Friday, February 29, 2008

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Thursday, February 28, 2008

cny@student union part2

Besides having a taste of good food from the famous Asian Style, Dragon I and Hong Kong cafe, watching lion dance performance, there were caligraphy and paper cutting workshop too!

And for the lion dance performance, is was quite special.

There was a snake as prop. But what is it for? Some said that it must be linked to a word with "snake" in mandarin to make up a 'cheng yu".

But we were wrong again. This lion became bor shong with this little snake and started to bite it. Hmmm...

And the snake died. Gua? damn lame rite this lion dance performance?

Since this lion was under heavy influnces of western culture and it drank wine, eventually became drunk in the end. lolz

Overall, it was a good performance lorh. *claps claps!

Oh ya, heard that Asian Style recently open a branch in Hope street, is it True? response please. tq :P

cny@student union part 1

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A late cny party @ student union

Last night, hsemates and i went for the cny party hosted by student union. It was rather a late celebration. LOTS of people turned up last night, all in a hope of getting good food (from the famous Asian style, hong kong cafe and drgaon I restaurant) and to watch some performances.

However, the food provided were really limited, owing to the large number of imu plus home students + glasgow uni + caledonia uni chinese students.

The nasi lemak from Asian Style was definitely jeng jeng :)

We were told that there will be a lion dance performance. We thought that they are going to play us a lion dance video on a big screen with projectore but we were wrong.

We saw LIVE lion dance performance by some students here in glasgow!!!

We didnt stay there for too long and many of us left when the ribbon dance performance began...

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

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still no news from the police!

4 days has passed, and yet we dont get any news from the police whether or not they manage to catch the 2 other thieves.

Ed found out that the laundry door hasnt been fixed yet. We are very concern over the issue because anyone can just enter and camp in the laundry again!!! @___@


the response from a V.O staff was " it cant be fixed! "

On the other hand, Ky emailed the President of the halls committee of JBC and voiced his concerns 2days ago.

He received a reply as below -
"No problem, thanks for that I will pass on the word at the meeting this Wednesday. That was unfortunate that it happened to your friends, and hopefully nothing like this will happen in the future.
Hope all it well, Kirsty"

Kah yao lorh strathclyde police!!!

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

2 consecutive nights on steamboat :)

We had our late chap goh mei celebration last friday since everybody is busy with his/her results for research project before that.

Thks to smiin n wjiun who went to Baras wet market for getting the big prawns plus some boneless fishes. :)

Then, we headed to chung ying at 2pm and these were what we bought - 115 pounds = ~rm1000


The one/person big prawns from Baras!

After the JBC Broke In incident, we cant wait any longer but to start FEASTING ourselves with steamboat - there were tomyam soup, chicken soup, bak kut teh and porridge base!

The next day, the same gang of people had another steamboat session. This time, we had fried tomyam mihun, curry flavor maggi goreng, 'tung fen' & not to forget tomyam soup for steamboat!

and the 3rd day, we cooked soup with the leftover-fu-zhou-vege-konnonya-fishballs plus some crabsticks and dried bean curd for dinner! :)

Reminder : There will be a celebration for cny hosted by student union 7.30pm tomorrow!!!

"another celebration will take place on the 26th Feb atthe Student's Union and its absolutely free!!u do not hav to do anythin at all!!!jus bring urself and ur frens....would be great if u can dress in red or any chinesetraditional costume tat u have...

we will be having a lion dance display, chinese ribbondance, chinese caligraphy and lantern making..and most of all FOOD from ASIA STYLE, HONG KONG CAFEand DRAGON-i restaurant.....absolutely free u do nothav to pay a dime!!

there will also be fortune cookies and a great chinesenew year do come and join us for agreat night of extended chinese new year celebration!!

it starts at 7.30pm till bout 10.30pm at the Vertigowhich is level 8 at the union...would b a really fun event!!"

from jin werne~"

See you guys there tomorrow!!! :)

edison + nicholas + gillian + cecilia funny video

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Results for research project = GG

I was pleased by a reply from the angel (mr blair) on last thursday. I requested to hand in my results part for researh project on monday, instead of last friday.

He immediately replied and said that he is totally fine with that, as long as it is not a compulsory upload on spider.

I have lagged for several days and i finally worked on it on last fri.

and today,

Results for research project = GG

Need to start working on cpp essay tomorrow liao. @-@

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Monday, February 25, 2008

Joke of the day - who paid 10cents?

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He was upset, but asked how much she made."$398.10," she said.

"Who paid ten cents?" he asked.


Sunday, February 24, 2008

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Saturday, February 23, 2008

JBC BROKE IN - 1st case for p105

We wish that this will be the only first time and it will be the last time till forever too!


It was supposed to be a very good day today, until j2 was broke in by thieves. We reserved today - FRIDAY, to celebrate the ex-zhap goh mei. Everybody was in a good mood today because almost everyone handed in their results part for research project.

okay, back to the topic.

It was at 6.30pm, Ed first realised that his laptop cover was closed down when he returned to his room after he came out to play cards in the living room for about 10mins. Everyone was alerted and went back to check their room respectively. And the bad news was pj's laptop was gg-ied (GONE) and his windows was widely opened.

When sm n pj looked out from the windows, they saw the fallen thief and the laptop was lying beside him. The bastar*d fainted after the jump from the windows. So 6 of the guys dashed out in a hope of getting back the laptop. By the way, the accomplice of this basta*d was with him trying to wake this basta*d up from unconscious.

This conscious drunken basta*d ordered one of my friend to call for ambulance. My friend responded "We dont have phones, you guys stolen our phones!!!!!" My brave friends confronted the drunken basta*d, asking back the belongings and promised not to take any action after that. He was aggravated. He took his bottle high up as a weapon and warned everybody not to get close or else he will injure anyone with the bottle. A few mins passed and a bit*h dashed in from far trying to help the unconscious thief. She was another accomplice of the crime.


The confrontation continued. Pj got his laptop back. Ed was worried that his belongings might have stolen by them as well. He dashed back to realise that his purse and hp were gone too. He came back and confronted them again for his belongings. 10-15mins passed, the unconscious basta*d was getting his consciousness back slowly and 3 of them successfully fled away.

Hs actually made a call to the security of strathclyde uni asking for help. CD (our famous french lecturer) was the very first one that actually offered help to the basta*d jumping down from the windows as she thought this basta*d fell down from the windows for some reason.

The security team and the police came not long after. Out of no reason, one of the accomplice came over to the police car and he was caught - claiming that he didnt know/didnt do anything. One handphone + one camera were recovered from his pocket later on.

Then we headed to the laundry room with one security guard, since we suspected that they broke into j2 by using the laundry exit. We were shocked to discovered ed's wallet in the laundry, all his cards were scattered around on the floor. His second wallet, all filled with highlighters plus pens were scattered around in the laundry room too. One piece of singpapore dollars were left behind and it was believe that the thief actually threw away the singapore dollars when he/she thought that it is unvaluable. -_-" Credits cards and malaysia IC were missing though. We also believe that they have been smoking marijuana in the laundry and they even blocked the entrance so that nobody can enter the laundry since a few hours ago before the incident.

Back to JBC, one by one of the guys was asked to give full statement of the incident to the police officers. The laundry room was detained and the scattered stuffs were left untouched until assinged department come over to make investigation. It took a rather long time for everyone who witnessed the incident to give full statement.

It called for an end when the police officers left at late 8pm.

Ed's laptop was saved by a laptop lock.

Pj's wallet, keys, camera and one lousy phone were recoverd.

Ed's phone + credit cards were missing. Pj's phone was missing too.

I believe that many of us actually heard the screaming and even witnessed what happened but we were all stunned.

Tips for such incident :

1) Very first thing to do - REMIND each other to call POLICE (999) and strathclyde security (8888) from room. Break the fire alrm when necessary.

2) Shout for help to alarm everybody, ask for help asap.

3) Armed urself with weapons eg. frying pans + glass bottles (im not kidding!) before going to the thieves

3) Wear sport shoes!

Despite all the disappointments and troubles caused by those 3 basta*d, we enjoyed ourselves with one round of dota last night.

Pray hard that the 2 other basta*d will be arrested asap and JBC shall remain as a peaceful living area for students like us!!!

Kasih dia GG-ied!

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Thank you, all my friends!!!

30 surveys were completed by this afternooon!


Thank you for the following volunteers :
1) Steven Bell
2) Suz Jian
3) Hee Sheong
4) Darren
5) Wee Yeaw
6) Kah Yee
7) Dianna
8) Daphne
9) Tam ming
10) Kim hoe
11) Adam
12) Edmund
13) Phek Joo
14) Su Miin
15) Qristine
16) Ron
17) Desmond
18) Akmal
19) Wen Jiun
20) Kah yie
21) Sui lin
22) Hui Hoon
23) Lashvini
24) Eyo pei fong
25) Yi shan
26) Yi jie
27) Woon chin
28) Khang wern
29) Leah
30) Wei meng

Thank you so much for helping me!! :)

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Edison chen is back...

Edison - He used to be one role model for the young generation around the world. He WAS a leng zai that amost every gal heart for in THOSE days.

BUT today, he is in deep shit!

First, Hong Kong triad gangsters were said to want actor Edison Chen dead. He fled Hong Kong at the ouset of the scandal after early rumors that someone had given the 'underworld order, to kill' him.

News sites are reporting Edison Chen, now infamous for his leaked photos of naked Hong Kong celebs, also keeps video and photos of regular women like wives of rich Hong Kong businessmen and daughters of rich families. Rumor has it that he once won a bet from a director who didn’t believe he had hundreds of nude photos of starlets.

Yesterday, word has it that another underworld figure has offered a HK $500,000 (US $91,000) reward to hack off one of his hands, reported Apple Daily Hong Kong.

But today, he is finally brave enough to step out and faced the media.

If sorry cures, then what about gucci and lv's? Sorry no cure lah dude!

Edison apologized in English to the women involved in the naughty photo sex scandal surrounding him, to both his parents and to all of Hong Kong, where the public is outraged. Edison Chen said on Thursday he would step away from the Hong Kong entertainment industry for several months to “heal himself”.

Some have speculated that this decision to step away from the Hong Kong entrainment scene is not fully his but rather a result of him getting blacklisted by the Hong Kong movie studios. Producers writers and actors are refusing to work with Edison Chen as a result of the photo sex scandal.

On the other hands, gillian made her first appearance and apologized to the public earlier a week ago...

She apologized but she didnt admit that she is one of the women pictured with edison in sex acts.

However, Gillian Chung isn’t enjoying Paris Hilton-like success and may be let go from her record label EEG. People have been asking for a ban on her products and if this continues, she may be gone.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Reminiscence of CNY...

updated 20 feb - more pics added

It is the day 12th of CNY dy. But i got no FEEL at all geh? @________@

SIENZ lorh.

Looking back to last 2 years, i really had lots of fun spending my nights in vista with them.

Then last year we had bai nian trip from my hse to darren's hse, to hsheong's hse, den to kim hoe's hse then to qristine's hse and finally to adam's hse....

And back to this CNY @ glasgow >>> check out my older (updated post) here. We did celebrate cny reunion night plus cho yat cny class party, but the following nights cho Yee, cho sam, cho sei, cho mm, cho lok n so on were all spent with BIOPHARM module notes. It is over! haha. Now I am looking forward to 15th day of cny, where we will be having another celebration again.


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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

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15mins from you....HELP ME PLS!

All my frens from p105,

i was chosen to conduct a final year student survey for students of strathclyde university from the times newspapers.

There are about 8-10more students like me who are doing the same job for university of strathclyde, but they are surveying students from different courses.

The survery consists of 70 mcqs and it is all about your plans for life after university. It will take you approximate 15 -20 mins to complete them! (if it does take >15mins, i will feel very guilty + paiseh!)

So my job is to complete at least 20 survey sets for them. I am taking this job very seriously and i hope i can enjoy doing it. I know it is a bad time now (although biopharm just over, lots more to go - presentation on wed? research project results on fri?), i would really appreciate if you guys can spend 15mins for me and help me out!

I need to get them done by this friday.

(I will be paid for this job, that is why i am doing it. )

If you think you can help me, drop me a note on my msn @! i will follow the time that best suits you. Your help will be greatly appreciated!!!!!!

many many thanks!!!

I have received a goodie bag from the sponsors. Lets take a look....

The top 3's weird thing that i received were as followed :

1) Philips light bulb

2) Loreal shampoo + conditioner

3) And the best thing that i heart -

~A rubic cubes ~

Walaoyeah.... really not bad huh?

Help me please?

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Monday, February 18, 2008



Good luck for biopharm classtest!


Good luck for CNS classtest!