Sunday, August 30, 2009

Earning extra income via blogging

Having to wait for the monthly income in order to spend happily is a painful thing. Thank you KhaiYong for lighting up the sparks in me (i havent updated my blog for a very long time, sorry people!) by sharing with me his positive views towards online marketing. He has all the reasons to stop working as a pharmacist and to start online marketing completely, or at least, partially.

Online marketing is definitely something that can bring you extra $$$. It is something which is actually working for me. I checked my paypal account recently and it has 56 pounds in the account. (i withdrawn all the money before i came back to Malaysia last November). Besides that, there is another 76 USD in my another paid post account.

I managed to write 3 posts this week. You will be surprised to find out that each post is worth such a big money!

1)17.50 USD, 200 words
2)15 USD, 200 words
3)5 USD, 100 words

Do the calculation now and immediately you know there are worth something.

Of course, i might not get as lucky as this all the time - 3 posts in a week, with 2 high-paid posts. I am not trying to show off or brag about anything here. I need the same group of people to motivate me in order to keep going, and be successful in online marketing one day. Do remember that writing paid post is just ONE way to earn via online, there are MUCH more in online marketing.

Last but not least, I promise my readers that i will write more creative posts besides writing paid posts.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

ADV - University courses at UCAS clearing

Before the end of this summer, you can register yourself at the University of Bedfordshire for your desire courses by using the clearing system. It is used to assist students in getting their chosen courses in the University. The best thing to do after receiving your exam results would be applying a place at the University of Bedfordshire by calling our hotline 0800 013 0925. A student is eligible is he has not withdrawn his application, or hold no offers or have applied for a course after the dealine. The available courses included of Accounting BA Hons, Business Studies BA Hons, Extended Degree Business Studies, Human Resource Management BSc Hons, Biomedical Science BSc Hons, Computer Games Development BSc Hons, Telecommunications and Network Engineering BSc Hons, Sports Studies BA Hons, Sports Therapy BSc Hons, Phychology BSc Hons, Psychology and Criminology BSc Hons, Nursing (Adult Branch), Diploma in Higher Education and many more.

The recruitment will end at the end of this September. Hurry up, lets speard the word about the University of Bedfordshire Clearing 2009 today!

Movie Review : The Orphan (2009)

Director: Jaume Collet-Serra
Classification: 18PL
Genre: Drama / Horror / Mystery
General Release Date: 20 Aug 2009
Running Time: 2 Hours 2 Minutes,
Distributor: Warner BROS. Pictures
Cast: Isabelle Fuhrman, Jimmy Bennett, Peter Sarsgaard, Vera Farmiga

It is a very different kind of horror movie. The audiences love it and so do i.

Rating : 8/10


It is a movie about a couple who has recently lost their baby. They went on to adopt a 9-year-old orphan who appeared to be smart, innocent and mature.

There is more beyond what you can imagine from the trailer. The 12 year old actress, Isabelle played her role extremely well. You will be really surprised how things can change after making a wrong decision - adopting an 'abnormal' kid.

The movie has alot of surprise elements and it manages to keep the audiences tensed throughout the movie.

You wont regret watching this thriller. Go watch it! :)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

ADV - Join Stimulus Package for Free

I like watching football and absolutely love playing fantasy football. Now, what is fantasy football? It is a game whereby football fans use their ability in managing a football team to compete against each other. This is a game which relates to the actual performance of a professional football team. The main aim of the game is to select which team or player with the most outstanding performaces in a given time. A player of fantasy football controls a professional football team virtually by forming a team of players to compete against their friends or other online game-mates.

Here's the good news. offers "In Season" pass plus fantasy stimulus package for only $9.99 per year. It's a deal not to be missed! By paying only $9.99 per year, a player gets to know the real time football player alters via email, text and to their WaiverWire profile. Alternatively, one can actually sign up the fantasy stimulus package for free. The player will be alerted regarding player injury alerts, player news and filtered based on the player focus list. Another great thing about is the ability of the player to do player comparison. Some criterias include side by side stat comparison, player rankings by position and overall, defensive points allowed by position as well as historical and future stat comparisons. In addition to that, the player can also have access to the waiver wire’s fantasy social network, community forum and play guru challenge game.

Besides, i love watching NFL games too. My favorite NFL player of all-time is Michael Vick. He plays quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons team. He set a record of 15 rushes in a game at highest rushing 173 yards total. The other 2 NFL players to be included in my top 3 favourite NFL players would be Patrick Willis and Calvin Johnson.

In a nutshell, WaiverWire offers the latest real time news and fantasy football analysis with a reasonable sign up fees. Give it a try!


Monday, August 24, 2009

The famous beef noodles at petaling street

Jeng Jeng~

The name of the shop is called Shin Kee Beef noodles. It is located one of the junction of petaling street. The address is 7A, Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock, Kuala Lumpur.

The normal one is priced at RM 6 per bowl (both soup or dry), with additional beef balls priced at RM 8 per bowl. You can opt to have only beef slices, only beef balls or a mix of sliced beef, beef balls and tripe.

There shudn't be any reason for you to reject the best beef nooodles from petaling street unless if you dont eat beef! It is a must try if you havent tried it.

ADV - webhosting reviews

In order to start online marketing, you will need to learn about webhosting first. Webhosting allows users to share their products on computer servers that are connected to the Internet at almost all the time. Some important criterias in selecting webhosting include reliability, speed of access, amount of webspace, data transfer, multipal domain hosting, technical support, SSL (secure server) and price. Every webhosting will offer different services at different price. A good webhost should not be only reliable and fast, but also with a uptime guarantee of not less than 99%. Check the bandwidth/traffic offered by the webhosting company. Check if there is additional charge for exceeding the bandwidth offered. Technical support is another important criteria to consider. Sometimes, it is not surprised to see how things go wrong at the most inconvenient times. Thus, it is important to have technical support 24/7.

By reading reviews on webhosting, you can boost your knowledge in webhosting and be successful in online marketing. You can read the reviews at the website - Almost all webhosting plans come with money back guarantee and free domain name registration. Some webhosting providers even offer packages to start at the price lower than $10! By choosing dedicated servers like InMotion, Acenet, Ultrahosting, Aplus, Lunarpages or SingleHop, you will be able to gain many benefits to your business. You can also read about simple tips in protecting your site at

Friday, August 14, 2009

Ohhh Miiiii GOD

I came back from Hong Kong on Tuesday and i am curently working in out patient department (8am - 6pm). I used to have some negative feedbacks on certain frps but now the feeling is gone. They are much nicer than i thought. Lunch call today (12.15pm - 2.45pm) was quite relaxing. I took a 10mins quick break to eat my lunch (Jian brought lunch)and skipped my lunch break so that i could go back at 5pm. All out of sudden, an irrelevant news hit me at 4.50pm. (10 minutes before i get to go home, happily).

HSAJB update :
Passive call from 5pm to 8am for all prps starts today

Since i am doing TDM oncall tomorrow, so i will be doing the passive call (the 2nd white mouse) for that day. Which means,

1) i will work from 10am - 1pm on Saturday
2) passive call from 8am - 5pm on the same day
3) continue to work in patient on call from 8am - 5pm on Sunday
4) work in OPD 8am to 5pm on Monday
5) continue in A&E pharmacy from 5pm - 10pm and
6) finally 8am - 1pm in OPD on Tuesday
7) drive back to KL after 1pm

* Bonus * i will be attending a 2 hours Boxing class at Excite gym tomorrow after TDM on call.

All the possible bad words are coming out of my mouth at this moment......

How is passive call like???

I better stop thinking and getting worried about it.

A visit to the Giant's Buddha in Hong Kong is not sufficient!

I will need to pray harder.

Nah, who cares. Its dota time :)