Wednesday, November 15, 2006

work work WORK.......

6Nov - 12 Nov

I hav been so busy working last week that my free time at home was jus merely to sleep only...
Worked for unisys for the last time on last mon, den decided not to work there anymore afta getting better offer from evelyn..

Worked as CAR set up crew on tues and wed.. a true new experience..only 3 of us, kai meng, eve n me... working hard to set up for the trial run n showcase room on the first day n working as marshals for the test run the 2nd day.. get to work togeta with ur frens, chatting while working, free time, free lunch, free transport, high paid, nice employer.... v did put in efforts to make the showcase of ABC car a success.. one bad thing was that v nid to work under the hot sun.. so as a result = a burned chick or roasted pig skin were wat v got!!

rested on thurs...

then fri, sat n sun worked as organisation crew for ANOTA BRAND OF CAR... the same old setting n marshals job..except nid to wipe car in the morning and get to drive XX n YY cars back n forth from carwash place to off road track... its easy.. its fun... and its tiring... wake up at 5am and got home at 9pm for dinner.. its an easy job for u to hop on for some quick $$ :)
too bad auntie said no more car projects this year dy..........

* thks evelyn for getting me into it.. really hav lots of fun working togeta with eve n kai meng... :)

* i wana rest... i wana enjoy my last bit of hols well............ ;P
* due to private n confidential mafan-ess, i hav got to replace the name of organiser with XX , yy n so on.... thks to eve larh....!

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