Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Stop your Bf from watching PORN?

During the supper break last night, housemates and i were talking about an interesting topic - PORN.

It reminded me about an article i read from a famous blogger - timothy tiah.

In his article, he talks about an unusual way of countering PORN. Lets us call this method as - "let the poison be the antidote for poison'.

"Is it wrong for a guy who is in a relationship to watch porno? i feel unappreciated and degraded by the fact that, eventhough a guy who has a gf, the guy will still watch porn when the gf is not around."

And now tell me, how much do you agree with that statement, claimed by a girl who is currently in a relationship.

Timothy suggested an opposite way of what people normally do - encouraging the bf to watch more porn instead of stopping him.

"You know the saying that goes that if you tell people NOT to do something, they'll do it even more? "

and right now, how much do you agree with the above statement?

Well, in one way, it does make sense and i totally agree with the statement. For example, i love gaming and sometimes i might even play games during the very wrong time. Im a very stubborn person (if you know me well), and i tend to NOT do the right thing when someone (especially my parents) nag me about it again and again. He tells me the disadvantages of playing games, the accidents of over-gaming, getting short-sighted as a result of gaming, but so what, i love gaming and i will continue to play games in my very own way. lolz. But in other way, sometimes it works because of the influnces from many other related factors.

So, lets come back to watching porn, the important note to take back is that - if one day, you ever stop your bf's interest of watching porn, with a wrong way, you might further aggravate him and make him to OVER WATCHING PORN.

Whether it is normal to watch porno or not, its not important! The reasons why your bf does it is NOT important too!!

Instead of stopping one from watching, what if we try overload one with porn so much that he never ever wants to see a porn video again in his life?

Hmmmm... Why not TRY :

Once a day e-mail him a "Nude Hottie of the Day".

Every night ask him

Even when he's done watching porn you should urge him
"Watch some more lah!!! just a bit more!!!"

And if his birthday is nearing, buy him a 1-Terabyte (1,000 GB) Hard Disk and fill it up with porn.

- Source taken from timothy's blog -

And when i share this with my friends, all of us were disagreed with the last one. Giving us a one Terabyte hardisk, full of porn videos, might be the best birthday gift ever erh! LOLZ.

Thinking ahead about final exams make my life really sick. Hmmm, since it is the final exams in my entire life, why not i try the same tactic - overload myself with lotsa, YES LOTSA facts (biopharm + pharm care + drug delivery system + etc) right now, become saturated, then eventually i will stop reading books (at least, module notes) once the exams are over in end of may! :)

Home music school

When i was young, i was keen to learn to play any music instruments. Today, i have read about Amadeus Home Music School, as the first American music school, who offers music lessons to all American family in variable music intruments, namely violin, piano, saxophone, cello and guitar. It aims to provide quality and affordable lessons at home instead of going for lessons at the music center. In future, it also aims to provide the same services all around the world, including to famous city like Tokyo, London and Paris.

Britain's got talent

Britain's got talent 2008 is back!!!! For those of you who missed the episode every saturday night at 8.05pm, sky tv channel 5, you might be interested to watch the highlights here - Britain's got talent 2008!

You can see Flasher (to win the challenge and to perform infron of the queen? nani?), old woman stepped up to the stage just to laugh (how to win?), a man who is trying to lock himself in a bag but he failed to get out (damn embarrasing wei!) and all the highlights (both pictures and videos) are there, really.

And dont miss this one here-

updated : i bet all of us missed this on the tv. 'he' is really good, but the trainer is talented also lorh.

and finally, i want Andrew to win! :)

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Phone services

If you are tired of picking up all unneccessary calls from your mobile phone, perhaps you should blocked the incoming calls in future. So how do you do it?

You can either register an account at National No Call Registry to block unwanted calls from telemarketers. You do so because you want to remove your number from the databse of telemarketers.

Or you should track back the miss called numbers on you cellphones with the service from Reverse Cell Phone Lookup before deciding whether to pick up their calls or not in future.

Rooms for rent/foc during graduation week


anyone of you still in need of room during the graduation week (27th june - 3rd july)?

I have 2 rooms and my parents will be staying on 28th, 29th and 30th only. If any of you still need room for 27th, 1st july, 2nd and 3rd, contact me asap yeah.

call me @ 7135

Malaysian Dreamgirl Final

The grand final for MDG is just 2 days away from now. It will be held in ONE utama on tuesday and the official results shall be announced at 6.30pm, Malaysia time (which equals to 11.30am glasgow time). The super MDG fans of mine, kenny choo will sure attend this big event wan lorh. And since my soh poh and housemates might be going there as well, so theoretically i shall receive the results on time. LOLZ.

So who will win OhhhhH???

IS it Margaret phua from Phua chu kang's show?

i think Cindy has 50% of chance to win this MDG thing.

Or is it the the muk duk poh, who might follow amber chia's footsteps and win the challenge?

Adeline has almost 0% to win. aiiihz.

And finally, will the winner be the skinny datin of malaysia?


Hanis has the equal chance of 50% to win this MDG. Everybody seem to like her. Mayb because she has really change from picture 2 to picture 1? Voting based on picture number 2 is a big NO NO NO!

And thks to this kenny sia, who posted damn funny pics up on his blog. He is trying to act out the 3 girls as shown below :

So who will win OhhhhH???

The perfect pearls

One of my friend asked me to send her the website to order flowers online a couple of days ago. Mother's day is near, and what are you going to give to your mum? For those of you who are on low budget, a bouquet of flower, plus a slice of cake will do. And how about for those who is hoping to get something more special this time?

Many have claimed that Pearls is the perfect gift for every single occasion. Pearls can be made into a great variety of products, namely pearl bracelets, pearl earings, pearl pendants, pearl rings and many more. How about surprise your mum with some of these lovely pearl necklaces?

Let me tell you a little bit more on pearls. There are a few different grades and types of pearls. All of them have their unique characteristics. The most popular ones being the Tahitian pearls, Akoya pearls, Saltwater pearls and South Sea pearls. Tahitian black pearls are claimed to be the most valuable pearls available and it is different from the others of being black in color naturally. The Akoya pearls, are famous for japanese for so long and they are the most famous of all pearl types too. It carries the symbol of elegant and beauty by wearing them. The south sea pearls are harvested off the coast near norther Australia, they are the elegant pearl collection from south sea and like the other types of pearls, they are being graged by a scale ranging from A to D.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

No internet for 2 days liao

If you have an extra 5 pounds and you have absolutely no idea on what to do about it, perhaps you could do this :

Buy 2 pieces of deep pan carlos pizza (99 pence each), and 2 stone baked carlos pizza for 1.49 pound and one tub of soft scoop vanilla ice cream for 1.19 pounds.

Total = 99pence x 2 + 1.49 + 1.19 = about 4.70 pounds

AND then what do you do with them????

SHaring = Caring

Yeah, so SHARE THEM WITH all your housemates would be a good idea.

We had 2 big pizzas as snack during last midnight. They tasted so great. And we still have 2 more pieces to go for another night.

How was the idea?

- End of the pizza story -


About 40% - 45% of us are affected with this "NO INTERNET CONNECTION" for almost 2 days dy. This is the second day liao. We have totally no idea of what is going wrong and it came up just so random. There are maybe one or two person in each house which have got no connection to the internet. Some of them chose to move their comp out to the living room and stay connected with wireless (need a little tricks there), but since i cant get connected that way, i prefer to online here in the library with the speed of at least 10times faster.


Life without internet = ZZZZZZZzzz

Lets hope that some IT people will work on it after the weekend bah.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Utensils for sale!

A very first of all, we are giving out a FREE toaster with the whole set that many of them doesnt.

Trust me, you will use the toaster ALMOST EVERY morning, every midnight.

Basically, we have everything that is needed in cooking - lots of plates, >10sets of cutleries, >10 pots, a few frying pans, rice cooker, plastic containers and alot alot alot more. p/s : You will not just get what you see here in the following pictures.

Next, if you like to bake, no prob - we have the weighing scale and a few baking trays here.

And not to forget, this is the BURIZA do kyanon shared by the 2 houses lorh. We use it to chop the whole chicken everyday without fail. Burize de kanon, nani? If you play dota, then you should know how expensive a BURIZE is lorh :P

If you are still not convinced enough, then watch the commercial video by Uncle lim :P

Everthing for 40 pounds, you tell me where to find lorh? :P

p/s : p105-iers, start posting up things for sale erh, and for those who didnt receive the email from jin werne regarding the username and password, drop me a note k.

Anyone who is interested, please kindly email or or

Study break

Its almost the end of the 3rd week of study break dy. Exams in another... erm.... 11days? @_@

I didnt sleep well last night. Kept rolling on my bed for sooooooooo long until i realised that my alarm was about to ring at 7.30am. and i damn hate those SEI GAUS - keep bising early in the morning. OMG. im not even sure whether did i sleep the whole night or not? @___@




I have them all bah. ---_____---""

On the other hand, 3 lucky ones are about to enter the malaysian dreamgirls final. The first malaysian dreamgirl reality show is calling an end in another month time. 3 finalists are chosen by the public - Adeline, Cindy and Hanis. Who is gonna win? Lets predict the final 2 first - Cindy and Hanis to enter MDG grand final?

Itu dia - SEI GAU! I spotted one in the evening.

OIIIIIII dont kacau lerh. I need my precious sleeping time larh. DENG :P

Sei gau = Seagull

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Malaysian Dreamgirls final top 6

If you are following Malaysian Dreamgirls closely, you will find out that the coming episodes on thursday and saturday will be the most exciting ones.

From the top 12 malaysian dreamgirls - Jean pulled out, Natasha dont have the ability to be one, Alison was voted out very early in the second week, followed by Valerie and Eyna, who lost the popularity votes and finally Fiqa was shockingly voted out too.

Elimination round took place as usual last thursday but no one is going home.

So be sure to catch on this thurday's episode, because you will definitely be surprised to see another 3 gals going home this episode.

Adeline - Her first appearance during the audition was able to capture the judges's heart and many of us out there. She is 'famous' with her poor 'engrish' command and 'muk duk poh' (a quiet person) was named after her. lolz. She has some potentials to be a model, but if to choose the TOP DREAMGIRL for Malaysia....? erm.........

Cindy - 'WoooooW...' That was the first reaction from kenny sia! She was just so so for me, from the beginning until the show to date. She is very 'FAMOUS' a few weeks back due to some 'Bitching' issues regarding the gals from the dreamhouse. She is also the drama queen for the dreamhouse, and many have claimed that 'dont ever trust what she said'.

And all thks to cindy who passed this secret message form valerie to one of the blogger who visited the house sometime ago :

She was in the bottom 3 last 3 weeks ago, but her dad promised that he will help her to win. That is a very strong word from his dad. If you have read her blog before, you will find out that she comes from a very RICH family and she often request his bro to take her very seductive + sexy pics. -_-" So i will have to say - She got a great chance to win.

Next, Hanis. Suprisingly - she was one of the 2 strongest contestants so far. Looking at her FIRST pic from the top 12 table, she will be the first one that everybody to pick to ask her to 'balik rumah'. But as time goes by, many might have discovered her potentials to be the dreamgirl of malaysia. She is super skinny but she has the height. Some people even like her 'manja' voice. What do you think? No no for me.

Next up, JAY - She is the most famous from the house. Everybody likes her. No complain about her so far, nice and neat. However, she was in the bottom 3 for 2 consecutive week, her supporters will really need to give it a push to make sure that she can stay in the top 3. She has the height, she is skillful, and she has the most experiences in modelling - No surprise if she wins MDG. but you should know well which race dominates in malaysia, rite?

Nadia - I dont understand why she is still in the top 6, despite i dont like her so much!! arghhhHh, or mayb i was wrong? Kenny sia likes her alot. Many have said that she is a very powerful girl, with full confidence all the time. Lets see - she dont have a good look, she dont look unique, she claimed that she is being honest all the while and this might be the reason why people dont vote for for lately, but i think that is called 'rude'. haha no offence ya. Being straight forward can be a good thing, as well as being a disaster if your audiences are being too sensitive.

Last but not least - Ringo from the cheeserland. She is another strongest contestants that i gona talk about. Only hanis and ringo werent in the bottom 3 yet. She did so so all the while and not much gossips about her. She might be cute, but her height is definitely a problem for her to proceed any further in modelling. She has a massive fan due to her popular blog - no surprise if she wins, but come on, TOP DREAMGIRL OF MALAYSIA, HOW CAN ARH?

So stay tune people,

Who is gonna be the top 3 lerh?

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Money money MOney!

Our graduation day is set, 30th of June 2008 at 3pm @ Barony Hall.

"All students hoping to graduate or be presented MUST enrol to graduate by completing a form and paying the appropriate fee."

Download the available forms here and grab your 30 pounds before proceeding to the registry.The dateline is 2nd of May.

Each of us is provided with 2 guest tickets and any extras will enter in a ballot draw system to see our luck. Guests without tickets are welcome to view the ceremony on the live video link, the location of which will be confirmed in your Graduation Information pack.

I went to pay my graduation fees today and asked about the accomodation stuffs, only to find out that -

WAHLAN yeah, damn headache!!

This place is available this time, but not available another time. JBC will be available until 6th of june but we will be going to spain on the 4th. Then Birkbeck available from 7th but you cant book the whole flat = meaning you and your friends will be randomly placed. Only can book for whole flat after 20th june. WAHLAN. so many things to fan about. @_@

Its really funny. Every single thing is costing us damn freaking alot of MONEY! $$$$$$$$$$$$$

The fees to graduate are as followed :

£30 to graduate in person
£15 to graduate "in absentia"


Robe hiring available @ here.

It costs 34 pounds to hire a set of gown for a day! freaking ex hor?

and gona rent a knitted skirt as well! or buy one? Deng!!! $$$$$$$$$$


P/s :

1) its 14 days left to Final exams >__<
2) Its exactly one month left to the last day of Final exams, YipPpppEE!
3) Its about 68 more days to graduation :P

Earning Cashback

WePromiseTo Cashback is an UK site that helps you to save every single bit of money by earning cashback when you shop with any of the participating sponsors. It is a good way to earn some money for paying what you have to pay monthly. For example, you can earn as much as 100 pounds when you renew your car insurance with Churchill insurance. So what are you waiting for if you can earn cashback both online AND offline?

Monday, April 21, 2008

A blog for p105

A few days ago, one of my friend asked me to check whether any of the juniors (p106) interested to buy kitchen utensils from her house or not. Our seniors' (p104) idea of posting up 'Things for sale' in a blog last year didnt turned out to be that successful. I thought it was a very great idea since majority of people is doing blogging/blog hopping almost everyday. So i will just try the luck for p105 once again, by officially announcing :

to all of you!

so, spread the news please! :)

p/s :

p105iers - you will be provided the username and password soon.
juniors - be patient, will keep you guys updated.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Online bingo

If you are interested to play online bingo, either for fun or for real money, you can read reviews about the top online UK bingo sites. It is exactly the same way as you normally play, plus you can chat with other players at the same time. The best thing that you can get from reading reviews is you could find out free bingo bonus that some bingo sites might offer. The best online bingo bonus can be as high as $30.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Sizzling hot beancurd

H3-J2 living room was decorated for the first time by the proffesionals - aka Ss members on last sunday for the celebration of ah moi's 23rd burfday.

And there is this particular night where the house of H3 and J2 BOTH coincidentally cooking Chinese-Sizzling-Beancurd as one of the dishes for dinner.

It is show time :

H3 sizzling beancurd


J2 sizzling beancurd

So, which one do you like more?

I can assure you that they tasted really GREAT. Back to home, my mum also dont cook this sizzling japanese style beancurd erh! So, whoever interested, maybe you can try out the noobies' 7 steps to cook sizzling beancurd recipe as below :

1) Heat up 1x chinese/japanese beancurd (available from chungying) for 5mins, 350 watt microwave
2) prepare some minced chicken/pork
3) Marinate with soy sauce + oyster sauce and cook them
4) Add some water and some corn flour to make the sauce
5) Heat up a new frying pan, make sure your pan is really REALLY hot, add some sesame oil and add in 2eggs
6) Add up the cooked minced chicken/pork, together with all the beancurd into the hot sizzling pan with the eggs.
7) Ready to be served

And there you go, your sizzling-hot-so-delicious-beancurd :)

Diet pill

Acomplia is a weight reducing medicine, which acts by inhibiting the CB1 receptors in fat tissues and in the brain. It is use effectively in the treatment of obesity and weight reduction, in addition to having a healthy diet and exercise regularly. You can buy Acomplia Online without a prescription now. It is a wiser choice to buy your medicines online, simply because they are cheaper than local drug store, as well as more convenient to get them directly online.

13 year old virgin for sale

2 days ago, i read up the old news regarding the tree man from indonesian. It was said that he had suffered the huge-tree-like growth warts for 20 years. But now, he is able to use his hands and walk without pain, all thanks to medic from the united state who offered him vitamin A treatment. At least 4lbs of warty horns were removed from his feet and legs. And guess what? He has become one sudoko addict now!

Besides reading on him, i came across another interesting news - "For sale : 13-year old virgin". I went on reading the entire article to find out that Indian girls living near Taj Mahal eventually grow up to become prostitues as a routine pathway. The girl's first time is most valuable and they are known as 'premium' for the rich businessman.

In order to survive, the girls are willing to accept a service charge for as low as 1.30 pounds. Also, there are some of them who claimed that they are uniquely beautiful and have the 'potentials', in which they only accept bids higher than 40,000 rupees (600pounds).

"The normal rate is 100 rupees (£1.30) but a virgin is sold to the highest bidder for anything over 20,000 rupees. If she is very pretty, the community would hope to get up to 40,000 rupees. For this, the man can have access to the girl for as long as he likes - several hours, days, or even weeks. " source taken from telegraph uk

The number of daily customers that these girls normally accepted was a big shock. It is very pitiful and sad to hear that Rita, a 13 year old child have decided her journey to be a prostitute.

"But in avoiding making chapatis, Nita has signed up to a life in which she will deal with 20 to 30 clients per day, until she reaches her forties. After that, when she is no longer considered desirable, she will depend on any children she may have for support." source taken from telegraph uk

It is their decision to step into prostitution. Might it be the best solution for them? Just like the case of the math genius, Shilpa Lee who decided to quit her master in Oxford university and chose her career as a prostitute, we never gonna know whehter they have made the right/wrong choice.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Franchise directory

When i was young, i dreamed about setting up my own business and have a good living from that. When i grew up later, i realised that it was a very tough way to go if you are to set up your own business - there are just too many things to know before you can handle your own business.

The UK Franchise Directory shares information regarding hundreds of business-format franchise oppurtunities that will aid people to set up their own business. The selection of oppurtunities are very wide, including automobile, food, retail, sales, services, beauty, computers, financial, personal, sports, travels and many more. They provide people a better understanding of setting up own business and provide information on different investment level and range of different industries. There are also tips on how to set up and tips to minimise problems and risks as well.