Wednesday, October 18, 2006

a day off...

18 oct, wed

Worked yest from 2-7pm.. getting used to the data keying dy.. but my boss wasnt satisfied on my 1st day... too slow my speed n the standard deviation for errors was 1.51%... ohhhhhhhhhh.. perhaps i did beta today? nid to check back the stat on thurs..

So today i took a leave.. work 2 days, rest 1day.. hahahahha.. lazy nia.. stil thinking wher to go? how to pass my time? lol...

Gotta remove the stiches on my left leg on doesnt seem to recover at the moment..i can walk like normal(if im wearing socks n shoe) but i cudnt run n do sparring as b4... ishhh! received news from eve that mapcu tkd is on 5th nov.. national interclub is on 17dec.. i wanna fight!! that cud be my last 2 fights in the ring b4 i retire from the ring? i need a miracle recovery in 2 wks time pls... :)

1 comment:

eve said...

faster recover leh... we really want to see you in action