Wednesday, November 22, 2006

weekend - grandpa 78th bd + working...

18th Nov, Sat

Got to know that qris was sick n admitted to host kajang for a day dy... she had high fever.. visited qris with darren n hsheong in the noon... many were ther too.. at least got 15ppl there.. v brought her oranges, potatoes CHIPS n some sweets... n she actually could get down the bed, walk n jump ard normally dy.. glad about that.. had a long chat with them.. the rest actually went out for SATAY at nite.. the doc APPOVED qris to go out n hav satay, she will be discharged from hospital on sun's noon..

At nite, had dinner for grandpa's 78th bd.. i tot it is his 79th bd, cos last yr i made a photo for grandpa on 78th bd dy.. but it was a mistake last year -_-" anyway, wish my grandpa alwiz strong and stay healthy + happie + long live, cheung meng bak shui ;)

19th Nov, Sun

Worked for Ian for one whole day to earn myself another 100bucks.. this time hav got my bro to work with me, togeta with ah sun n jia nin.. v worked as time keepers for this GRA(Grass Racing Autosport) racing competition in the an open carpark in shah alam.. Ian n jia nin treated us really nice, was glad to work wit them... ;)

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