Wednesday, March 29, 2006

a one-wk summary of blog...

29 march

BEING too busy n' lazyyyyy to blog these days... jus a short summary of events on last few days...

LAST fri, had the 1st(perhaps the 2nd excluding bbq nite during orientation) gathering with some p106 juniors @pizza hut.... they were 10 of us.. juniors are busy in organising movie marathon for raising fund.. overheard they are coming up with some advertisementS sort of thing b4 showing the movie.. ;)

LAST sat, hav another gathering with juniors, went n conquered gasing hill @ pj!! they were 9 of us.. pics shall be posting up soon... ;)

~ nice capture of nice butter+fly huh?? by fionna! ~

~ this is the way v going into... ~

~ eh we are on the road... wrong direction ler??????? spot the poserS! haha~

~ a big star... eh wat is in the mid??? ~

~ after panting... v look tired huh?? ~

LAST sun, went warehouse in the morning, selling biscuits, cereals, chocolates at berry low prize... sapu alot with my sis... ;) went shopping for leather shoe + dinner @ pyramid with family in the noon... sis eve treated us sushi king, nice n fulled!! heheh ;)

ON mon, went back pyramid to get my shoe, after failing to get one @mid valley.. stocks are being sold fast everywhere!!!

Yesterday, i ponteng class :P it is expected that most ppl will declare today as a hols since v only have 1 biopharm(dr yiap go siao siao yesteday @@), n double periods of dr mario... wont be regret to skip lar... revision , online, tv, revision, sing k, jogging, online were what i did at home!

TODAY is wed, again i hav my class in the noon, today's class gotta end late, since v have drama pratice at 4... shall be able to cover everything for phy pharm test this fri, plus eng presentation on tomorrow, pA2 report due nex mon, p.micro report due nex wed........

phy pharm test this fri!! while p106 juniors having the very first found. chem test nex mon?? Jia you jia you evy1! Gd lucks evyone!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

practical exam ;O

22 march

I had my microbiology practical exam this morning.. overall, it was berry easy.. hehe..idid managed to finish in time, evything smooth, got a clear close up look of bacteria strain from microscope... i supposed i identified the rite bacteria> pesudomonas!! (gram -ve, bacilli, oxidase +ve) Each of us was given one unknown bacteria and we need to identify it in an hour practical.. this exam carry no marks, only being told this morning, only the report will contribute 20marks for degree exam.. o.O

after the practical, we were being 'quarantined' in mdl 6 to prevent leakage of question, as the other 2 gps will be ahving their practical half an hour later.. eh common, v still can send sms woot :P

so den, we were busy discussing on particular bacteria + taking pics.. today was the last lab session in sem 3!!! ;>

~ half of the future pharmacist from p105 ~

~de 4D's in the lab... lab partners ;> ~

~We are professionals :) ~












~ and we are going to the ball...kekeke.. ~

~ fifi : owwwwwww! phuayfhern, fifi, alicia ~

~ slumber saja with fifi after practical exam! ~

~ happie family?? clockwise : vyeaw, Di, tam ming, dap, darren, Kim ~

Friday, March 17, 2006

p105 FIRST dress-codec day!

p105 - 'Blacky day'

Fionna had came up with a suggestion of setting a dress code color, twice a month, for pharmacy batches.. was testing out today, the response from p105 turned out to be awesome! more than 95% from p105 wore black top today!! men in black?? ladies in black?? wow... !!!

Although it was very weird to see everyone wearing black today, but was feeling proud to be one of p105-ier.. at least v showed unity since everyone was cooperating.. showed that p105 was the distinct batch today!! proud proud ^^

p106, n bpharmers, be prepared, pharmacy will once again show outstanding dress code soon in two weeks time :P

~ lady in black?? left to right : wen jiun, bao bao, lu yi, fionna ~ ~ Men in black :P left to right clockwise: ti3n, wmeng, hsheong, vyeaw, kim, darren ~

p105 in black!!!

lets take a closer look :

~ abit blurr ler... ~

~ an even closer look :P ~ ~ few guys standing at the back trying to act cool xD ~

~ very nice! a big happie family!~

~ another happie family ~

~ special guest appearance.. prof yeoh ....keke.. ~

~ sweet smileSss ~

~ TOW!! that was one of the prop for drama lar... ~

~hmmm.. did i miss out any1?? ~

Sunday, March 12, 2006

p106 Orientation T-shirt

thks to our t-designer, lu yi n' hui mei!

Seniors' design

front : cute tank.. with d slogan : only the strongest survive?

~ back : WE DID! haha.. ~

Any1 hav juniors' design?? send to me plssssss.. hehe! :P

Thursday, March 09, 2006


POR (Post-Orientation Resolutions) :

1) study, study, study n study!!!!!!!! class tests, practical test, presentation in 2wks time...

2) finish pharmacology report, eng essay - on ways to overcome stress.. (due date : nex wk!)

3) outing?? less outings... need more time on revision! stress!

4) dota?? stop dota?? perhaps play during wkend only.. or after exams.. hehe.. need to do revision!

5) video editing?? nah.. no more interested.. perhaps during sem3's break only continue... need to do revision!! stress larrrrr!

6) cultural nite?? will spent sum time to complete multi-tasks from phuay fhern on drama... promise to make it a succesful, yet memorable one! :P

7) tkd training?? must start back training, perhaps 3 times per wk.. must be able to perform during the coming selection!

8)IMU cup?? elect sport leaders from p106 asap.. so that juniors dont complain that they are too free n hav ntg much to do..

9) saving money??? need to do alot of saving... preparing for coming trip during semester break...

10) imu ball?? yeah coming.. in one month time.. hehe...

hip hop style!

simply jus a hip hop look, with cap + sunglasses + jacket + ear ring + bracelet + ring + post!! woW!

what do u think??

~ happie family ~

Sunday, March 05, 2006

tkd grading

4 march

There was a grading for tkd last nite.. i attended jus to help out only... i was SUPPOSED to involve in the grading as well, where i will be taking my 3rd dan examination ther, but it was delayed n made me to join another centralise grading in may (AGAIN??? i was being delayed since may, last year!!!!!!) i was only being told about this cancelation very lately, on fri's nite, ouch!!! disappointed betul!!!! sad-nyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :( I am really hoping that i wont miss the upcoming one in may... pray hard that it will be held after 13th may!!!!!!!!!!
15 students took their grading last nite.. after this grading, there will be an increase of 6 black belt in DMAG (3poom, 3 balck), assuming that all of them pass their grading lur :P as usual, everyone tends to get excited only when the pre-blackbelt started to break planks during the grading...

i hav missed the last selection for sukma, was informed that there will be yet another selection coming in putrajaya soon, oen competition in end of march, one in johor in mid april... wish that i could make it for the upcoming selection, n' will be trying my luckS there... hehe :P

~ hav u wonder wat is written on a black belt??? ~ ~ my thumb is approximately 1 inch in width??
~ last minute practice b4 the grading... ~

~ waiting to be graded.. "when is our turn????"

~ while the parents are being supportive..... ~

~ wow... :O~

~ heiyahhhhh!! pik piakkkk... !! ~

~ finally, now is me with cousins... ~