Tuesday, February 28, 2006

p106 orientation!!!!!

~ meeting with juniors day ~

20 feb - 26 feb


Programmes :
20feb - Halloween Day + MTVs Performances
21feb - War of the Worlds Day + Treasure Hunt
22feb - Cross-Dressing Day - Celebrities
23feb - The 70's + Detective Game
24feb - Prisoner's Day + Telematch
25feb - Closing Nite - Party Time

I was ultimately busy during orientation week!! With only ~6 hrs sleep daily, stil managed to survive as one senior like others.. definitely missed orientation sooooo much, is there anymore orientation coming that would involve p106????? This year juniors aren't that sporting compare to my year, so many of them were absent on the last two days, some were so rude when they asked for signature from the seniors, some were not willing to join the 'fun' n gave troubles to the comittees... !!! But of course the majority are sporting juniors, they are willing to be 'tortured', they are willing to hav 'fun'.. hahaha... well done, welcome to IMU, my beloved juniorsssss :>

As a result of consequncely late nite activites, many of the juniors as well as the seniors got sick :( hope u guys manage to shoooooooooo the unwanted flu, cough, body aching, fewer, sorethroat far far away... recover soon ya all :P (its normal to lose your voice during the last nite, last year i did!)

Treasure Hunt Day :

Yet more nice pics...

~ my boss being carried by juniors as a task... !~

~ the supa spicy sausage slices that will make juniors remember for life...! o.O~

~ with all de so called Sakais ~

~ the toilet-roll-wrapped mummy on day 1 ~

~ dunno wat monster is this??? a sea lion??? ~

~ the best alien dressed out on 2nd day ~

~ the best dress of colonel sander, KFC guy ~

~ hseong n kwern performing singing on the stage ~

~ yeaw performing his favourit.. my humps ~

~ Jian playing black jack with 'hot shi lai' gp.. if u win, straight away sign,

if u lose, liquid one comitte signature.. ahahha :P

~ watermelon as hat?? with minimei during telematch day ~

~ with de most sporting group > Sambayeh!!! yeah u guys rockS!!!! ~

~ cute drawing of comittees by 'kiss my ass' :P ~~ a closer look!!! ~

~ bbq nitez with the nice scoreboard ~

~ with char siew bao gp ~

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

vb red party, CNY reunion :P

6 feb

hav had a reunion dinner with vb tonite @ vista... hmm.. this is a special one as all the dishes n evything were prepared by vb members... v (jian, qris, vyeaw, adam n me.. went to shop for cooking stuffs at carefour at 4+.. caught 2 live keli fish, which costs rm 1.50 each.. haha.. so cheap!! v started to cook at 5.30pm, out main chefts today are vyeaw, adam n jian!!! :O

evy1 is busy doing their part.. below are some pics of preparing tonite's jing xun food :P
vyeaw, being the most san fu cheft, hav cook 3 dishes - chicken, pork n vegi( he is the best!!...) while adam did mi hun with kou rou, jian steam fish, qris made jelly, hseong bou rice, kim made nuggets...

~these are the complete menu fir tonite's dinner, greatttttttttt!!!!~

(from L-R - vyeaw's fried vegi, qris's xiong hei lam mun jelly {milo n orange}, vyeaw's shao rou, the raw mihun, complete menu, adam's bi hun with kou(pork) rou, jian tai tong xiu tong fish, lou sang mixed, vyeaw soup chicken)

v got our dishes ready by 7.30pm, started of with lou sang.. lou lou lou, lou dou fung san shui hei, lou dou all also go stratchlyhe, health+ welthy+happie forever.... cheers with sparkling juice... did finished all dishes, except for white rice.. finish eatingby 8.30, den started to play cards n mahjong...

Hav had a vb gp pic b4 leaving :P hang out ther till 11+, realised neva finished report yet, hseong copying while i save it im thumbdrive.. haha.. reach home b4 12pm.. hehe definitely a good reunion day!!!!

~all also ang ang ang, very nice pics~

Sunday, February 05, 2006

bai nian marathon with vbs on cho 6

3rd Feb

GATHERED with vbS, 9 out of 12 present, include qris, jian, joanne, vyeaw, kim, adam n wife(yin wei), hseong, darren n me for bai nian marathon today!! those who missed are tam ming(sabah), edmund (kepong) n' wmeng(penang), gonna hav it nex time, perhaps nex year or soon???

first stop at a chu ma's hse(joanne) @ sg long
2nd by qris @ sg long
3rd follwed by kim@ kajang
4th by darren @taman sea
5th by tien @ taman sea
6th by hseong @sunway
7th @ klang for dinner, missed to go adam's hse cos too late liao...

from hses to hses, colleting ang pauS, hav snacks n drink from door to door, watching mtvs/video, playing cinami, gamble...

while on the way back to home with darren, i asked him to tell his mum that i was unable to fetch him back on that day, becuase it had already passed 12!!

then, another excitement continued at home.. kok hoo, koo seng, zhuon n me gamble from 1 till 5.30am!!! haha.. suggested to go for dim sum that morning, but then all prefered to go to bed after having a light snacks.. Zzzz

Review on The Shopaholics

The Shopaholics

Genre: Comedy
General Release: 19 January 2006
Running Time: 1 hour 40 mins
Distributed by: AOE Worldwide
Starring: Cecilia Cheung Pak ChiLau Ching WanJordan Chan Siu Chun
Director: Wai Ka Fai

Star Ratings: Overall - 4.0 stars
Cast - 4.0 stars
Plot - 4.0 stars
Effects - 2.5 stars
Cinematography - 2.5 stars

"The Shopaholics" is a special Chinese New Year movie which features a star-studded cast including Cecilia Cheung, Lau Ching Wan and Jordan Chan. Cecilia plays the shopaholic Fong Fong, who easily falls in love with the best and latest items from her favourite designer labels. After losing her job, Fong Fong seeks the help of psychologist Gan Yan (Lau Ching Wan) who always has a problem when it comes to making decisions. Later, Fong Fong also meets a rich but stingy millionaire named Kong Fu (Jordan Chan) and soon, the shopaholic finds herself falling for both her doctor and rich millionaire friend but she's not really clear about who she loves.
At first, the story may be simple and predictable though still fun to watch, but as the movie progresses, the story becomes more and more exciting as more complications arise, compelling Cecilia's character to feel pummeled by all the chaos that's surrounding her. An exciting part of the show which you can look forward to is the wedding scene, totally unexppected, where total confusion results in shame, frustration, and humour.

Overall, this is one Chinese New Year movie that is very entertaining and delightful watch!!! A must to watch if u haven do so :P

cho 4 @ gua tempurung

2 feb

spent the first half day @ gua tempurung @ gopeng, perak!!

finished the grand tour @ gua tempurung with dad, mum, grandpa, kok hoo n zhuon!!! a total spent of 4 hrs in the exciting cave! it is really fun n dangerous too be in the cave, without the light from a torchlight is totally dark inside the cave! after climbing of hundreds over steps staircase of up n down, climbing up n down the rock, sliding down the slope, jumping down a cave hole, passing under a very small opening by crawing, walking, running inside the water... it would be very challenging, exciting, n dangerous!!! therfore, it is not recommended for old ppl n children!

my grandpa, with the age of 77, did finished the route with lots of assitance!!! this could just hav make another history @ gua tempurung!
~ that is where v are heading into... ~
after dinner at home, went One U with sis, bro, kok hoo n kok seng.. 4 guys played pool while my 2 sis queueing for movie tickets.. v watched 'The shopaholics' at 10pm.. really enjoy the movie, although quite nonsense, but very funny, laugh all the way!! hseong n aunty were there too, but i didnt realised, cos he msg me later at nite.. review on nex journay entry..
today is jus another exciting new year day! :P

Saturday, February 04, 2006

cameron highland!

30 n 31st Jan

My family n I make ourway to cameron highland by bus.. this is the first time i truly explore cameron.. it is still alrite on the way up to cameron.. went through the north-south highway, exit at tapah in perak n make the way up.. stopped at tanah rata for lunch.. den hav a second stop at famous temple, 'sam bao dian'..

next, stopped at cactus valley.. with hundreds of interesting, nice looking cactus there... as well as with strawberry, grape n apple tree there...

then, hav a short rest at jasmine hotel at brinchiang.. the weather here is supa nice!!! ITS SO COOL!!!!! no air-con, no fan, but it is very cold!! one weird thing is most of the shop here serve steamboata s dinner..

hav steamboat as dinner at nearby shop, the foods ther......... terrible lar!!! not nice at all.. !! complain complain!~!!!!!~~!@#!@#$

at nite, hav a long walk at the nite market here... v bought lots of junk foods as supper later... things are selling at a lower price at this night market compare to other places.. eg, 3 cactus for rm10 at cactus valley, n 6 for rm10 at night market!! :O others like strawberry, clothes, decoration stuffs are selling at reasonable price... flowers selling really cheap cheap cheap here!!! :P

~with my new cap.. aiyah.. didnt really can see lar!~

after supper at hotel, grandpa, grandma. dad, mum, sistas n young cousin all go pig liao..

left zhuon , kok hoo, kok seng n me.. v went nearby mamak yam cha.. went back hotel after short while, jus to get into a long pants + extra shirts cos outside too cold!!!!! haha.. v hang out at the mamak till 2.30mornig, being the last customer before the sau tong.. hehe

nex morning got to wake up at 6.30, hav wan tan mee at nextdoor, packed n left the hotel..

nex location is to the rose valley, with 200 species of diff roses... can pick me the nicest species??

after that, to the strawberry farm.. hav seen the way of palnting starwberry.. hydrofolic... den to the bee farm to see how is honey is being prodeuced!...

Then, on the way back, visited the 'ghost pool', wher it was a 'timah' mining palce last time..

and finally last stop at Hutan Lipur Lata Iskandar, a waterfall..

it was a torture of coming down from cameron highland!!! althought the bus driver drove slow all the way down, but i was feeling so dizzy through out the way, one thing was in my mind that time "when are we reaching highway???", v were praying to reach the highway asap!!!

evy1 were feeling uneasy n dizzy when v stopped at the rest station at tapah, lucky to get back well after a short rest ther..

reach home at about 9pm n hav a late supper!

so overall, i wouldnt vote for cameron highland a second time, unless majority wins it.... besides the weather ther is supa nice, nothing much, but its good to see tons species of cactus, roses, strawberries ther if u haven seen it before... !!