Saturday, October 14, 2006

my boy had got his yellow 1 :)

13 Oct, Fri

Had tkd grading for my kids tonite.. there were total 15 of them, 5 are taking their poom(junior black) today.. grading went well, glad to say that my students all passed! heheh :) glad that the naughty boy had finally got his yellow belt afta 5months.. he is only 4 yrs(he said so), he joined us 2 yrs afta his bro joined the class.. first student who hav got yellow bet at the age b4 5yrs old at my gym.. stil my fav student so far, potential fighter in the future as well... ;p

~the 2 white belt~

~zhuon n my fav personal kid, wei jie~

~its him again, he is oly 4yrs+.. heiyah!~

~small gal wan ru~

~free sparing~

~it is jus like another training.. ~

~heiiiiyak! small gal kristine oso can break plank lerh!~

~yellow belt doing their basic~

~from brown 2 to poom!~

~geoffrey, fav student in tkd ring~

~naughty boy's bro, him n me~

~my future fighters~

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