Wednesday, October 11, 2006

pp team gathering ;p

10 Oct, tues

The pp team hav had a small gathering party at chai yong's big hse@bukil jalil golf area..3 stories bungalow lerhh..;) delay delay delay to buy food.. this desmond is still playing ping pong at vista while v are supposed to gather at that time(this captain really 're ai' ping pong ;p) afta makan, jus chat chat n chat.. pity choon wei being the oly 'banana', poor case, alwiz nid kok liang to translate.. wher as kok liang is having hard time catching up with canto.. steph n desmond, best at their own prinsipsssSSss.. hahaha.. all 8 of us even 'cereboh' into chai yong's room afta makan..ahhaha..too bad paik ling went back taiping dy.. all e rest present.. v had pizza+kfc+chai yong's mum cooking+tong sui..

till then, wait for nex wk bak ku teh makan trip den ;p

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