Sunday, October 29, 2006

more updates..

27th n 28th, thurs n fri

WORKING - been working terribly ALOT these 2 days.. thurs worked for 7n half hours n today worked for 6 n half hours... tireddddd nia...

yest's feelings were mixed... more mixed than a plate of penang rojak.. but it wasnt nice.. started off with sweet greetings...but ended wit tears dropping down...aihhhz.. jus dont ask me y larh k..

fri ar, d mixed feeling were stil ther... this time it beceme pizza hut with 3 flavors of cheese inside..but it wasnt tasty..started off with worries, ended with happiness n sadness again..aihhzz... but this time no tears...jus arguments n doubts...aiihhzzz..

went to kyee's 21burfday celebration on fri's nite.. meet all frens here.. so many came.. reunion reunion kekeke... happie 21st birthday kah yie! =)

*sem4 results will be released on nex mon... till then v pray hard togeta k... p105iers.. evyone must pass sem4 togeta!!!!!!

* gud luckssssssssssssssssssssss guys!

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