cincai cook nia worh tonight.... haha...

Today was a off-day for us as compared to yesterday. Feeling abit STRESS but dont have to study, YET. haha...gambateh bah my frens, 6 more papers to go!! @___@

Here are some updates of last week's cooking, still as delicious ;p

My hsemates cook 'bak kut teh' wok mee for me last fri because i was skyping in the room. As a return, i cooked fried rice for them on the following evening. This is called mutual interaction at block H3. ;p

Thursday, July 19, 2007

edmond's 22nd bd! bigggest pot-luck gathering!!

17 July 2007

We celerated edmond's 22nd burfday last sunday. As usual, we hav it @ dining room of block h3 + J2 ;) each house is supposed to cook 2dishes n a total of 6houses participated. take a look at the pics! droooooooooooooool........

happie burday lei kwai kung aka lame king aka edmond ;p

A few days ago, we spotted one Cute fox at the back alley of our unit. It is cute, very greedy but acts cowardly. (tam sek plus mou dam) vyeaw threw lettuce, carrot, ham, tiger biscuit n left over chicken bones from the windows to it. It came forward n ate the ham n chicken bones, then stepped back n waited. We had fun with it for quite some time... haha...

Erm i also remembered that night some of my hsemates joined the very 1st dota-conference @ our dining room! lolz... the 2nd time was last fri night, n we are looking forward for another so called conference after our exams...hehe...

some updates of our recent meals.... still as yummy as before ;p

gtg for sterile lab dy...will curi curi take some pics after the lab ;p

Thursday, July 12, 2007

pikachoo's 22nd bd!

12 july, wed

Some of my frens went to the bar in buchanan street with james wilson last nite. They sat down n ordered drink before they were asked to leave by james wilson at near 11pm because the bar is closing at 11pm -_-" they then went to another bar n came back at around 12midnight! Zzzzz..

We celebrated phek joo's bd last night as well.. Bought him a cake, which costed us 2.10pounds ;P everyone is going for a day trip during the coming short break...23 of them going to edinburgh n the 7of us are going to dundee-perth this sat...we hav a 4days short break starting from tomorrow...but after this week need to pia in studies dy, since the 3major classtests are up in 2weeks time from now @@

my hsemates are crazy with n having fun playing with hockchew language these few days...they shout "ShiiiiiiKkkkk fannNnnnN" loudly before dinner everyday till 2floors above can hear us..Zzzzzz~

" happie burfday phek joo! "

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

last orientation gp reunion + frightening escape! da*n

10 July, Mon

It was back to two and a half years ago, where i was grouped under a canggih orientation team - woohoo noze... what is the meaning? nah...none... miss my favourite cheer so much - who are who are who are we? we are we are we are we.... lolz

Those time....

2 n half years later....

I organised a final gathering with our orientation officers last night. All the members turnout..3 Oo came as well, except pou wee who need to work untill 10pm... We had pot-luck where we were paired to cook one meal each. There were fried rice, carbonara, sandwiches, mashed potatoes, salad potatoes, barli water n soft drinks...

thks peeps! v made it, n to seniors samantha, samuel n pou wee, all the best n' keep in touch! ;)

jus cant tahan some people, she knows how to complain to the best, but never take a single initiative to make things better!!!!!!!!!!

Samantha suggested n brought us (11 of us) to see night view at river clyde at 9.45pm but something terrible happened! it was about 10.30pm, v bumped into 4 basta*d drunkards! they started to usik us n started to make fun out of it.. v managed to run away but some of us got hit in the face! lucky none was injured badly... da*n!!!

a msg to p105iers - pls take note n warn ur frens not to go out at night, unless if u are accompanied by police @@ i dont feel safe at all during the 20mins journey walking back from tesco metro last night!!

Monday, July 09, 2007

good luck gp C n gp B, pp3 classtest 1!

8 July, Sun

Another week is over. The coming weeks will be lighter but more classtests are coming in two weeks time...we will be having a short break for 4days on next friday, looking forward to it ;) huuray!

our precious, dinner ;)

once upon a time, v stored up to 5 bottles of 2.2 litres milk!!!!! together with frosties, both of them are our very best friends, we need them in the morning, lunch, snack n supper! v only bought 3x2litres milk this weekend because we are unable to carry so much back to unit....Zzzzz...

nowadays the weather is getting great, windy and not so cold dy, bright sun everyday...

pray hard that v dont get anymore news about terrorist attack in the uk region anymore!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

day with hood on! ;p

4/7/07, thurs

Dress code day is on again, and this time we are required to wear a jacket with hood. Several group pics were taken outside our unit on the big green grass yesterday. As usual, we took some sha sha pics before getting back into our unit.

and not to forget to post up some pics on our recent cooking.... v are carnivore, v eat meat everyday! lolz...

n i received this from dear dear, laballed as 'our child next time-some resemblance lol', sweetness from her n the violenceness from me! lolz...

Vyeaw did all the cooking by his own today...cos tomorrow we will be having classtest first b4 his turn on monday..he said he wants a meal on sunday as return..he served the 3 of us chicken soup, pork n egg...thks hsewife! ;)

to p105-iers,
GOOD LUCK for the very first pp3 classtest 1!!!!