Monday, October 16, 2006

update update..

17 oct, mon

Finally got myself a day off n OUT on sun..LEARN the -ness thingy by watching you, me n dupree! not a good show..dont choose this show if u hav a choice.. haha..a fulfilled day, i shal hav more time to hang out with u! ;)


STARTED work today.. with UNISYS company in damansara height.. drove ther.. pay rm10 for parking, regretted to drive ther, i tot its only rm5(for saturday oly!) started to work, key in data(thousands over of acc no + amount of $$$ for citibank alone) from 1-7pm.. tat oly cover the number of cheques received from the date 9oct -12oct.. dam busy.. dun hav time to rest.. tired.. neckache like sia..since it is a flexible job, i will quit once i hav earn enuf larh(means i fried the boss sotong, wahahaha)... tomolo gotta take public transport dy..geez!!

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