Friday, September 29, 2006

bad day..

29 Sep, Fri

Hav a start on a new day by fon's sms.. thks to bugger for informing me about the release of dd n biopharm3 results.. i called AAD for the reseults right afta late breakfast.. was quite relief! if i did no mistake in totalling up my marks for dd n biopharm3, shudnt be a prob for me in semester exams.. i jus nid to score 1/3 of dd n 1/4 of biopharm3 in finals to pass.. perhaps that was a gud news for me b4 i start on revision todaY! however, im still scared n rather worried on hp n pp... nid to do very well, scored 1/2 of pp final paper to PASS!

my treats for getting gud results? can, no prob, mayb, shud b, probably, wud like to.. ;p


Got myself really prepared for a push in studies today.. unfortunately, got bugged with serious prob again!

its my mistake, my fault to have informed late for the late decision.. last minute pulling out was so bad...i understand!!

and right now im the one who pulls out.. im sry, i apologized a tons of times.. i feel deep sad to miss it with u guys oso.. but wat i got in return from my apologize was not any comfy at all.. ntg sounds like "nvm.. its not ur fault or nvm v can make it again nex time or its ok v will settle the prob now.." i got deeply upset by those replies.. im the only one to be blamed cos i pulled out last wrong, yes true! y cant u think of my side?? i will settled the prob.. i hav prepared for the worst outcome.. but i dunwan any changes in the trustworthy among us.. i appreciate very much of u guys' efforts in organising n preparing it.. u guys are my best frens.. pls understand my situation! its nobody' mistake beside me.. any comfort words now do cheer me up...

to my close ones from vbs, im sry again to cause troubles.. tensed u guys up in the very last min, now its the most crucial time for gambateh, do ur best for exams!!!

wats wrong with me today.. i only realised that i DIDNT TAKE LUNCH by 5.30pm!!! cos i had late breakfast at 11.30am..!! anyone, help me?? i jus nid sumtime....................................

the memorable ending of imu cup 06'

28 Sep, Thurs

ITS time to call for an end for imu cup 06' afta the cheerleaders hopped in the middle of atrium and performed their outstanding cheerleading!! pharmacy supporters were superb today.. got to conquered 3/4 of the 1st floor.. while little p105 gang got to camp on the ground floor..

p106 cheerleading team did a great job here.. really hav a wonderful cheering time.. v had got 'high' all along the 8mins with u guys.. afta all exciting performances from the cheerleading, its time for prize giving ceremony.. pharmacy did made a turnover this year to come out of OVERALL 1ST RUNNER UP!!!! woooow!

following are the results :

Basketball Male - Champion
Foosball - Champion
Road Relay - Champion
Squash - Champion
Table Tennis - Champion
Track n Field - Champion
Volleyball Female - Champion

Carrom - 1st runner
Darts - 1st runner
Netball Male - 1sr runner
Volleyball Male - 1st runner

Basketball female - 2nd runner
Dota - 2nd runner
Futsal female - 2nd runner
Futsal male - 2nd runner

While sem5 came up to be overall champ, as expected! they had grabbed 8 overall trophies( v got 7!!!! ) n plenty of 1st&2nd runners.. surprisingly, pharm won the elephant cup challenge trophy as well, being the most noisy batch, yet the most supporting batch!

The climax of announcing the results came when cheerleading results were released!! Sem 2 2nd runner up.. our heart are beating like crazy that time... den came the 1st runner up, sem5 was 1st runner ups!!! evy1 got crazily happie.. jumping in joys... v knew that v will be the champion... yeah true enough, PHARM CHEERLEADING TEAM WAS THE CHAMPION!!! wooooowwwwwwww!!! congrats!!! really touched... great performance! their 2months of continuos efforts paid off.. worth it? yeah duhhhh! :)

lotsa congrats to vco, jean, yeu lou, chen han, ka keat, chia hong, thian, million, flora, yen, yen nee, karen, mei wen, pui yen, trisha, sue, shian yi, huey wen++

Taken lotsa pics afta that.. and ther goes my achievement this year > 6 gold n a silver + 2 overall trophies.. ;)

Thursday, September 28, 2006

another date to rmb!!

27 sep

TODAY is the second last day for imu cup 2006 b4 prize giving n' cheerleading's nite tomolo!

Received news from nee meng that pharm made it into the finals in darts...!! wowww! geng man.. gai dou?? as nee meng quoted? ehh in darts games, v alwiz nid the power of 'chicken' wat? haha :)

khai yong n team won foosball yest nite as well!!! 2 years defending champion! congrats man!!!

Today will be my last event for imu cup - Road relay!! its a 3guys + 2 gals relay event.. distance is 2.2km each!

Evy1 predicted that sem5 is gonna win in road relay.. their team is so strong.. all top runners from imu.. sem3 is strong also.. but i dont!!! i noe that v hav a 50/50 chance to beat sem5 if v are in a good running mood, perhaps conditions..

The first runner was called off at 7.40pm.. fei hing was rather nervous tonite.. if not he will not keep complaining about his pains on his legs... but he will do his best, he wanna get this gold..bang! all the first runners dashed off.. wai meng(sem5) was leading, n fei hing jus followed the crowd at the back... v hav lots of supporters tonite.. the whole darts team were here.. p105, p106, b105, b106.. all crowded infront of imu to cheer for my team!

About 8mins 30secs later, can see wai meng is running on his way back, that time sem5 was cheering like crazy.. fei hing n joseph(sem3) were slight behind him, v were so glad!! second runners get rdy, there goes woon lee(sem5), n hui yin afta her!

Anotha 10mins later.. again, 2 person is running back to imu this time.. woon lee took the lead..hui yin followed tight behind of woon lee.. great job! u shock evy1 of us today! ther goes chee yuan(sem5), n i dashed off few secs later.. i got to catch up n overtook chee yuan not long afta.. was leading all the way back to imu this time... there must be a turnover for us..

Den the 4th runner, million goes off.. lay in (sem5) goes off afta sum time.. sem3 was in 3rd placing.. the gap between pharm, sem5 n sem3 were quite big by that time! Lay in was the fastest gal runner in imu.. she can easily beat any guys who dont go jogging, or those who are in road relay yest.. no joke wei!

10mins later, its million! she is taking the lead back to imu.. lay in was behind her.. den our last runner, jothpal( the legend of this imu cup) went off.. Aaron(sem5) go afta him a few secs later.. At that time, v were quite sure about the champion trophy already.. Jothpal was the fastest runner in road from my judgement! 8mins later, without letting any1 down, jothpal came back to the finishing line ALONE.. the champion's song was played as well " pharma pharma, pharma pharma pharmacy....!" woooowwwww! V ARE THE CHAMPION IN ROAD RELAY!! woohoooo woooooohoooooooooo ;)

V had jus made another changes in history in road running.. pharm was champion, follow by sem5 n then sem3! 4th was sem1, 5th was sem2 and 6th was sem4!

Im really glad n fullfilled! this year, i hav win back each and every event that i lost last year! ;)

The cheerleading event will start in 2 hrs time.. all the best to pharm cheerleading team!! jia you jia you!!!

* special thks to pick chai n kok liang for being the time keepers!
* thks all supporters!!!! millions of thks!
* thks my running mates : fei hing, hui yin, million n jothpal! yes, v made it!! ;)

v made it in PP final!!

26 Sep

V had ping pong final against sem4 tonite! n i was glad to say that evy1 did a great job today.. v managed to win the first three rounds, without much efforts.. desmond take the first point by an easy win in mens' single... hui bee played a very streanous game, she lost in first 2 sets, then managed to catch up and made it a turnover to win the game by 3-2 in womens' single! then choon wei n me have another easy game on mens' doubles.. a straight game of 3-0. and ther we goes, PP CHAMPION IN IMU CUP!!!!! pharmacy pp team roxsssss!

TO last year team mates : yinting, samuel, fionna, jocelyn, adam : V MADE IT THIS TIME.... !! CHAMPION!! woohhooo! :)

* special thks to pp team mates : Desmond, choon wei, kok liang, paik ling, hung jen, hui bee, chai rong, win win, stephanie!

Monday, September 25, 2006

dream accomplished! :)

24 sep, sunday

THIS is my biggest day for this imu cup.. my team n i will be competing in the real big stadium of bukit jalil.. ITS TRACK & FIELD day!

evy1 is so nervous..the regular runners also complained that they are scared!! (xin yi, sharon, yannee) not to forget those first time running ones ( hui yin, flora, pick chai, ah sing) i hav so much trust with my team to win today.. our team efforts brought the team spirit, brought the confident bit by bit to the pharmacy team throughout the entire race! v hitted our FIRST GOLD when jothpal runs.. he took a big lead in winning the 1500m for one expects that(except me n the team wahhahaha), all d otha bathes were shocked! :O
while hui yin came out 4th in 1500m gals..that was gud enuf k! congrats :)

Next SECOND GOLD for pharm when sharon dashed off for 100m gal.. she was the shortest among the runners, but dun underestimate her leh, great job! Andy came out 5th in guys 100m. wat happens?

Next was 200m gals n guys.. within the expectation, xin yi made it a record to take big lead in 200m gals.. 3RD GOLD! again, evy1 opened their eyes bigger by this time.. congrats! I ran in 200m guys, without lettin any1 down as a captain, i won gold oso.. yeah 4Th GOLD for pharmacy, out of 6 events!

Den come 400m event.. m putting very high hopes on yannee..she cudnt defence her champion title n came up 2nd (FRIST SILVER medal) afta the run.. she was upset by her mistake!!!! she forgot to put on her spike shoe for the run.. n nobody realised until she finished the race.. arghhhh.. mistake!!! While pick chai ran 400m guys..he got no idea how fast or how he shud run.. totally blurred! ppl dashed the entire 400m while he skipped for at least 50m before he started to catch up. haha.. gud try man! he came out 5th! weldone!

The running events are on the track side.. while on the field side, v hav got ah sing n stephanie for long jump.. kian sing flies so far n landed 5.36m to emerge as the champion! 5TH GOLD for pharmacy! stephanie had serious injury on both knee but she tried! she landed 3.56m n got a SECOND SILVER medal for pharmacy!! geng geng congrats!

Next, it was 800m... million n me cheered the team up again, bring the team up to the climax by getting another 2 gold...6TH n 7TH GOLD were in our hands! congrats!

There was a short break afta 800m before continuing the relay events..
I wasnt so happie with the points system, where a gold medal in individual earns u 10pts, follow by 8, 6,4, 2,0 while team event gold medalists earn 20pts, follow by 16, 12, 8, 4, 0.. was it fair to double up the points for relay?????

anyhow, relay was my main focus this year! i hav put in alot efforts to train in the 4x100m teams.. v are trying our best to win.. the 8TH GOLD was owned by pharm when the 4x100m gals(flora, xin yi, steph, sharon) dashed off.. followed by the 9TH GOLD, the 4x100m guys (lip wai, kian sing, ME, andy) made it to first as well!! huuuuuurayyyyy! :) by then, evy1 congrats me for the gud jobs aim of getting 10 golds was close already.. i can feel it!!!

Next is 4x400m! a very exciting run lerh.. 4x400m gals (kah yee, shirlyn, million, yannee) came up 2nd(3RD SILVER medal) afta sem5.. gud jobs done! kah yee didnt perform well today..nvm but congrats! thks vyeaw for supporting.. i cud hear his voice for not oly this race but for evy run!

my 4x400m guys were the most chap balang team (chi yuan+pc+fei hing+jothpal).. pc n fei hing said they cant run becos their legs werent fine... and they came up 2nd(4th SILVER medal) afta sem5 as well.. was so glad!!!!!!!! congrats!

Last but not least, the 4x100m mixed! i hav a perfect team here (sharon + me + xin yi + hua loon).. without letting anyone down, v made it.. v grabbed the 10TH GOLD by winning 4x100m mixed... wooooooooowwww! jumping in happiness.. shouting of victory.. hugging n sharing of glory n joys...!!!

e champion song goes like this:
pharma, pharma, pharma pharma pharmacy,
phar ma cy, phar ma cy, pharma pharma phar ma cyyyyyyy! PHARMACY!!! :D

im so glad..m so relieved..m so happie.. my dream for track achieved finally..v are the champion not by a slight win, but dominate win!!! v won 10golds, 4 silver out of 17 events!!!!! CONGRATS!!

* special thks to my track teammates : sharon, xin yi, flora, stephanie, yannee, kah yee, shirlyn, million, hui yin, andy, ah sing, lip wai, hua loon, pick chai, chi yuan, fei hing n jothpal!! u guys did a great jobs.. our efforts of training paid off.. thks guys!!

* a tons of thks to all the supporters.. p105, p106, b105, b106 n even b104 n my parents!!! n to those who support me mentally thru sms.. thks!

*im sry to hav disappointed u once, m so glad that the prob has been solved now.. will do my best in the future k? :)

making history records in volleyball imu cup!! :O

23rd Sep

Its imu cup volleyball match day for both guys n gals today.. v had it at serdang INDOOR court.. was great to play indoor, can avoid the sun, but jus too bad that v oly hav one court, thus v hav a really long wait for each game.. anyhow, our pharm gals started the very first game.. v hav a really strong gals team this year... n dey played really well.. the star players = qris + pei ling + chuan ping! one great setter, 2 main spikers pei ling n chuan ping, u cant find it elsewhere but from pharmacy..they might even beat the pharm's guys lerh.. paiseh!! haha... good jobs lerh! following r e results :

pharm beat sem1 2-0
pharm beat sem3 2-0
pharm beat sem5 2-0 in semi
pharm beat sem4 2-0 in final

pharm gals team won champion! :)

While on the guys side.. v are worried about jeng yew's ankle injury at first.. but things goes well.. he managed to withstand the pain n perform to his top form today..can see different and improvements from the first match till the finals..afta a really though matches against sem2,sem3 and sem1, v made it to the was already 11pm+ when v played final! as expected, sem5 was the final opponent.. vincent, v made it.. ur aim of final was achieved!!!v will jus do our was a very close match! arghhhHhh! v lost first set 24-26 n 2nd set 23-25!!!!!! :0 its da maximun v can do edy..i was glad.. v shout in joyness afta the match.. v were happie.. v appreaciate the match.. it was a very gud game played! :)

champion for vb gals n 2nd for vb guys!! congrats both pharm gals n guys vb team!!!!!!

it was a very tired day.. whole day of efforts.. 6.30am in the morning till 12.30am the nex morning.. wowwww! @_@ but afta all its worth!

* special thks to my vb team mates : vincent, bugger, jian, wmeng, jeng yew, aiven, 8lou, pc, chi yuan, meng, chen han!

* pics will be posted up soon..

Thursday, September 21, 2006

my day, my glory! :)

IMU cup TRACK n FIELD will be on THIS SUN, 24th Sep, 7-11PM(yeah its nite time, no mistake k!!! ) at BUKIT JALIL MAIN STADIUM (the one where it fits more than 10k spectators)

Do grab all ur frens n come support yeah.. it is the biggest event since v rented e whole stadium track..

pharm team : andy, ah sing, lip wai, fei hing, pick chai, terry, hua loon, jothpal, sharon, xin yi, stephanie, flora, yannee, million, hui yin, kah yee, shirlyn, n ME!
list of events : 1500m, 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, long jump, 4x100m, 4x400m, 4x100m mixed

to pharm mates, v hav been training hard.. v wud do our very best k.. come support us!! :)

help me spread e news thks!

~ mintien ~

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

v made it into the final!!

19 sep

There is a prob bugging me the whole morning, making me cant study.. d changing of date for road relay..sem3 cant make it on fri cos dey hav runners involved in football n basketball.. sem5 got exam dunwan to run any earlier..pharm dunwan run on sat cos got vb n futsal.. :/

Manage to grab ah sing n andy for a final track training afta long persuading them.. thks4 coming :) unfortunately the rain started to pour at 3.30pm.. y evytime oso like that geh? v waited n watched the rain at the track.. later v hav no choice but to train under the rain.. by now, although lip wai missed the training, if things goes well this sun, im very sure to win the 4x100m!! :)

meet up with e 4x100m gals later at5pm.. FIRST TIME the whole team present.. glad but sry i didnt really guide them liao..m leaving evything to e gal leader, xin yi.. hope u guys enjoy e training, n must win 4x100m gal for me!! :)

shall call for an end of track training afta this! V ARE RDY! :)

Nex, rushed back for ping pong semi final against sem3 at 6pm.. paiseh to hav skipped warming up n practice from 4-6pm with my teammates.. im rather confident on tonite's match n im more worry on track.. playing at the top floor with gud lightings does make a different.. paik ling didnt make it and v got a temporary badminton player( chai rong) to play for us...really lucky that evything turn out rite!

Sem3 was playing strategy match today.. wei loong played men's single, while fabian played men's doubles.. the following were the results :
1) men's single - desmond beat wei loong 3-1
2) women's single - huey bee lost 1-3
3) men's doubles - choon wei n me lost 0-3
4) women's doubles - win win n chai rong won 3-1
5) mixed doubles - kok liang n hung jen won 3-0

the crucial match was on the women's doubles match.. it was a very tight match.. the whole match was so tensed up! desmond n me were so tensed as well.. n not to forget the supporters... u guys do make a different!!! thks thks thks for supporting!

fortunately, v manage to win by 3-2 overall score :) congrats guys.. the road to champion isnt that far afta all.. kip it up n win champion this year k? :-)

n this is from paik ling - from imu cup 2005, the semi finalists were sem3,4,5 n pharm.. sem 4 n pharm made it into the final.. pharm lost to sem4 in the final.. will the resuts b the same this year? v shall make a change in the history n will neva repeat the same old mistakes made last year k!

once again, congrats to all my pp teammates! ;)

* the complete pharm pp team, choon wei n paik ling are missing *
* thks million for attending e meeting for me, the road relay's prob was finally settled, fixed on nex wed nite 7pm !!! :)

jobs well done!~ :)

18 sep

Hav had this pharmaceutical visit at Ulpa Pharmaceutical Factory at Bangi with my otha 36 batchmates... thks fionna for suggesting the visit, thks angeline for putting effort n making e trip a success!!

The visit last for 2hrs+, 1st was listening to the talk by miss X(sry forgotten ur name dy), was an hour of one way talking session.. wahhh sienz.. haha! later on, v were grouped into 2 gps to hav close look at the manufacturing processes of some powder capsules, cod oil capsules, tablets and the packing processes.. most are operated fully automated and some are semi-automated.. great to learn something new.. at least now i noe how a capsule was made..haha :)

At nite, went to support basketball final.. its between sem3 n pharmacy!!! a quick recap of what happens last year, pharm lost to sem1(sem 3 now) by just 2 was a close match n v cud hav win if and only if v get outside refs like yest.. V HAD MADE IT THIS TIME!!! V ARE THE CHAMPION! Congrats guys!!! :) dey really play well this time.. pharm won sem3 with a lead of 16 pts this time.. was bad to see patrick injured his right eyes afta a clash with yeu lou.. if he wasnt injured, it gonna be a tight match again!!

While on badminton semi, pharm lost to sem1 unexpectedly.. i hav confident with them.. wmeng and the team has confident to win the champion trophy again this year.. but unfortunately, lucks jus wasnt with them tat nite..all our supporters were at bb court... really sad about the news... sad sad sad.. anyhow, wat is over let it be.. v shall look towards the 3rd/4th placing playoff nex mon.. jia you k?? :)

* a speedy recovery for patrick..
* qris n wmeng, jia you for badminton!!
* and to u, rmb wat u did tat nite near e pool ar? revenge = *bish! :)

Sunday, September 17, 2006

heart broken again :/

17 sep

Hav had this mizuno 10km run with my active family members at padang merbok, near dataran to meet up with imu running mates - aaron, jack, lay in , woon lee n yu ying.. v seem to be active in running events recently.. :)

All categories started at the same time since the distance is fixed for all, 10.1km.. the run flagged off at 7.30am.. the mizuno road route was named double hills, with 2 real killing long + steep hills... the run was real terrible, is killing my knees throughout the run.. since v aimed only for a finishing medal, neva even bother to push ourselves to the limit. v(cousie benny+andy+hoo+me) jus maintained a slow pace throughout the race.. but all my 5 imu mates are way ahead infront.. later v got split n oly left hoo&me going at a constant pace.. got to catch up + potong woon lee mid way of the run.. she is gud... ended up position 255th, hoo 256th.. hahah... lay in beat me in the race, ended 18th in gal category, aaron another siao siao fellow(55th) while jack (150).. real paiseh to lose to lay in this time.. hahahahah @_*

At the end of the race, evy1 received a finishing medal, since v made it within the qualifying time - <>

Open category for both guys n gals are fighting today.. amelia lost in the first bout to the final opponent that she beat in imu tkd champ a month ago.. missed a gud chance here.. while zhuon made it to the semis..he is an angin fighter.. he fights according to his mood..if he is in a bad mood swing, dun expect him to perform well.. in his first bout, he fought so so only.. jus for warming up mayb.. second bout was beta..and in semi finals, he fought against ryan..zhuon had performed to his top form today..he has the will to win..todays match was ways beta than the other time i fought ryan last month..afta 1st bout, the score was 1-1, afta 2nd bout, score was 3-0(with zhuon leading 3-0), and 3rd bout was 0-4.. it was a very close match.. zhuon lost 4-5 to ryan.. arrrghhhh! its really silly to make mistakes only in the final bout..damn sad afta the match :( :( :( :( :( real disappointed at that moment.. i tot zhuon cud hav beat him.. it was a great match afta all.. clap clap!

got home by 5.30pm.. immediately hug to pillow n piggeddddd...i will nid alot of sleep today..Zzzzzzzzz @___________@

*zhuon, congrats n do train hard to beat ryan in the future!!
*the coming wk will be international singles' day.. celebration?

1st MTF national remajat tkd championship

16 sep

Thks to cousie benny who wake me up at 6am in the morning..ther is this national remaja tkd champ.. thou it suppose to be for REMAJA (age 9-17), but this time there is open category as well..

its the biggest championship for juniors as an annual national level championship..if u win gold, u are the best in MSIA in ur respective weight n age...

Its the first time for my kids to enter such huge competition.. a total of 9 of them(including zhuon= not my kids) took part.. there are a 1000 over of participants from all states of msia, terengganu n sabah didnt come thou..

the first day ended very late.. later than was really tiring..great to chat ard with my tkd mates from diff. academy while waiting for my kids to fight througout the whole noon.. with 7 participants for the first day, oly managed to get one silver n one bronze medal.. :) was rather disappointed since the aim of one gold medal from my kids didnt make it.. :/

* arnold did a great job today to the final match.. geofrey made a good effort in fighting thru the 3rd rds, but he lost.. justin was beaten by a guy one head taller.. another similar poor case goes to kristine..baryon has a high spirit to cont the fight.. chee hong n yun ken, u got to buck up in ur training!!

last day of sem4 ^>^

15 sep

The biggest thing in my mind today was HP essay is due today!!!! it has been given since the beginning of the semester, but evy1 is lazy and ended up still busy doing their work in the last min.. and i was one of them!!:/ was busy in the past week for biopharm classtest, den was busy with imu cup training, didnt really put in effort to start the essay until the last 3days before due date.. i will hav to bear a supa-hurry-rushing + efficient working manner to finish up my essay on time.. i even stayed up late last nite till 3am+ till i drowse off.. the nex morning(today), i cont to do my essay at 9am, target to finish the essay by 12 at first, den by 1, and finally only got my essay printed at 2pm at home...very screw up time planning@_@

Den i got to rush for the last hp tutorial class at 2.30pm, im dead late since i left home oly at 2.30.. when i got to cintaria, saw sue choo, suek teng on their way down from the escalator dy.. dey said class ended already! -_-" it scheduled to be a 3 hrs session workshop lerh.. den later de rest said that nothing is important from the workshop, since dr Mak told us to study EVYTHING? duhhhhhhhhhhhh...quickly handed in my essay to AAD, got to know my pp classtest results as well.. ummm.. 21.3/30.. consider.. not bad huh? still nid to work extremely hard jus to PASS!! jia you larh my frens out ther :)

Nex, there is this gp games for imu cup ping pong between sem2,sem5 n pharm.. started off with sem2 VS sem5(sem2 was assumed to be the strongest afta pharm), SURPRISINGLY, sem2 was beaten 2-3 overall score to sem5.. glen did a great job in playing men's single.. ^^

nex, its pharm VS sem2.. its a tight match between us.. v lost 0-2 at first, got to catch up to 2-2 before playing the mix doubles match.. desmond n paik ling did a gud job here.. v won in mixed doubles and won sem2 3-2 overall..phew phew... ^<^

finally, its pharm vs sem5... v beat them last year with a score of 3-2.. v are confident to beat them as well this year..however, v oly manage to beat them 3-2, again anotha tight match here.. pharm came up top seeding in this grouping, will be facing sem3 in semis.. since sem2 was out, hopefully ther wud be an easy road ahead for pharm to become champion in pp this year.. ehehhe :) gud lucks guys!
* i managed to get into the msn track yest nite.. its nice to jus train with u! kip it up! kekeke.. :)
*v hav our last vb friendly + training last nite against ucsi, v lost 1-2 :/ but can see improvement compare to the last friendly... must workhard!! must go into final to play against sem5!! jia you guys!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

wat i did in the past wk?

4-10 sep

monday - i hav only one lecure in the morning.. skipped n went kl with jian n adam to settle the air flights' stuff.. jian treated me n adam makan in the noon as a return treat.. heheh :) hav a short table tennis practice session.. went tkd class at kbu oso..

tuesday - afta 2 lectures, camped in library to study with frens.. tried to start hp essay at first but failed.. ended up sleeping in library afta my tiredness overdo my will to revise.. supposed to hav a road run training today but the weather dun allow to do so.. so back home.. at nite went tkd class for training pulak.. the very first event of imu cup kicks off today!!!! its football match btwn pharm n sem3!!! the end results was a 2-2 draw!! bit disappointed cos they beat sem3 with a score of 4-2 in a friendly last wk.. anyway, gud jobs pharm football team, at least a gud start!! :)

wed - skipped classes today! wanna study at glad to skip cos i did study ALOT at home... :-D ther was this basketball matches btwn pharm n sem2, sem3 vs sem5 today.. pharm won with 50-31, while sem5 was beaten by sem3.. congrats for both winning teams.. v are putting high hopes to see pharm n sem3 in the finals again this year..

thurs - its a holiday for p105 today.. so again another day for revision for me.. studied in the morning.. did some degree papers questions... wowww... wowwwWwwww... dam terrible questions..cudnt ans well... rather scared!! ;O supposed to hav a track training session + friendly run against sem3 today.. as both the leaders are gud fren, was hope that this friendly can work out well at first, but AGAIN, the weather doesnt allow so... aiiiiiihhhzzz aiiiihhhhhzzz aiiiiihzzz... it started to pour right at 5.30pm!!! evy1 retreats for training except some stubborn ones actually went with me.. :) but then v encountered big prob again.. v cudnt get in to the track.. v were blacklisted.. cudnt do anything but to head back.. SAD!! and that nite didnt rain at all larh, it was jus drizzling for about 10mins like tat only!!!!!! aiiiiiihhhhhhhzzzzz...

anyhow, stil manage to grab a *benben one to go running with me .. hehe.. at least i did some running today lur :)

afta this, i shall call for an end for track training..anota 2wks for the day to team will step into the stadium with high confident..but right now my confident on my team is fading slowly, disappearing slowly.. im no longer so sure for overall champ if evyone jus missed out training like tat... ;/

* alternative for track training is in kampung pandan, half an hour drive from bukit jalil..but if make it afta 5pm, it will be a waste of 2hrs drive perhaps cos traffic conditions are bad afta 5pm... it will jus b a blank thought! aiiiiihhhzzzzzz!!
* imu cup track n field was scheduled on 24th sep, 7pm - 11pm, bukit jalil main stadium...YES first time put at nite for the purpose of getting more supporters' attention...pls do come n support us!!! it will be a memeroble glorious nite for pharm n u guys!! :)

fri - hav one last lecture from Dr Niall Coaagan, a lecturer from stracthlyde.. bye bye, cyaz in UK later..camped at library again.. study study study... hav table tennis practice today.. the schedule was out.. will be playing against sem5 n sem2 on nex fri, 15sep..was glad that it was the first time for the whole team to come(except kok liang went back hometown liao).... had training from 6 till 9pm plus... wasnt so happie with training today thou.. anyhow... will hav frequent trainings again nex wk, to hope to perform a good match nex wk... frens are performing choir for chariot nite, wish they hav had a good time lur..

sat - its wkend.. but then it was meant for revision.. had studied almost the whole day.. did hav some break to online, sing k at home, idling, smsing....

sun - cudnt get up early today.. again, nid to continue on my revision for tomolo's biopharm classtest.. i think by now im gud at drawing already.. i mean drawing out drug structures.. haha..
left with 20pgs to finish my 2nd rd, im rather lazy to cont studying dy.. so here im to blog, to crap bout my past wk.. wish tomolo v will get an easy paper.. hope evyone do well.. till then.. end for wkend..... Zzzzzzzzz.....

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Genting trip??

2-3 Sep

Hav had a volleyball friendly match against sem5 this morning.. gal team started the game and won2-0, while guy team lost 0-2.. v predicted the results long ago b4 the friendly.. its an important match as v are trying out our formation.. esp the gal team, its the 1st time to see a whole team come leh.. hurray hurray!! :)

jia you guys, to win this year imu cup, v nid more spirit to fight yea :)

Later afta lunch, went to genting with aaron, jack n wai meng.. v are having a run tomolo morning near awana hotel..its the genting trailblazer run.. its tough to complete 14km in the jungle.. the qualifying time given is only 3hrs..getting so excited for it since a month ago..v do enjoy ourselves very well b4 the run.. v had this jamboree style buffet dinner, v took cable car to genting first world hotel to watch mysteria performances, v stayed in awana hotel that nite.. evything fully sponsored by S.A.D... the total expenses hitted rm500... shhhhhhh..wat v did in genting shudnt b revealed to S.A.D geh.. haha... see, there is noway u say u dun love S.A.D by now k.. hahahahahha thks S.A.D, thks charmine, thks jack! :)

On sunday's morning, got to meet up with my parents n uncle they all b4 the race... my cousies formed 2 teams while uncle billy n dad made up an 'old man's team'(sum aged >100yrs old)... the run flagged off at 8.30am sharp.. the weather was chilling..perfect for running! ther is 14km for us to go.. its gonna b a supa long way.. its gonna be very tough! jack was my partner today, v went thru the entire race togeta, with alot of sweat n a little of blood and oso cuts over our hands.. arghhh! its rather dangerous to getting down hill, since evy1 is in a competitive mode, plus the muddy ground is slippery since it rains yest, it was a tough way to go down hill... might jus fell down n say bb if v slip a step... its really challenging to go thru the last 800m man made obstacle right b4 crossing the finishing line.. afta all, the race was so tough, so fun, so challenging... withouht realising the distance v hav actually gone thru, jack n me made it back with a timing of 1hr 36mins, finished in 25th ^^ while aaron n wai meng finished with a time of 1hr 30mins, 15th.. geng!!! v hav got ourselves whole body of dirty mud, body aching, leg muscles cramp, cuts on hands, n a finisher medal home!! welldone guys!!! this 2days one night in genting is more sort like holidaying rather than jus a run heheh :)

Got home by 2.30pm.. tired... hav got my lovely car washed.. den hug onto my sweet bed quickly.. n pigggggggggggggggggged almost for the entire day... anota wkend was gone.. fullfilled... hmmmph stil lacking on revision's progress leh.. gotta buck up liao starting from hard togeta with me k? tireddd... Zzzz niteZ ;)