Thursday, July 27, 2006

da Roasters Chicken Run 06'...

23rd July

Participated in the annual chicken run with family n frens... glad to see that so many of my imu frens turn out day.. bit disappointed that few of them actually registered but cudnt make it..

the run was fun.. as the title of the run suggested, chicken run, v are assigned to carry an egg on an icecream cone while running... if the egg breaks at any point during the run, den u are out..

de distance is bout 3.8km... for me, it was a terrible run.. i find it rather diff. to run inside a golf course.. as there were constant uphills, downhills path..

however, the results from the run were so so so so so so amazing.. imu had once again brought up the name in running event... for guys, aaron made it 11th, imu staff raven got 12th, and i got 13th... ahhaa.. 3 of us won ourselves a hamper! :)

while on the gals side... it was shocking! paik ling got 9th... step got 8th... nisha got 6th... voon li got 3rd.. and lay in got 1st in the open women category... wowWw wowWww wowwWwww~ congrats guys~!!!!!! our imu gals are really so so so crazy in dominating running field lerrrr...

lay in had got herself a total prize worth rm4000+, which include a 3d/2n duo trip to redang(rm2500), 6months fitness first membership(rm1500), 10 IMax theather tickets(rm150), kenny roger voucher (rm150), a medal and a cert! :O

afta the run, there were foodfair and games going on.. v waited for prize giving n first rd lucky draw.. evybody was aiming for the big big big big big plasma tv worth rm9999... but in da end, v didnt stay up for further lucky draw as the time was quite late dy...

another tiring day during the wkend....................

~ a gp pic! ~

~ voon li on the left, while lay in is da middle one~

~ some of the imu runners... at least 10more were missing in action... ~

Sunday, July 23, 2006

unexpected results from mapcu track n field..

22nd july

OVERNITE at vista yesterday as i nid to get up early today.. met up with da rest of runners at 7.30am. headed our way to stadium masushita with sum panic... this is our assumption b4 the run : v are NOT gonna win, v dun hav any sprinters in imu, any college with a state runner or even jus a district player is gonna dominate the track events.....

it kicks off with 15oom guy event,,, aaron n kit jin were the runners... the opponets were so scary... s predicted, aaron oly made it to 5th placing while kit jin finish the run last... what a bad bad starting.... he truth is that the opponents were really strong!

next up was 100m male n 100m female.. its great to see my bro, zhuon back into action on track events.. he is a school runner.. was a district champion.. this time he is representing kbu college.. while from imu, v hav chun peng n nikki for the 100m event..
bang....! within seconds, a clear gap was made between the first 3 n the rest.. zhuon came up to be 3rd, jus a step behind the 2nd... while for gal 100m, nikki came up to be 2nd.. so da FIRST medal for imu, congrats!

the next one was 200m.. jack n million.. dey tried their best.. jus cudnt make it.. arghh!

next up, 400m... patrick n yanee is in action.. patrick grabbed the SECOND silver medal by coming back second... while yanne brought the first glory to imu, emerged as the fastest in 400m gal.. the first gld medal.. and its the THRID medal for imu..

next is 800m.. its finally my turn.. wai meng n me will be running.. i was jus hoping for a medal b4 coming to this mapcu run.. i came back to be second, jus a step behind the champion... i cudnt figure out why i jus cant give myself the maximun push at that moment to grab the gold medal back.. well, shudnt repeat this kind of mistake in coming imu cup! hrmmmph... the FOURTH medal for imu..

there was a short break afta 8oom.. that time was edy 11pm.. imagine running under the hot sun... terrible! next event, 4x100m.. our guys team - patrick, jack, teng, chun peng, while the gals team - nikki, lay in, lily, yannee... da guys made it 4th, aiyaks, while the gals made it second, wowwW! the FIFTH medal...

last but not least, 4x400.. guys - aaron, me, wai meng, patrick(again?), v made it 3rd, ther is noway to compete with the first two teams at all...the SIXTH medal.. kekeke :) gals - stephanie, million, lay in, yannee(again? ).. n v expected of the results.. dey grabbed gold, where dey were half a lap leading the 2nd team.. walao!!!! :O last n determining medal, the SEVENTH medal..

the superman for todays event goes to patrick, while superwoman goes to yannee! :p

surprisingly, imu came up to be the overall 1st runner up!!!!!! wow Wow wow.. evybody are jumping into joyous.. overall results - 2 gold, 4 silver, 1 bronze.. WELLDONE! patrick, u did a good job! congrats to all my running mates! :)
* mapcu = Malaysian Association of Private Colleges and Universities *
afta the run, its time for celebration, of cos.. charmine had agreed to subsidise us EXTRA rm250 for this shocking results... its da first time imu won 1st runner up in track events..time for celebration! wahhahahahahahaha... v had manhattan fish market in mv, the food was nyummyyyyy... guess how much v paid for this delicious meal.... ?




jus rm2 each person!!!!!! shhhhhhhhh :)

some pics taken :-

~ zhuon n jack running 200m ~
~ is million, running with barefoot ~
~ she is the superwoman in track, yannee! ~
~ imu 400m king n queen, patrick + yannee ~
~ me + patrick + aaron + wai meng
~ my hair is too thick??? ~
~ 4x400 mapcu champ, million + step + lay in + yan nee
~ me + zhuon ~
~4x400, third placing.. ~
~ trust me pharm ppl, v r gonna WIN this yr imu cup! ~
~ back shot! ~
~ and a front shot of joy! ~
~ overall 1st runner up, heheh ;p ~

welcoming b106 to pharmcay journey!

21st july

TODAY is white color codec day... all p105 are required to dress up in white in da most creative ways.. wit no ideas, surprisingly, yih jing, akmal n me were voted to be the best dressed for today.. receive a small proze as a token of appreciation.. ahhaa..later, v went up to the 4th floor, the sky floor to snap a class pic! :)

~ two times winner for bess dressed, yih jing ~~ Akmal ~
~ Me + fifi + ah meng ~

~ p105 white codec day! ~

afta lecture, had a fun volleyball session with frens for 2hrs.. nid to train back for vb liao, seriously!

its da last day of b106 orientation.. must stay back to play play wan.. did stay up for telematch today.. all da events were carried out in imu student parking lot.. its not that happening compare to our last orientation for p106... ways too boring.. i was there with wmeng at 7+.. oly bout 70% juniors turn out on the last day, which means at least 30 ppl gonna skip tonite's greatest exp. of life in pharmacy, known as the greatest discovery+tradition of pharmacy = tunnel !

this year besides the tradition one long passage tunnel, bpharm had came up da idea of extra spinning pool.. walaoyehhh geng chou..!!

anyhow, welcome b106, welcome to pharmacy, welcome to imu ^^

post celebration!

20th july

had a belated celebration for edmund's 21st bd @mid valley today.. ntg much special, as v STIL owe him a bd song, 2 bd cakes, a bd present, lots of bd wishes... aiiihhhhz!

Friday, July 14, 2006

SOM... heart broken.... :(

IT was a dissapointment to receive a msg from digi, stated that "we are sorry, u are not qualify in the sms round....." glen n me both receive the bad news from digi, means our trip to melaka for the spirit of melaka hunt is no longer on!!!! aiyakkkssssssssss darn it @#$%^! must be the extra sms that v sent or mayb we are jus lacking of lucks?

hmmmmm... now we are aiming for further journey.. planning to go for spirit of penang hunt in august... need to 'keng' with charmine and see how first... betta lucks this time :p

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

da night without electricity...


TODAY was a tired day!! had cal since 8.30am, came back home oly at bout 5.30pm... went jogging, rested awhile, n get ready in front of comp, rdy for challenges..

i skipped tkd training today as im involve in a treasure hunt.. imu sent 2 teams for spirit of melaka treasure hunt thingy.. there are a total of 268teams, but oly 100 teams will be qualified to go to melaka for the real hunt on this sat.. a qualifying rd had been set up to eliminate 168 teams tonite... :/

there are 8 of us, 4 in a team.. 5 of us manage to gather our workforce and ans all the 4questions via sms, hopefully correctly n being the first 100 teams to ans correctly??

v tot they might ask us on history of melaka, but it turned out to be not.. take a look at the ques bah :
1) how old is the star publication by 9 sept 2006?
2) the official street of jonker street of melaka is located at.... ?
3) how many digi specialised centres are ther in melaka?
4) the spirit of kl finals was flagged off at dataran merdeka, true or false..

v managed to solve the ques by checking on internet.. spent at least half an hour on that...
gud lucks den~!

afta saying bye to my teammates on msn.. not long later when i want to take my dinner, the electricity cuts off.. @___@ the whole lot of hses were in the dark.. hmmm managed to hav candle light dinner with 2 sista... afta that was jus lazing and hoping that the electricity come back fast... afta all, its realy bored to be in the dark!!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Review on Just mY Luck~

Just my Luck

Classification: U
Genre: Comedy/Romance
General Release: 6 July 2006
Running Time: 1 Hour 43 Minutes
Distributed by: 20th Century Fox
Starring: Lindsay Lohan, Chris Pine, Faizon Love, Missi Pyle
Director: Donald Petrie

Star Ratings:
Overall - 3.5 stars
Cast - 3.5 stars
Plot - 3 stars
Cinematography - 2.5 stars

synopsis - Lindsay Lohan stars as a young woman with a charmed life who finds her luck changing for the worse when she unwittingly switches fortunes with a down-on-his-luck guy in this comedy-romance...

"Just My Luck" is a light, delightful, popcorn movie that, although not really laugh-out-loud funny, generates a warm and fuzzy feeling after the credits roll. Go watch it! :)

1st MTF tkd senior upgrading~

9th july

ATTENDED a tkd grading with dad n cousin andy this morning.. i hav been looking fwd for this grading since last year.. anyway, this is the first senior upgrading, held by the new tkd body of malaysia, MTF(malaysia takwondo federation)

there hav been changes in the grading... whole new system now.. beside basic, kicks, one step sparring, hand grabbing, sparring, v were requested to perform 4 patterns + blank breaking + oral test... the physical test carried a total mark of 300, while oral test carried 100marks.. while for attending 5th and above, they are required to do another course work afta the grading..

the grading took 4 hrs in total.. from 9-1pm with some rest in between.. the oral test is rather time wasting? ?@__@ it was divided into 2 parts, pratical work + politic... had viva with 2 senior masters, last almost 40mins to an hr individually...

da grading is rather tough* as compare to last time.. wish that i could get my 3rd dan soon lar.. heheh :)

was starving while waiting to be questioned.. got home for lunch.. rested while watching tv.. online awhile.. taken bath to refresh.. got my tired self to imu for running selection at5pm...
many didnt turn out for the selection ler.. ran finish n i managed to get myself a place in the team for mapcu track n field.. will keep track of my timing, 400m-59secs, 800m- 2mins 32secs... both were terrible timing ler... ahhaa... tiredddddddddddddddddddddd!

later rushed home to fetch dad for dinner with family.. hrrmph.. it has been long that v cudnt get togetha for a dinner.. (cos sistaS alwiz pak toh till late night... ) hv an early celebration for dad's bd.. happie ealieried 47th bd dad!

tired n laze ard at home for few hrs... did managed to watch world cup final with bro at home.. france held a betta possesion of the ball, dey are controlling the match well, with a 1-1 score in the late second half, loses their chance to italy when zidane was sent off the field... in the end, italy won by 5-3 thru penalty shootout... huuuurayyy italy, being the 4th time champion for wc... da match ended at bout 5am... quickly got to my bed... Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz soundly.........

ItalY my saviour.. hehe.. **wink wink~

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

darn it!!!! !@#*~!

3 july

At bout 9.30pm, while trying to get myself on to MODULES yest nite… got called by uncle billy very shockingly… was told that dad’s shop was robbed n dad nearly injured by knife…wat the…… afta confirm that dad n da other 2 workers are fine, rushed to dad’s shop with zhuon n uncle billy..

2 indians pretend to buy cake n was intended to rob from my dad… one of them was holding a 1m long knife n another with a stick… afta dissatisfaction of getting a small amount money from the cashier, bout rm200+, da guy with stick hit my dad near the shoulder… and the stick broke into half.. luckily dad’s workers were being alert enough to grab a chair n stick to fight back… da 2 f***** ran off over the bridge n headed over to the opposite of the road thru LDP highway.. if ramped by car during the run, v wouldn’t pity them at all..

A motorbike n a helmet were left over.. da police inspected n identified that the motorcycle bears a faked plate no.. went to police station to lodge a report with dad at KJ..

Bless that dad can recover fast, as he is going tkd senior upgrading this sun…
bless that police are doing their work, get to catch da robbers a.s.a.p!
My worries are stil there, worry that those f***** might come back for revenge soon or later..

A reminder to all my beloved frens, pls be aware when stay out late in the night, get frens to accompany all time, be alert from any1 ard…!!

mapcu road relay + twins 20th bd~

1st July

@@ Got my lazy self up when my hp alarm rang at 5.50am.. take a quick wash up, grab some biscuits n met up da rest of imu runners at 6.30am… imu sent 2 teams for road relay mapcu event… its held at KBU, pj!

V reached KBU by 7.10, being da very FIRST team to reach… ermm mayb v are jus too early for Malaysian timing.. haha!

There were only 7 teams in total, n not surprisingly; imu came out with champion n 1st runner up… welldone!!!!!

Afta da event, jack made a call to charmine, da dialogues as follow :-
Jack : Hi charmine, sry that v couldn’t make it for road relay…
Charmine : HUhhhhh.. watt…omgg~!
Imu mates : ahhhaah… hahahahh…
Jack : v hav made a record for imu this time.. v won champ n1st runners..
Charmine : wow.. wow.. congrats!
Jack : so… lunch on SAD?
Charmine : well, sure……

Hence, v went da curve for celebration… kekekek…

b4 the run kicks off.. ~

da guys + manager~

+ supporter chun peng

da gals + supporters~

mapcu 1st runner up~

mapcu champion ^^ ~

say huuuray!~

imu running kakis ~

Afta lunch, da nex thing I did was to go to mechanic shop to check up my car, as there is some prob with my car.. changed a set of spark plugs n air filter… and headed back home n pigggggedddd afta taken a bath.. Zzz till 6.10pm when my alarm rang again… changed n headed to kenangan bar for su ann & su lin bd celebration with darren…

Happie 20th su lin n susu :)

su lin + susu

m3 + darren + kim + wmeng

+ vyeaw + bd gals

Left da bar at 11pm n headed to yin’s curry hse with hoo n seng to watch da match btwn eng n protugal! Eng played really well without beck, n with rooney sent off… but… they lost 1 – 3 in penalty shootout!

Got back home at 1.50am… bath.. n ready to watch another exciting match… this is the first time I stayed up late to support my fav team > Brazil… but again….. aiiiiiiiiihhhhhzzz… dunno wats wrong with them.. couldn’t perform at all n their defence is jus too easily breakable.. or perhaps france played too well with zidane n henry?
Disappointed match afta all, brazil lost 0 -1 to france… went Zzzz straight afta da match ended at 5am…. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz~!

VB semnual dinner

30 june

"Its 3rd week of sem4 already... its time to gather n hav a reunion dinner for vb..dont we had it for da last 3 sem edy?? " that jus pop up in qris' mind a week ago, n was agreed to held it on tonight...
During the lunch hour, jian, qris, yeaw n me went to shop at carefour... tonight's theme food will be 'yong tau fu'... afta shopping, they started to prepare and cookout at bout 3pm.. da main chefts were qirs, vyeaw, kah yee n hsheong... while the rest of us were having lab session...

Afta the exhausting lab session(so long v dont hav lab since...), powder/solution lab from 2.30 - 6pm, tired + hungry, v made our hungry stomach back to vista.. nyummmm... most of the food are ready to eat... mostly are fried dumplings, fishballs+toufu, wantans, chilli +purple vege?... waited for hsheong to complete his dish today >> lou zhu yuk(cooked pork meat +egg)... with all fried food, bsides fried yong tau fu, v hav longan liong fen as drink2.. watermelon ler?? was left in da fridge..(forgot tim) da food were great.... nyum nyummmmm ;p

guys, its really glad to gather up n COOK + EAT... too bad joanne(restricted to ctower?? ) n kim(nid to go back to kjg) cudnt make it...

afta that, v got to visit the tanglung fest at jalil main stadium..
there were lotsa freaking great performances, except for 'bian lian'(bored music +performance), the chinese guys from china are really geng, i luv their arts so so much... really salute to them!

At 10.30pm, v made ourselves back to vista.. den rushed to ajima mamak for a great wc match btwn argentina n germany.. it was a fantastic match... glad that germany made it into the semi..haha :)

Got back to vista by 2am... its pigging time...ZZzzzzzzZzzzzzzzzzz!

Monday, July 03, 2006

Review on Superman Returns

Superman Returns

Classification: U
Genre: Action/Adventure/Fantasy
General Release: 29 June 2006
Running Time: 2 Hours 30 Minutes
Distributed by: Warner Bros. Pictures
Brandon Routh, Stephan Bender, Kate Bosworth, Sam Huntington
Director: Bryan Singer

Star Ratings:
Overall - 3.5 stars
Cast - 3 stars
Plot - 3.5 stars
Effects - 4 stars
Cinematography - 4 stars

Following a mysterious absence of several years, the Man of Steel returns to Earth in a new chapter in the powerful saga of one of the world's best-loved superheroes. While dealing with an old enemy's plot to render him powerless once and for all, Superman faces the heartbreaking realization that the woman he loves, Lois Lane, has moved on with her life. Or has she?

Similar to Hackman, it is Spacey who spices up the movie every time he appears. Given the charm-less, humour-less performance of Routh in this overdrawn two-and-a-half hour movie, I would have nodded off to sleep if not for Spacey. All Routh managed to achieve here is a bad impersonation of Christopher Reeve's Clark Kent and Superman. Anyhow, u will enjoy catching da adventurous journey throughout the show and there is one unexpected part wher superman almost dies of drowning...

Verdict: Watch this in all its glory on the big screen. Superman is back and here to stay.