Monday, August 28, 2006


28 Aug

Darren had come up with this MERDEKA car wash week in order to raise fund for p105 convo-mag fund... sad to say that the response isnt promising.. its really sad to see that there isnt actuaaly anyone from pharmacy willing to send their car to us... mostly are from pharmacy lecturers only.. but its glad that some of the lecturer are generous enuf to jus donate the fund without having us to wash their car.. haha..

the very first day of car wash day is down.. v managed to collect rm85.. hmmm... welldone leh darren! hope to grab more kind lecturers tomolo nyek nyek.. :)

I hav missed another tkd class in kbu today since i got home oly at 6sumting.. hav missed too many tkd classes recently tim... anyway, got a good news from uncle billy that the result for the recent mtf senior upgrading is finally out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hav been waiting the result for a month plus.. i passed!! hehehh.. now im officially a 3rd dan blackbelt holder in tkd leh... nyek nyek ;)

Sunday, August 27, 2006

5more days to msia 49th merdeka celebration!

27 Aug

Are u loyal to your mother country, Malaysia? Are u celebrating the annual merdeka day, or jus see it as a day off for holidays?

There is this larian kemerdekaan going on at dataran merdeka today, and my family n i had turned up for this run.. its purpose is to gather ppl around for sort of like a fun run prior to pre-celebration for 49th merdeka day!! The huge response of participants showed that the spirit of individual malaysian is actually high! this run draws more than 10,000 participants! ;)

todays run is abit diff.. the distance is bout 4,5km.. as there was no competition going on, evybody jus go slow n steady.. im in a diff state today as well, 6 of us(benny,hoo, zhuon, ellie, carol n me) went all the way slowy togeta from the starting till the finishing line.. v even hav time to stop at roadside for pics.. haha :)

Afta the run, v received a cert, a plate for merdeka flag n some snacks... wah the really wanted us to put effort in showing how much v love our country leh.. v supposed to do an art work thingie in order to qualify for lucky draw later...

~ sistas n brothas ~
~ v love our country wan leh... ~
~ mens are mens! see.. v really lov our country.. negaraku! ~
~ happie family.. eve ding missing! ~
~ hundreds of pins to be putted on the plate.. -_-" ~
~ look zhuon is working hard on his flag.. ~
~ got my red colour pins ready... ~
~ and afta an hour.. the white pins were on too.. ~
~ and finally the blue pins... hmmm.. stil lacking of sumting? ~
~ the complete malaysia flag! phewwww... phew phew...:) ! ~

Afta that, got to wac some 3v3 paintball competition at really close distance.. hmmm.. anyone, paintball???

Got home, afta bath, piggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg for so many hours.. and there go my weekend... ended...

Monday, August 21, 2006

2nd IMU tkd charity championship :)

20th aug

Do you noe that fighting in an environment where all frens are around is so so different.. i stil remember last year, during the 1st IMU tkd champ, thou didnt get to Zz enuf the last nite(cos celebrating ellie's sis 21st bd mah), but i perform well in the first 3 rds.. this year, easily i made it to the final in fly weight open...
frens n family's support defenitely make a different.. i am very sure that i perform better today than any other day...

The tkd committees are working really hard throughout organising this big event.. on the nite b4, they even came to the stadium to arrange the mat till 3am... wahhhh @_@ den nex morning, they were alredi there in the stadium when i got there by 7am!!!!! they are so dedicated.. good work eve + committees :)

Not to forget the non tkd members, so many of them actually volunteered to help out today! they hav no knowledge at all to tkd, but they are willing to help out... a very tired day of all, but thks thks for the commitment!

for this competition, eve had actually scheduled the fly weight final match as the grand final match for closing ceremony.. i went through the first 2 bouts easily.. same goes to ryan.. v finished our first 2 bouts at about 11am... n v waited for 7 hours b4 having our final match @___@ afta all, its really cool to be involved in a grand final match.. evy1's eyes are focused on the 2 of us in the ring.. evy1's hav their own stand to support either one of us in the ring.. really glad to fight ryan here, with all my frens support.. cud actually heard their cheering during the fight, thou some of them neva cheer, but i noe they are supporting me in their heart.. imu volunteers stated that they shud be neutral for this match... fighting with a national fighter with no tension at all was really great...n u wont feel tired at all as compare to anyone u cud ezily win! thou i lost 4-5 to ryan, it was a close match... a cool match for me.. once again, thks to my family n frens big support out there! :)

its the first time for PJTC(petaling jaya taekwondo club) to participate in mtf tkd championship..with only 6 participants, v brought back one gold, 2 silver n 2 bronze! well done!!!!! :)

lim ah meng called me last nite to play vb in mon's morning.. heheh.. i told him i wud rather rest... another memorable nite to remember, peace n cheers! :)

Friday, August 18, 2006

16+17 cont...

so afta the test, v went to PYRAMID(thks to thian for the changes hehe ;p) for a makan, for celebration of kiddo's 12th bday.. opps.. and for the relief of dispensing test...v = vbs gang(12 of us) + mei qi(9) + special guest(thian+flora+anson)...wowwww..look at how bei min v are to hsheong 21st bday lehhhhh... :)

v had our dinner at sushi king.. came back to vista n hang ard at vista b12 for a few hrs.. went to kuchai lama yam cha till 3am.. heheh.. came back to vista, afta taken bath is edy 4am.. chatted with wmeng till 5am, den wm ko, coz cant stand the mosquito, so mah went to vyeaw n hsheong to cont the chatting.. v chatted awhile n ther v go.. fall asleep!

not long afta, my alarm sounded.. its 6.05am!! i got to wake up... @_@ went to jogging with a fren...went breakfast..went for a half an hour class by anther kumar> srikumar....

later afta lecture, went dota with kim n jian.. v wanted to go since N yrs ago... but v dont hav much time... v only played for one game n v nid to rush back for vb liao... v had vb traning at serdang from 3-5pm... so many actually turned up, total there were 23 of us!!! this yr the 'semangat' flow is gotta be real high man!

At 5.30pm, i had track training pulak... not many turn up today.. thou not so happie with that.. but i was dam glad to hav discovered another potential runner today... wont reveal anymore info till the day of competition... Im more sure to win the overall by now.. nyek nyek! :)

*b4 i left vista, i saw sei fei zhu n kah yee walking back from the park.. hehee..
*the vb guys team went to UCSI for a second friendly match with them.. hope they will win back this time! gambateh guys!
*u did well for 1500m with 7min 31secs.. keep it up lur jia you! :)

got home by 10pm.... SAFEly... was relieved... tired... happie..... blurrred... nid to pig asap... muscle aching... tired... blurredd... ZzzzzzzZzzzz soundly........... @___^

Thursday, August 17, 2006

2 siao days..

16 + 17 August

the only thing to describe me NOW is dead, both physically n mentally.. lets look at my past 48hrs..

i wasnt feeling alrite on wed'S morning..was stil hving da bad feeling.. ntg to do with pp at all.. i revised to the least for pp dispensing lab test on the last nite.. sei mou..

anyway, dun be so sou hing lar, lets look at sumting more interesting..

ummmm did revision in the LIBRARY from 12.30-2pm..

Hav DISPENSING TEST from 2.30pm - 6pm..v had the test in the new mdl 7 on 4th floor.. woooOWww... it is a really nice lab.. but but but cant cheat at all leh.. was sitting separately far apart from each other.. T..T evyone doesnt feel good in the lab, was rather stressed up acatually, scared of doing any sillly mistake in the calcultations... overall i felt that the dispensing test wasnt that tough, its jus nice for a 3hrs paper, thou many of us neva even manage to finish to complete the forms.. some were happie n some were so depressed afta the test..

now is 11.47pm thurs, im really dead... i nid to pig immediately.. ahaa.. to be continued!@@

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

happy moments are short...

14 aug

Last sat was ellie sis's 22nd bd... happie bd sista!!! stay the best u are, as alwiz! :)
Yest was carol sis's 26 bd... happie bd sista!! u oso stay the best u are leh.. heheh :)

Kinda relief when i looked at the exam question jus now... hav the 'what the...' expression when first saw the question.. the question was so familiar to me! i did the question b4 on last sat, it was EXACTLY the same to p1/01 class test! :O got to answer the test well enuf, jus that missed out some points.. afta all, CVS interpretation wasnt that scary huh? :)

but the points now are...
imu lecturers are lazy huh??? is it fair for evyone?????????? u judge it!!!!

phewww pheeewwwww hurrraayyyyy.. i cn hav a day break b4 i nid to work hard on pp dispensing test, whic is on wed :/


* im feeling terribly down... y happy n sweet moments jus dont last...? the false hope was jus fading away slowly... was kinda LOST, is this the best word to desribe myself...? was feeling sour... was confused... was upset... jus wan to stay the entire nite alone...

*pls neva judge me if u dunno me well!

cheers k :)

Monday, August 14, 2006

a short study break for CVS...

10 - 14 Aug

Hav had a short break of 4 days.. heheh.. it was totally meant for revision time only, as v will be having CVS interpretation test on mon..

the area for cvs is very wide..v even nid to revise back our sem1 physio on neurotransmission, sem3 pharmaco on alpha, beta adrenoceptors, Na, Ca, K pathways, COX pathway, 5-ht pathway + sem4 DD... lotsa drug names + its action to be understood n to be memorised!

beside having daily revision, hav had some great time during sat's nite.. looking forward for more sweet time like this :)

went for tkd weighing on sun.. the competition is on nex sun... saw2 of my tkd frens there, ryan n jeff.. and they are from bukit jalil sports skol..... eve ar eve, y u go invite all these national players for such a small competition arrrrr, besides inviting ATMA, malaysian armies... ??? i dun wish to meet them during the early rounds arrrrr...

now is mon, 11.30am, i really dunno wat else to study.. to say im confident n rdy for the test later, no really... to say that im scared n stressed, yeah kind of! :/

cvs test will start at 2pm later and end at 4pm... gud lucks evy1... :-)

Thursday, August 10, 2006

sem4 psd + promising future in track & field :)

Hv a tuitor-tuitees psd meeting session with dr kang today... it has been one semester since v last talk with him on psd... ermmm what do we hav to do ar? do we need to show him anything?????? all 6 of us think that PSD is the hardest subject in mpharm... even harder to pass than dd, even harder compare to pp....... de unlucky 6 include paik ling, geok ying, dianna, daphne, darren n me!

AS EXPECTED, dr kang did the talking for an entire one hour!!! he requested proves for our last sem psd projects.. he expects us to do a carry on project in this sem leh.. but none of us did.. haha.... psd is supposed to be a continuous learning in our life woh... anyway,, many of his words are very much reasonable, shal take his advices seriously.. not to let our tuitor down mah :)

afta that, today i hav a track and field selection session for pharm team.. its really glad to see that so many ppl actually turned up.. only me = yannee + shirlyn from p105, many from p106, b105, b106, even got one from b104... how come last year u guys neva join huh?????

there are like at least 6-10 ppl competing for jus one event..its rather tough for me to select the best with jus one run trial leh... i am very happie to find my gal sprinters from pharm team... finally!!!! our gal sprinters are alwiz losing from previous years.. .this year will be a total turn over..v can win!!! while on the guys side, though there isnt any real gud sprinter, but can see a balance team on 4x100m n 4x400m guys... if continue to train up, the victory shall be no wher else, bside pharm's hand!!!

* if u didnt finish ur 400m run didnt mean that u are not good k...jia you jia you :)

there will be tough trainings coming up... pls join my trainings.... work hand to hand with me, v are sure to win this year! =)

Sunday, August 06, 2006


6 Aug
Today is ms cho hui yin punya bd..
happie burfday :))))

Jus finish another round of dota with zhuon.. hmmm... gotta spent the rest of my sun, noon plus nite for dd revison ler... sun shub be a nice day to relax, but.... aiihhzz... must do revision on cvs, for tomolo cvs intepretation mock exam mah... :-/

last pp lab session...

4 aug

Hav an eazy pp lab today... v are making creams this time... this is the last pp lab for sem4...

pp lab is da best lab session v have compare to others like chem, biopharm or p.micro.. v are actually learning to make drugs which v are using in our daily life... very fun very interesting...bit tiring for the past few labs, but def. worth to attend this kind of lab, more towards to a pharmacist's profession mah... but pls do say nono for pp lectures... ban... >_<

a flashback of wat v hav done in the past 8 wks...

1) powders - e.g Aspirin with codeine powders, for relieve of mild pain
2) solutions - Potassium citrate mixture BP, relief of discomfiort in UTI
3) suspensions - Magnesium carbonate suspension, to relieve symptoms in ulcer
4) ointments - paraffin liquid/ white soft paraffin, to treat skin disorders
5) suppositories - zinc oxide suppositories, to treat haemorhoids and other rectal conditions
6) creams -sulphur and salicylic acid BP, to treat acne vulgaris, warts and calluses

its really glad that v hav completed all these extemporaneous dispensing session.. dispensing lab test in 2 wks time.. hmmmm...

~ da super slumber + lame darren in da lab! ~

~ da super blurr + clumpsy one = diana.. haha ~

~ da slow n steady one ,kim ~

~ da most kacau me ~

~ best lab partners ~

Friday, August 04, 2006

mixedDdd feeling ;?

3 Aug

first, i got really DEPRESS & STRESS UP during the cvs workshop.. the cvs essayw was dam tough! arghHhH! hav heard from fren that it gonna be tough, headache n all -ve comments... therefore did put up effort to revise bit on pharmaco n dd... afta all, still having a hard time during the discussion... so much that i dunno lehh... very depress larrr... afta discussion with mis v, finally i feel lighter, feel burden gone, though i noe i will stil hav a hardtime to catch up tonite, to prepare for nx wk mock test... ;/

afta the entire headache class, headed to meet with juniors for briefing on table tennis 4imu cup ;p oly few small cats fr p106 apppears.. wher is bpharm arrr aihhz>????? was relieved that ther r actualy 2 DISTRICT level guy players fr p106... Wooowwww... da replacement of samuel... guess our team gotta be stronger this time!! ehhee.. stil lack of gal players lehh...
flashback on last year was saddening.. that time our ping pong team made it into the final EZILY, as predicted, as our team really balance n strong compare to others... a silly decision made by the silly me had turned us down... a wrong strategy was used...pharm lost to sem4 in the finals, the match was so close leh......was regretted of making that decision... :(

this year, desmond n me shal work hand togeta to bring back the glory...

next, receive a sms from jack... it was on the genting run on 3sep... a green light from SAD signals that dey agreed to send teams for the run... woowwwwWww woww dam dam HAPPIE lerrrr!!! it was a jungle tracking run, named trailblazer, a totally diff. run, tough + dirty + fun is what v are looking for..its a team effort event.. each team consists of 2 member, same sex or mixed, need to assist one another and to complete the race together within the qualifying time...

Stream crossings, muddy slopes, swamp swimming, rugged terrain, man made obstacles, a total new experince, definitely... v nid to complete the 800m long man made obstacles b4 getting to the finishing line... take a look at the run...

today many ppl ask me regarding on track n field events for imu cup... i opted to incharge for pharm team this time..i wanted to win back this year.. due to many dam incidents last year for track n field, v oly managed to get 1st runner up, thou v won by total medal tally @#$%!!

trust me ppl.. v gonna win this year.. v are gonna dominate in each n every small event in track.. m not looking for a close win but to really dominate... will fight to the end with all i can.. join my trainings yea ;p

Thursday, August 03, 2006


30 july

IT was malakoff dualathon series... by 4am in the morning, v hav got ourselves up!! this time it was held at putrajaya... imu team - aaron, jack, chee keong n me had made an effort to de race...

if u consider urself as a powerman, take up the challenge in individual event : - run for 10km, cycle 50km (u can reach seremban liao from bukit jalil), and run for 5 km.. isnt it siao siao? wudnt hav consider lehh... @_@

aaron did a sprint run(5km run, 25km cycle, 3km run), where as i was in the team event(i did de first 10km run, ck cycle 50km, jack runs 5km)

the run wasnt tough.. the opponents wasnt tough if compare them with the previous marathon runner.. but to complete 10km was really a torture lar.. seriously.. time to kip ur mental strong bside battling away de pain from leg aching...

aaron came up to be 5th... congrats!! hehe... while v made it 20+, didnt get anything but a cert Plus de experience.. afta the run, got to steal the bicycle from aaron and cycle with jack for few km... mus grab this golden chance lar, the bicycle costs bout rm1000 k..

my wkend passed really fast leh... its da end of wk7 as i flipped through my timetable... confused!

class makan ;p

28 july

P105 hav a class makan sort party today, as an oppurtunity to gatherred evyone togeta n makan ;p
this is the second party v had since the first one during sem1@ fionna hse...

* thks fionna for her suggestion, all the time ;>
* thks hooi fen for organising it...

this time, v were divided into groups for cooking.. evy1 hav come up with something, from spaghetti, fried noodles, fried rice, fried chicken to sandwich, curry chicken, biscuits, mashed potatoes, nuggets, red bean tong sui, longan sea coconut liong fen, fruits... :)))

my gang(qris, jian, yeaw, hsheong + me) was incharge of liong fen water.. thks thks, stupid cooperation, but fun! keke.. plus v are the game masters that nite leh... few games had been brought up afta the makan thingy.. it was so perfect to hav them at the mini pool ther.. ehhe.. but the stupid guard came and ask us to keep our voice down.. manage to keep them away by bribe them with some food.. ahha... and lucky all are sporting enuf to play my games.. ehee.. my our efforts of preparing it wasnt a waste afta all.. and for those who i promised not to let u guys get wet wan, really sowie lor when come to play IN A MINI pool.. wat do u expect arr.. eheheh :P

* didnt expect 90% of the p105iers who turned up to be so united, by wearing the same old orientation tee ahha :p

hav fun the entire nite.. great job p105 :)