Friday, November 30, 2007

they have paid me finally....

i have joined smorty since 10 nov, and i have wrote a couple of articles for them.
try it ppl, its real! click on the smorty banner on the top left to be my downline, den i can earn a 5% commission from ur post... lolz ;) thks fifi!!! ;)

How to get her to marry u...

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Check this out!!

everything in 5mins!!!
i click on this website from a link on youtube, n now i really have high interest to continue browsing this page wheneva im free....

A trick for some free beer!

The power of photoshop!

wmeng, can we do this as well? haha...
mou heng king, lets say u see this gal online and she send u this edited pic n u get to meet her in real person on another time, i bet u sure go 'DENGgggGGGggG....!!'

For ladies!

its alwiz good to learn something, use ur bf as punching bag!!

A speed bag!

I have alwiz wanted to learn how to play with a speed bag.
I had the chance of touching it in the past but i lack the techniques......

Tkd highlights...

the terengganu sukma team captain is going for a big fight this weekend.
you better win! Good luck to him den - my bro.

Monday, November 26, 2007

the goodies from eastern treats!

6 of us (kim, darren, hsheong, kyie, wjiun n i) are working with eastern treat@ buchanan gallery during the weekend. Pay us a visit and we will ensure you a good meal. (but mind you they are real ex!! famous fried rice plus curry chicken cost you 5pounds!)

~ thks edmond for paying us a visit on a busy saturday ~

~ this pencuri eat all my onion rings plus 3/4 of my fries... haha ~

~my lunch from both bk plus eastern treats ~

and this is how much we get to tapao at the end, each time without paiseh...

~ curry chicken plus sweet and sour chicken! ~

~ jeng jeng.... jeng jeng ~

~ stir fry beef ~

~ WARNING! dont taste me, seriously NO! ~

~ it is always good to taste them! ~

SPOTTED on apple news...

~ 3 : the old famous 'man sou mou giong' plate!!!

it is somewhere in the second floor of block J now... ~

~ 2 : sleeping in the living room is normal, but with the fingers crossed? ~

~ 1 : and finally, i cant solve this, u help me bah.... ~

Saturday, November 24, 2007

registered mail from malaysia...

I have finally received my mail, after making my effort to walk to royal mail delivery office this afternoon.

Last friday, I missed to collect it in person on the first delivery as i was out for lecture. Since it is a registered mail, it requires the recipient to sign to confirm its delivery. So i ended receiving a paper card which gives me 3 options,
a) go online and reschedule a redelivery
b) deliver to local post office, with a charge of 50pence
c) collect in person at royal mail delevery office
I have finally received my mail, after making my effort to walk to royal mail delivery office.

so i chose option A, asking for a redelivery. The confirmation email that they sent to me was totally rubbish. I purposely made myself out of the bed early to wait for the arrival on tuesday morning but it didnt come. it didnt come on wed and thurs too.

In the end, i managed to find my way there with google map, and collected the mail in person. It is really nice to get this type of mail erh ;)

on the other hand, it was a sad case for akmal. He asked for a redelivery for the first attempt too, however, when we checked just now, we were told that his mail has been sent back to the sender since it was left uncollected for one week! -_-"

please be sure to search google map and make ur way there to collect your mail if the first attempt of trying option a or b fails.

~ signature REQUIRED! ~
~ precious handmade cards from my loved one ~

Friday, November 23, 2007

Emergency money...

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Thursday, November 22, 2007

result for bleep test...

This was the msg i received from marcus in the email today...

" Congratulations!
Here are the Results of your ‘Multistage Fitness Test’ Score
(Level) = 10.6
Vo2 Max = 48.7 "

I was thinking, what the heck? @.@ what do you mean by Vo2 Max - 48.7, does that show that i am weak or wat? What is the range of being fit at my age?

So i went to look online, and i found the following to explain my fitness level... click here for more details...

After checking the table, my result was found in the excellent column for this time. Those who know me will say "alah, we expected that or he is a sportman woot..." but what i was thinking was that I know clearly that my peak time was over in years back ago. The 10mins shuttle run is definitely enough to k.o. me, if you wanna 'have fun' together, come join me in bleep test 3months later. It was quite surprised that i was able to reach level 10.6 in bleep test yesterday.

True enough, level 10.6 isnt easy. But i know i can do better. who can motivate me to exercise more besides my parents? i dont even motivate myself to do exercise.I also skipped the physical exercises that i used to do on my personal bed...i am jus too lazy to move. haha.

After everything, i think no one can understand me larh.. only zhuon can...but there is noway that he is going to read my blog, even if after i have requested him to just click on it but dont need to see the content....lolz...

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

i need more TIME...

TIME isnt enuf, or did i spent it unwisely?

I woke up at 9am, leave my door open to wait for a registered mail, which was supposed to be delivered to me today. Skyped for a little while and posted a blog on ah bao's bd.

At 11.45am, i went for bleep test in sports hall. I was the 2nd earliest to reach. I tot i was in the wrong place at first and so i went down to the register to confirm again. There were a total of 30plus of participants. I AM THE ONLY CHINESE there! lolz.. It was the same test that i have done before back in msia. My performance has dropped! 5months plus no exercise erh, abo? i managed to hit level 10.6. My partner who is a 33yrs old male reached level 11.4, by the way he is one of the top runners. I did badly larh still lost to 6-7 ang mohs. I hope i will do better 3months later, although i have passed national player's requirement today.

Received a call from steph on my way to the post office. I bodoh bodoh go and accept the job since it was a good oppurtunity to work at lord todd. WRONG CHOICE. argue with lou poh becos of this too. -_-" Rushing like mad. Imagine that, my job starts at 1.30pm, i was still cooking maggi at 1.28pm. Anyway, it only took me 30secs to run to lord todd. lolz.

Came back to jbc at 5pm and vyeaw told me that the postman never appear today. -_-" i have decided to go there and collect straight.

Went out to groccery shopping with hs vy n ky after that. Jian is coming back tmr ;p the sladar is back hohoho! We bought so many things from sainbury's plus tesco.

It was dinner time when we came back. Back into the room, change to my shorts n start cooking together. After tonight 'char siao chicken', i decided to list the following dishes listed as the 'Top 3's cooking of the month' :

~ 2nd runner up jackasss potatoes topped with baked beans... ~

~ 1st runner up traditional chinese grilled chicken with paprika wedges ~

~ champion simple yet delicious char siew chicken! ~

Its already 9.15pm when i came back to my room after dinner. What have i done the whole day?

I have made several wrong decision throughout the day. And the good/bad thing is that i am working for eastern treat tmr also, together wit kim.

Gona take a shower n have some serious rest before meeting my soh poh when she wakes up later ;p

officially K.O o.O

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

you are not gonna miss this....

Thks hsemates for reminding me to post this...

thks kah yie for sending them to me on msn....

thks pj for not stopping my effort XD

watch them n u will definitely go rofl ~

We had dinner @ Oneils the other night. Love the food and the prices are affordable. 3.45 for food and 50pence for the sparkling drink.

~ chicken crock pot, NEW ~

~ irish crock pot ~
~ vyeaw + kyee ~

the drug song...

all future pharmacist...
u better learn this song erh....
ur frens and relatives will be so shock! lolz...
enjoy the clip ;)

Monday, November 19, 2007

need a loan?

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Sunday, November 18, 2007

a dinner for TWO!

So you fancy with A DINNER FOR TWO?

IDEALLY, for a perfect dinner for 2, a candle light with dim light power effect together with romantic music do the trick for most couples. HOWEVER, human being tend to be greedy. Its our nature.

We want luxurious meal. We want perfect deadly view while dining. We want a personal chef, multiple personal waiters, and we want a violinist to play our fouvourite songs infront of us. We demand our guy to give us flowers and chocolates, place the ring inside the champaigne and give it to us to create a little surprise. We want our gal to dress up nicely plus sexily.

This is a THAI dinner for two...

BUT wait, something is wrong, why the chairs are placed that way?

Your guy will do this to you someday.... but you hav to wait...

AND you can even see THAT in james blyth court.....

SPOTTED on apple news...

hav a nice weekend peeps! :)

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Friday, November 16, 2007

a lovely meal...

Thks hsemates for reserving my meal ;p it was so lovely to do that! n i must be missing mushrooms too much, cos they tasted superby great!

i worked as plate waiter @ exhibition cantre from 6.30 - 10.30pm wit 7 other classmates. it was really an easy job. *thumbs up!

everyone is celebrating ah pao's burfday but i am writing blog here. i wana have some personal time after a whole day. there are too many things for me to think about. anyway, happie 23rd burfday ah pao!!!!!!!

weekend is approaching really soon. there is only a 2hr lecture tmr by french lecturer, christine dufes n classes resume on next wed, with a 2hr presentation (for those like me who had presented, gona be an active listener for the following months. walaoyeah purposely wake up and go listen for 2hrs instead of holidays! geeez! @.@ )

ding min tien pls wake up and buck up on your studies!!!!
ding min tien pls wake up and buck up on your studies!!!!
ding min tien pls wake up and buck up on your studies!!!!
ding min tien pls wake up and buck up on your studies!!!!
ding min tien pls wake up and buck up on your studies!!!!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

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only for u....

i did it in 7mins lerh hehe.. love u! ;) @_@

hapiie 79th burfday to ah gong!

12 Nov, Mon
this was what i did for ah gong back in 2yrs time... ~

It was my ah gong burfday AGAIN 2days ago! weird? i called back n wished him happie burfday n had a nice chat with ah gong n ah ma that day. i can never rmb the exact date cos they alwiz follow the chinese calendar. they were so relieved that i actually remember the date. but i revealed the truth to them that i actually got the news from my lou poh, cos my mum invited her to the dinner without informing me about my ah gong's burfday at all lerh. haha...

anyway, lets go back to 5months back then...
It was back to 2nd of June in msia, where my family n i celebrated my ah gong's 79th burday!! we had dinner at king crab, my 2uncles plus family, my kujie plus family, my family, ah gong ah ma, it was such a big reunion. the burfday was celebrated 5months earlier cos my uncle n family came back from US that time n i left msia in june.

For those who are in glasgow now, you will definitely go 'wahhhhh' after seeing them... mayb u can hav some malaysia food in asian style near west end? chan see said it is within walking distance worh? i hav been there twice... the first time i went there with hy's aunties and the 2nd time i hav spent 2pounds to take subway from queen street with joe &feli...the food was good! but ex larh....

Some pics taken at Asia style...

~ the famous nasi lemak for one, 6.50 pounds! = rm 46.50! nice but vomit blood =/~
~ wak tan hoh @ 7.50 pounds, enuf for 2gals mayb ~
~ Joe and i, fak fook after one year erh! ~ ~ my mentor feli and i ~

And these are from king crab at Pj....

I am gonna forget how these delicious food taste like soon.......

More pics with my family...

but never will i forget them... ;)