Sunday, October 08, 2006

unlucky day...

7th Oct, Sat

didnt Zz well last nite.. alwiz got prob that bugged me..recently.. wat is wrong with me? wat happen to us? was it my fault all the while? @_______________@

Went Inti College Malaysia in Nilai for mapcu pp match early morning! reached the competition hall, saw many players are warming up there.. got to know who is ma li wei n so on national top players.. msia top first, second n third gal players were there! giiillaaa!

we hav no lucks..drawn into a group with all good teams there.. grouped with nilai inti, sunway, taylors, n nilai international college.. v won taylors n nic but lost to nilai inti n sunway! if v were grouped in the other gp, v might be the top of the gp n make it into final.. but v ended up didnt even make it to the semi, thou based on overall, v are supposed to be in the semis.. aiihz aiiihhzz.. my last mapcu sport event was sent off into the sea liao.. lolz!

later came back to vista at 5..waited for wm to come back n bugged wmeng to open the door for me..pigged on bugger's bed immediately.. im real dead!! got to pig for an hour b4 my pig's tone alarm sounded.. got up, shook wmeng up.. washed my face n get rdy to leave vista dy.. v are going to vincent's hse for steamboat ;)

Meet up with e rest, su miin, pei ling, khang wern, baobao.. sue choo got bumped into us afta coming back from burger stall.. vincent invited her n she din resist to go with us. hahah.. had lotsa fun talk in the car with the presence of sue choo.. kakakaka.. pity pei ling lorh!

Many of p106iers came s well... erm chen han, chi yuan, yieng, flora, million,thrisa, mei wen n jason..poor jason got 'zat' by vincent's mum for not being able to speak chinese well..remind me of the same case happened to bugger from my gang.. haha.. had very nice steamboat, sumore got sour spicy crab, forced to use hand to enjoy the full taste of it.. nyummms ;) evything were great, the crab was the best!

* thks desmond for the pp training thruout the time...
* thks vincent for such a nice dinner/gathering/open hse :)

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