Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Annual leave frozen? WTF ohhh

WED - KUALA LUMPUR: With influenza A (H1N1) cases on the rise, more local transmissions being reported and schools being closed, health authorities have warned that its resources will be stretched unless the public heed preventive and quarantine orders.

Health Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai said the authorities not only had to contain the spread of H1N1, but other communicable diseases as well such as dengue.

"We are battling two diseases, dengue and H1N1, at the same time. We have frozen annual leave and recalled staff from leave to tackle this."

Liow said the ministry had deployed personnel from other states to the Klang Valley to help local authorities.

"Klang Valley is the most populated area, as well as the main entry point to the country. If any outbreak happens here, it can spread easily.

"We are already working very hard to contain this." -- Bernama

source taken fromthe new straits times


No leave for 100,000 medical officers and staff


The Health Ministry has frozen the leave of 100,000 medical officers and staff with immediate effect in view of the Influenza A (H1N1) outbreak said Health Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai.

The directive involves all medical officers in hospitals throughout the country, medical staff and laboratory personnel.

"The move is to ensure all the workforce can be utilised to combat the Influenza A (H1N1) outbreak effectively," said here today.

Liow also hoped employers would allow their staff who returned from overseas, especially countries like Australia, Philippines and United States, to go on unrecorded leave so that they can be "self quarantined".

"The proposal will be discussed in cabinet as it is important for employers to give unrecorded leave to ensure the safety of the public and the country," he said.

Liow said since the outbreak of the disease was becoming serious, those quarantined must follow the procedures and directives, strictly.

Those who do not adhere to the directives set for the quarantine, can be charged under the Disease Control Act 1998 which carries a RM10,000 fine or two years'' jail or both, he said.

He also urged ''contact cases'' to come forward and seek treatment voluntarily, instead of waiting and advised the public to discard any information circulated via SMS with regard to H1N1 because only the Health Ministry issues official statements on the disease.

"We (Health Ministry) will not hide any statistics or information and will continue to send out statements. So I advise the public to refrain themselves from listening to rumours.

"If there was a case detected at 8pm, the ministry will immediately release a statement," he said.

People who receive SMS messages with regard to H1N1, should forward such messages to the ministry so that those responsible can be identified, he said.

Liow said he had also asked the Education Ministry to notify all schools in the Klang valley to avoid using air conditioning in their schools and instead open their doors or windows to allow fresh air. -- BERNAMA

source taken from the new straits times

Pharmacist-pharmacist sekalian, what do you think?

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Solo TPN, level 16

Saturday, 27 June - Solo-ed TPN, double my experiences. There were 9 cases for TPN on friday (1 adult, 3 paed bags and 4 paed syringes) and i did my on call today and the next one will be next Monday.

I was quite excited. BULL SHIT. I managed to survive through 7 cases during a Sunday on call, with 'that person' missing for at least one hour. Thinking of 9 cases can make me faint. The truth is, i quite hate to handle all 9 cases alone.

Fortunately, 4 cases OFF today because they are able to tolerate oral feeding. Huuuray :) Means left with 2 paed bags and 3 paed syringes.

After finish clerking, i told 'that person' today off 4 cases, 'that person' replied "case sikit, saya tak akan masuk awal, i stay di luar untuk kerja lain'. Kerja lain included reading giant leaflet, newspaper, gossips etc. Why this is so similar with what Qristine told me?

The biggest surprise came after i finished my lunch. When i came back to TPN room at 12pm, 'that person' said "Ding, pn roshidah called me, we are all invited to New York Hotel to makan buffet, you want to go?" Kan she already know i went out for lunch already????

After all, i managed to finish everything by 2.50pm. And you know what, i saw 'that person' coming back to TPN at 2.55pm. 'That person' is getting paid for reading Giant leaflet, newspaper, gossip, missing for at least 2 hours for buffet lunch at new york hotel...

Saturday, June 06, 2009

The story of Ah Singh

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Anymore to add or not?

Re : khai's challenge

I would like to express my views regarding khai's post - a challenge to myself.

"Dear Khaiyong,

I hereby challenge you to QUIT your 8-5 job by the end of your 1 year term at the hospital.

You have until November 17, 2009 to prove that you can have a stable online home business running on minimal hours a day. Thereby allowing you to double triple your success when you work on it full time..."

I think it would be a great idea to earn money via blogging. I have experienced earning via blogging and i am still doing it as a part time side income to pay for my internet bills. It is very easy to earn - eg. my previous post earned me USD 2 = RM 7. It took me less than 3 mins to do it. However, in order to start earning, you need to do alot of reading, plus put in alot of efforts + time.

I will be following khai's blog closely because i am very interested to know his proggression in the business.

It is really going to be a big challenge for Khai because i can see that there is a sudden rise of smart bloggers since the past one year. Those who know how to earn via blogging will manage a few blogs in order to maximise their income. Khai's aim is a bigger one - to work full time home-based business.

I know it would be such a waste to quit being a pharmacist, but if you are able to become more successful by starting home-based business, why not give it a try?

I wish you all the best and we shall start supporting Khai by making daily clicks to and

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Monday, June 01, 2009

Just to you...

Me : Hey, tmr can bring ah mah2 hkl for eye clinic first appointment? cos her first appointment is on 23rd June but she will be in Sabah that time. I tried to change the date to 11th june where i will be going back home but its full. If not, need to skip her first appoinment and follow up on 21st July.

One hour jo still no reply...
Me : Hey. can or cannot please reply.

A few mins later...

Him : I can't, i have work. I can't take leave.

Within a min, i replied...

Me: EL definitely is a choice. and it will always always work. no matter you are the boss or prp/frp.Lol.nvm. I want to go see the doctor by myself. ciao.

After another few mins...

Him : My boss not around i cannot take leave

And this time i got really angry and dulan already. So i replied immediately...

Me : U know what is EL???? I dont give a F*ck to my work when i know i need to do something more important. Zhong zhi nvm larh nnr.

And that was the end of our conversation.

Okie lets go through the facts that i hate :

1) well, you are so care about your work, are you really that great?? Why not you show this concern to your grandmother by telling me 'Oh i cant take leave tomorrow, how about any other day?'.

2) You are not trying to discuss and solve a problem related to both of us. You are trying to ignore a problem. Again, you are a great frp/good grandson? I doubt so.

3) Yes im a very emo person. I scold gao the person who told me a patient will have to miss her first appointment if she would have to change date of her first appointment. I will speak to the eye specialist one day.