Friday, June 27, 2008

its Spain to face Germany in Euro 2008 Final

Congratulations to Spain for winning over Russia in today's Euro 2008 semifinal, final score 3-0.

With the victory, Spain will proceed to the final and faces Germany on sunday's final. It is going to be a very big and exciting game, definitely.

When half time whistle was blewed, the score was still 0-0. However, Spain lead by 1-0 when Xavi took the first goal for Spain at the 50th minute.


There isnt anything that Russia could do. Spain played really well.

At the 73 minute, Spain broke Russia's heart by scoring the second goal.


Russia has got to change the strategy. This time, Russia is all up for attacking, hoping to catch a goal back. This give a good change for Spain to couter attack and managed to score the 3rd goal at the 84th minute.

All i have to say at this point - Russia GG.

For anyone who missed out the great match, you can watch most of the highlights here, including the first half highlights, Zavi's goal, Guiza's goal and Silva's goal.

Its Spain vs Germany in Euro 2008 Final, as expected.

Who do you support. I go for Spain! :)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Germany made it into Euro 2008 Final

Wowww.. it was such a close match between Turkey and Germany in Euro 2008 first semi final. Initially, Turkey lead by 1-0.

GOAL TURKEY! Kazim-Richards hits the bar AGAIN with a sliced effort, and Ugur Boral drives it through Lehmann's legs! Totally deserved. My word, not the best reaction from Lehmann...

Then 5 minutes later, Germany made an equalizer goal.

GOAL GERMANY! Schweinsteiger with the most delicate of near post flicks with his right foot from Podolski's low cross. Marvellous drama!...

It was 1-1 before half time.

Then Germany lead by 2-1at 68th minutes.

GOAL GERMANY! Klose may have headed Germany into the final of Euro 2008! Lahm's cross, Rustu comes and doesn't get there. Massively against the run of play...

However, Turkey made a come back 84 minutes. So it was 2-2 then.

GOAL TURKEY! Sabri flies past Lahm again, crosses low for Senturk, and the striker somehow pokes past the awful Lehmann. These goalkeepers are rubbish!

In the end, Germany won by 3-2 by scoring another goal at the 88 minutes.

GOAL GERMANY! 3-2!! Lahm! Superb one-two with Hitzlsperger, and the full back clips it over Rustu magnificently! Surely now Germany have won!...

Congratulations to Germany team. Keep up the good work and win Euro once again!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I signed up for social spark

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Euro 2008 Semifinal

"Football is a game where 22 men chase a ball for 90 minutes and at the end, the Germans always win." This joke by former England international Gary Lineker could once again come true in this Euro tournament.

The first team who managed to claim a place into the semifinal is Turkey.

"After losing their opening game 2-0 to Portugal on June 7, Turkey, in group A matches, revived their hopes by defeating Switzerland 2-1 on June 11 and the Czech Republic 3-2 on June 15. Turkey knocked out Croatia 3-1 on penalties in the Euro 2008quarterfinal on June 20th."

Today, Turkey will play against Germany in the first semifinal.

"Three-time European champion Germany began their campaign in Group B by defeating Poland 2-0 on June 8th, but they then suffered a hiccup when losing 2-1 to Croatia on June 12th. They qualified to the quarterfinals after beating Austria 1-0 on June 16th. Germany played against Portugal in the quarterfinal on June 19th and won the match 3-2."

Who will win tonight?

According to daily times, the German is in big favor of winning against Turkey tonight. "This will be Germany’s sixth semi-final in European competition and so far their record is impressive, winning four out of five. Their only loss came on home soil in 1988. The Germans have been involved in six penalty shootouts across past competitions and have won five of them; their only defeat was in 1976.

The Germans have no players suspended, and three players are expected to return from injury. These include influential midfielder Torsten Frings who should play despite a fractured rib and defender Martin Jansen who overcame a shoulder injury. The Germans will field a full strength squad, and they also have history on their side. They are favorites to progress to the final on June 29."

On the other hand, the other teams that managed to enter the second semifinal is Russia and Spain.

The Russia coach - Hiddink, hopes that Thursday's match will be a revenge campaign for the Russians.

"This game will be very different from the first match against Spain and we want revenge," said the 61-year-old, who led South Korea to their first ever World Cup last four before repeating hismagic here at Euro 2008 with Russia.

And the best thing that everybody is waiting to see is who gets more offensive. It is going to be an exciting match as both teams are famous of their offensive playing styles. It is predicted that the fans will be going home with a big smile, as they will be a few goals, no matter which team wins on thursday.

There is this interesting video to watch.

Who is better - Ronaldinho Vs Christiano Ronaldo?

I seriously hope to watch Germany against Spain on sunday final.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

graduation tickets for guest

Guys, you can collect your graduation tickets from the registry, 10am - 4pm daily from now onwards. If you asked for extra guest tickets, they will be included in the envelope.

If you happen to have any unused extra guest tickets, msn me okay? i still short of 2.

Arigato :)

Interesting photo taking skills

About a year ago, i used my camera case as tripod and took a group picture with all my friend in dundee, that was considered one interesting photo taking skill, no?

During my trip to spain + portugal, i managed to catch some really interesting shots.

#1 - Hsheong - without noticing me taking his pic, with a great smile helping other to take picture.

#2 - Pjoo - on the other hand, realising the distraction from me, gave a 'tulan' face straight.

#3 - Hsheong + Pjoo - Hmmmm, they have something in common, but what is that huh?

#4 - Uncle lim - is taking a photo from very far

for miss pinky :P

#5 - Mr and Mrs Lau can both be very helpful also

#6 - Jian - trying his best to catch a nice shot infront of palace de madrid

#7 - We - are trying to catch some shadows and we succeeded

#8 - Wjiun - is happy with using windows wall as her natural tripod

And the results for night view is superb

# 9 - Hsheong - is trying really hard in photo taking during the night

#10 - Perhaps, he is not alone.

They are trying their very best to capture this cucumber building in Barcerona.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Mr and Mrs chan's burfday

First, we will say happie 23rd burfday to Qristine liew (aka. mrs chan).

So here is what happened last 2 year - its really interesting to read back how crazy we were back in vista :P

Then last year on 15th june, we had bbq session to celebrate qris' 22nd burfday. That was the first time we had bbq in glasgow.

And after exactly one year, we had bbq session again, for the second time in glasgow, to celebrate qris' 23rd burfday this time. It was such a coincident as we have the urge to do bbq at this summer.

We had very simple stuffs like chicken wings and sausages, fried rice, baked potatoes only. Anyway, they tasted great.

To my surpise, juniors (jing yew and hsemates) actually baked a cheese cake for qristine. That was like their 4th day in glasgow nia. Geng geng!

This is the only group pic i received so far. Actually there are more, of course.

Okay that is all for qristine liew. Next, move on to mr chan - say happie burfday to mr abuhaha.

It is very weird. Again, i only managed to find my post back to 2 years ago. The post in glasgow is missing. -_-"

Then last year, we celebrated jian's 23d burfday in Oneils. That was the first time we went to Oneils.

Since many are going off to europe tour at this time, qris decided to have an early surprise celebration for jian.

It was a surprise party right after we came back from graduation ball at about 1.40am.

Happie burfday mr and mrs chan! :)

Saturday, June 21, 2008

LA police gear for sale

When i was a kid, i have always wanted to dress up in a police suit, take in the role as a police man and play police and thief with my cousins. Now i have grown up, there is an oppurtunity for me to do a similar thing - collect police gears. Luminox offers many different kinds of police gear, including the 5.11 tactical series, surefire flashlights, blackhawk, under armour, galco holsters, footwear and boots and many more. You will be able to receive the items you purchase with free shipping. There is this tactical bail out gear bag which is selling fast at the price of $26.99, take a look and grab it fast if you are interested.

A dinner for 5

As a token of appreaciation to housemates of flat G4 for allowing me to stay here for the following 4months plus, i prepared a dinner meal for them last night.

There are yummy nasi lemak with hot curry chicken (without sambal), sizzling toufu with minced pork (which didnt turn out so right) and red bean soup.

Nah red bean soup for you lynn. Thank you for the simple recipe :P

Hopefully there are more things that i can prepare for you guys in future! haha :)

On the other hand, there is this interesting day tour with Jim wilson tomorrow :

Sunday 22 June – Sunday afternoon saunter

Discover one of Glasgow’s ‘hidden gems’

We go to the city’s West End to visit Victoria Park and Fossil Grove (Glasgow’s prehistoric forest!!)

Meet Jim on George Square (at the lions) at 1.30pm

Return fare on train will be approximately £2

p105iers and juniors, if interested, give it a go, see ya there tomorrow! :)

Friday, June 20, 2008

car rental

If you are an independent type of traveller, perhaps you might be interested in renting a car when you go travel in the united state and start exploring from city to city on your own. One advantage of renting a car is that you get to go where you want to freely.

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University of Strathclyde Phamarcy Graduation Ball 2008

2 invitation cards were received dated 14 march 2008.

And the big day has finally arrived.

17th June 2008 - It is my Graduation Ball day. Pharmacy Graduation Ball at Seamill Hydro Hotel, Ayshire

29 of us took a bus from Strathclyde Uni and the whole journey took us one long dreadful hour to reach Asyhire.

The first thing we do upon arrival is to take pictures with each other. And this has continued for the next few hours until we left the hotel.

The entrance to the ball room is very inviting. I heart the decorations!

The setting in the ball room was comfortable. We were served with champagne before seated.

The very little guys vs the many gals.

Next, lets move on to my table. Each table was named after a class of drug, very creative. My table was called long acting beta blockers, LABA in short.

Each table was well set - besides the usual cutleries set, there are few bottles of wine, some scotch whisky, cut out glittering papers and 2 old-grandma-type-film type-plastic-cameras.

Its picture time next :

The 10 of us :

The 8 of us :

The 6 of us :

The 4 of us (many) :

The 3 of us :

And finally the 2 of us :)

Photos of FOod :

We were served with 4 course meal - an appetiser, a soup, main course and a dessert.

Photos of Housemates and I :

The many pictures of Me and others :

We also have this yam seng session infront of all angmohs. Think they all sure stunt when heard us shouting like crazy people - YaaaammmMmmmmmmmmmMmmmMmmMmmMmmMmmM Seng!

Besides all that, we have more than 2 hours of dancing session. Some dance called for couples, some called for group of 6 and some involved almost everyone. It was really fun. At least, i have experinced scottish dance - ceilidh dance (pronounced as kay lee)!

After 17 years of studying, i can finally graduate as a professional pharmacist. Im really glad.

Some random pics :

Group pics :

Original size group pics download here.

I still need more time to edit the group pics.

As for now, say gg to pharmacy graduation ball post! I smell weekend! wooohooO! :)