Thursday, April 26, 2007

24th Mac, Tues

Talked on the phone until my credits run zero, went 7-eleven to top up n to the studio to develop pics, n when i want to drive my car back from the photo studio, i was shocked to see that half of my front car plate was gone. Geezzz! there were messy zig-zagged biting signs, rather than craking signs. ahhhhhz!
when i was home later, saw a big mess on the floor. Many pieces of stamping tools n parquet were scattered at my parking space. My bro and i cleared the mess and i saw my broken pieces of car plate were lying ther too! it was all done by him!!!!

here goes my new number plate - WMM 23 (wah i wish i can hav this number ler! ;p)

and the broken piece..

and this is him!!!!!!!!!!!! >_<

I hav bought a new laptop from digital mall today! ;) here goes my new lappie, HP Pavilion dv6227TX, intel centrino core duo 1.86Ghz, comes with windows vista, with 1gb RAM,120gb HD,bluetooth, cards reader, built-in webcam n a remote! it suits my style and i like the touch pad very much! ;)

AGAIN, im very disappointed bcos dad objected me going for trips during my sem breaks. He said a NO and that is it! i wasted my rm80 booking deposit last sem without having any serious arguement with him! and this time, my big hopes of going to redang was thrown down deep into the sea too! T.T

the next day, i hav bought my new digi cam! this is my second bd gift, after my mum's necklace. Sis is buying the cam for my 21st bd present ;) here goes my new cam, canon ixus 850 IS ;)

i received 2 bd cards today! first one from my loved one. And the second was by mail. It was printed and I thought it was one of my fren who made me this card. In fact, it was a bd card from genting -_-" anyway, they offered great treats and i hope i can make another trip to genting in may? ;)
-1x complimentary outdoor theme park 1day pass
-1x complimentary entry to Safari Disco
-1x Rm20 Non-negotiable slot credits@ starworld
-1x Rm10 match play voucher
-free 2 cups latte at @latte

my bro took bus to terengganu at 10pm jus now. He is having tkd selection on sat morning for the second time, if he maintains as first seed in his weight, then he will represents terengganu for sukma next year! wish him luck! no mercy! @@

Saturday, April 21, 2007

sem EOS results!!!

21 Apr, Fri

Sem 5 EOS results were finally released today at 10am. I managed to make my way back to imu to get the results after my hosp. attachment. Fri was another bad day for me. i felt uneasy in the ward, in the end rested outside the ward after ms. chan allowed me to do so. Students are expected to know evything about the differences between asthma, diebetes, n hypertension drugs when they are in a ward. The discussion dragged for almost 2hrs long,and i forget almost evything that they said after the discussion. However the easy-to-remember ABCD drugs for hypertension drew a smile from our face. After the long discussion, Amir n I dashed from the hospital to titiwangsa station because we were told that AAD will be closed by 3.30pm. Amir is actually a good runner! lolz.

Arrived at AAD on time, hold my results slip, signed n walked up to the 3rd floor, called my loved one n i shared the results with her! DD2 - ?? , Biopharm - ???, DD3 - ????, Pp2 - ?????
at least i scored better in my sem5 as compared to sem4..lolz... hurrrRaaay i passed! ;)

* Im damn sick of hosp attachment dy!! I lost my concentration through out the 4days n days just passed so fast in me that i might hav overlooked my loved ones! hope that mon will be an easy day, if and only if we skip the meeting between both ms.chan and us for another long n tiring discussion on our long cases!!! @__@

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

damn* hosp attachment!

18/4 - tues

Another day in the hosp was over. Im not relieved at all and im so sick with it dy. Others said that the first day wil be the toughest, but for me it is getting worst day by day. Getting stucked in the lrt was way too terible! I had serious headache today and i feel guilty to have left darren alone to do all the things. Miss Au is a nice pharmacist but she has too much to say. Hope i can get enough of sleep tonight so that i can have full attention in the hospital tomorrow!

After a long stop from my running journey since last mizuno run, i went for orange run with my dear dear n family last sunday. We started at the curve, and we ran to mutiara damansara, kota damansara, and passed kbu and 1U before going back to the an orange bagpack and cert upon finishing..(copied from my loved one) lolz. I wasnt feeling right that morning, threw up after about 2km of running but i still managed to finsih the run with my loved one in the end :P

1st day of hospital attachement!

17 April

p105 EOS results supposed to be released at 5pm yesterday but they were delayed due to technical problems? when will it be released????

there is a rumour from benny, saying that 5 ppl failed biopharm n 3ppl failed DD3.. OMG! the fears n nightmares during sem4 reappear again! bless that it is merely just a rumour and evybody pass sem5!

First day of hosp attachment in HKL was okay..fortunately or unfortunately, the pharmacist incharge was absent.. there wasnt alot of work to do but a day in the hospital wasnt easy at all! hope that evything will go smoothly in the few coming days.

my dear dear went back to bpee dy today! will be missing her alot for the coming 9days!! jia you in ur studies ar k.. *muacks u;)


Tuesday, April 17, 2007

p106 + b105 cultural day!

13 April

I made my way back to uni last fri for cultural day. This big event was an effort by p106 + b105. They had a food fair fest on wed, while on fri they had different cultural workshops, such as chinese-learn to make tong yuen, da kai(caligraphy), malay-learn to fold ketupat, indian-henna, roti canai competition, plus performances!

I like the chinese booth very much! it was very well decorated! i tried henna drawing finally, not on my own but on my loved one! in return, she drew a taurus sign on my right arm ;) besides that, there was a wishing tree, it is like those wishing trees from the old time dramas, where u need to grab a lime n write some nice words on a red paper attached to it, den u throw the lime up n if the limes hang on the tree, ur wishes will be fullfilled. I did it successfully with one trial, and i have the blessings from my loved one as well. ;)

congrats to juniors for making cultural day another successful event!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

hehe.. im BACK!!!

hey guys.. im back to blogging!! i wana blog so much since last week!!! i couldnt not because i was busy or lazy to blog afta my exams, but because i couldnt log in to the blogger page!! N i was jus trying my luck now afta finished watching a movie in mid valley, and i succeeded, so here i m, to blog!! ;)

watched the hitcher premier jus now with my loved one... it was really a good movie for me, a nice plus terrifying one, make ur adrenaline level pump up, cant stop thinking about it after the movie, even now when im writing my blog.... hmmm.. enuf of suspense dy??? the movie is about a real psycho hitchhiker who bumps into a couple n turns their so called 'journey to meet friends' into a real nightmare!! not gona reveal much here..Go watch the movie with someone who has a pair of big arms for u to hide urself!!!! trust me, its worth! and guys, the moral of the story, DO NOT TRUST ANYONE TOO EASILY, sometimes under certain situations, even if u are forced to lend a helping hand to others, pls learn to say NO k? because in the end u are the one who might be the target for the psychos out there!

a bowl of shanghai spicy sliced pork noodles from kim garry is enuf for two, trust me! :P

a lil bit of updates of the current me! ummm... i finished my sem5 EOS last thurs, feel so relieved afta evything! thou im a lil worried about my results, esp. biopharm n pp2...pray that things turn out nicely n i get to transfer as part of p105.. basically now starting to rush doing convo magazine with wmeng, v are trying to finish evything in 2wks time! wish us luck! will update...

went makan @ yuen's steamboat in subang last thurs.. affordable price n nice food ther! a wise choice for steamboat! ;)

makan @ rendezvous, cheras on fri.. cheap n v.nice steak n other western food! accidentally bumped into adam n his wife, wat a small world man! lolz..

sing k @ green box, sungai wang! rm8.50 for infinity drink n titbits, plus a full 4 hrs of singing k session was enuf man.. thks hsheong! ;P