Wednesday, December 31, 2008

ADV - Holiday Frames and Glasses

The number of short-sightedness people is increasing each day. Hence, the number of people needed to wear spectacles increases as well. A person suffering from short-sightedness is able to see nearby things clearly but unable to see distant things clearly. However, when one ages, one might suffers from far-sightedness, where nearby objects appeared blurry. All these problems can be resolved by wearing glasses or contact lenses. In mild short-sightedness, people tend not to wear glasses as it gives burden to daily activities, for example, playing basketball or swimming. People tend to wear glasses because glasses work by compensating the excessive positive diopters of the myopic eye. In this way, they can protect their eyes from deteriorating.

Have you heard about online presription glasses? It is simple to place an order and they is great choices of Holiday frames to choose from. Zenni optical sells prescription glasses at a reasonably low price. You can get stylish eyeglasses at the starting from $8. In that package, you will get high quality stylish frame, thin and light 1.57 index lens, quality hard eyeglass case, anti scratch coating, full UV protection, lens edge polishing and beveling, and microfiber lens cleaning cloth. Check out Zenni Optical for online prescription glasses today!

Last day of year 2008

12 more hours later from now will be next year (2009) already. I still remember very clearly what i did last year during the last day of 2007 - i worked for 15 hours but i got paid a total of 26 hours.

I spent a few days in batu pahat before i came back to Peejay. If you happen to visit batu pahat, your friend (chuah pei ling/peifong) will sure bring you go try out the duck noodles, herbal chicken and fried oyster. For my case, ailynn was the driver to bring me there. They are all famous food from the small town. The 'buy1free1' bubble tea priced from RM 3 to RM 6 is another great deal to check out too.

I have learnt a few facts in the past days and thought to share it here with you guys :

1) In Johor, the state education minister has announced 'kelas tambahan bahasa english' (additional english class) for students every tuesday night a year ago. This special class is purely to help the bumiputras as non-bumiputras have to pay RM 10 monthly to attend this class. As a result, NONE non-bumiputra is interested to attend the class. The teacher is paid ONLY an additional RM 300 for a year.

2) Dentistry course is a damn freaking expensive course to take in Malaysia. Studying for 5 years in IMU will cost a total of USD 154,000 (International students) or RM 400,000 (Malaysia students). You will have to serve the government for 3 years, a shorter duration as compared to pharmacist (4 years) and doctor (5years).

3) Government servant who will be working after 1st January 2009 is only eligible for a total of 25 days leave instead of 30 days. SOBS.

Interesting right?

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

ADV - Debt management

How bad is the economy now? Today's economy has fall into a critical state and many people are worried about losing everything they have. Many are trying different ways to protect themselves to survive through these tough days. People are living with great depression and fear during bad economic crisis. Many have lost their jobs and some are living with debts.

And for people who struggling with debt, they suffered heavier burdens. They are trying to live like a normal person who lives in debt free situation. So how can one manages his debt efficiently at this critical time? One should consider applying for an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) to avoid being bankrupt. It is a formal binding agreement made between you and your creditors. The reason for creditors to accept an IVA is that they are likely to receive a higher divedend than they would for your bankruptcy. By accepting an IVA, you will need to make monthly payments and from that, a dividend is paid out to the creditors. An IVA usually last for 3-5 years. It is really wise to read more about Debt Advice to get your debt clear. One should start applying for an IVA as soon as possible.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Ask Your Doctor - Questions

I received this 'Ask your Doctor' checklist from my uncle and i find it extremely useful. It is a list of questions that you (the patient) can ask the doctor during the expensive counselling session.

Recently i have met too many doctors/specialists. Some are extremely useless - they only care to suck $$. While some are really good. I met one renal specialist last week and i was really happy with him. He took his time to explain to us slowly and great counselling.

Its very useful for us (pharmacist) as well as doctors to bear in mind all the questions in the checklist.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Things i bought from PC fair

1) 2GB San Disk Micro SD Card

RM 20 for 2GB is a good deal. Its for my Samsung U600 phone. Initially i thought i would buy the 4 GB for the price of RM 35 but my phone can only support up to 2GB. Besides that, it can also be used as a 2GB memory card for my Canon camera.

2) Laser Mouse

RM 23 for this new technology laser mouse! Super high sensitive with 1600 dpi with the dimension (L*W*H*) : 116*62*33* mm. I love it, so far so good.

3) RM Media Center (With 320 GB Sata Seagate Hard disk)

RM 375, beat the special price! This is a new popular media player/hard disk. An internal hard disk can be added (like what i did). It can be connected to the TV via an AV cable. It supports many movies formats (RM, RMVB, MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4), musics (MP3, WMA, AAC, etc) and Digital photo frame (JPG, BMP, TIF, slide show, etc). It also has a USB Host 2.0 which can be connected to an external hard disk/thumb drives for playing movies/musics. In addition, it is equiped with card reader (support SD, MMC, MS, XD). Imagine one day everyone will carry this media hard disk around to travel, because it can store so much things.

4) Web cam

RM 79 for another 'canggih' stuff. It is a 5 megapixel resolution webcam and it supports up to 10 times optical zoom!

What do you think about them?

ADV - Personalized gifts for christmas

Hey people, christmas is near and i am sure many of you are still struggling on finding what to buy for your loved ones. I have tried shopping alone in the shopping mall and i failed to get anythign suitable. It is really not easy to get ready all the christmas presents for your loved ones. Well, personalized holiday gifts might be an option.

Pexagon is having offers for its personalized holiday gifts right now, where you can save up to 20% on the gifts.

A great choice would be the personalized thumb drives. It is a practical gift since everybody use it to store data. There is a wide varities of thumb drives to choose from and prices starting from $7.99 after discount. They are available in 14 different colors, capacity up to 16 GB and 32 different themes. In addition, you will be given a chance to engrave 2 lines of personalization text in the reverse side for FREE. Another unique choice would be the wooden USB flash drives, which available in 2 colors and capacities of 2 GB or 4 GB. Both are the perfect choice for almost anyone.


If you are looking for something for your boss, personalized business card flash drives might be a good choice. It looks like a business card and it is used as a flash drive with capacity 2 GB. Not to forget about the FREE engraving of 3 lines of personalization texts! There are also personalized pens available.


Sunday, December 14, 2008

I dislike doctors, full stop

Since i was young, i thought i might want to be a doctor. When i was asked to share my ambition during Form 1 in an english class, i told the class that i want to be a doctor. Well, things changed after that. I do not remember when was the first time i started to hate doctors. In the past, they have never left me any good impression on their working behaviors. Many of the doctors are not sincere in treating their patients. At many times, my sisters went to the doctors when they need a medical certificate for their boss, plus it is under coverage of health insurance/company allowance. That is the truth and i believe many working people are experiencing the same thing. They didnt go for the doctor because they are sick.

I am so glad that i chose to study pharmacy instead of medicine. I am officially a registered pharmacist now.

In the past 1 week, I went to 3 different opthalmologists at 3 different private eye specialist centres.

3 months ago, my ah gong undergone a cataract sugery for his left eye under Dr K at Clinic X. During the first follow up session, he commented that my ah gong's eye sight was never improved, i.e. still excatly the same like before the surgery. Then after looking around his office, he saw a leaflet and he immediated pointed to the leaflet and said to my dad 'ohhh this patient has got Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD), that is why his eyesight was never improved after the surgery. He blamed AMD for making the cataract surgery useless. If he had said that to my dad that having both AMD and cataract would not help the patient to see clearly after surgery, we would not consider letting the patient to go for a cataract surgery at all, plus, cataract is not life threatening! Then a week ago, my dad and i accompanied my ah gong for another check up session done by Dr C. Dr C agreed with Dr K's diagnosis and commented that my ah gong's disease has progressed to an advanced stage, i.e. from dry AMD to wet AMD. He suggested to give the patient intravitrael injection, Rm 1200 per injection (Avastin) or Rm 6000 per injection (Lucentis), each course consists of 3 injections. He added that this intravitrael injection is the best option by far. Because this clinic has done errors in dignosing my grandmother before, we doubt his diagnosis.

p/s : Dr C decided to give Rm 500 discount for the cataract surgery done earlier on.

So a few days later, we brought my ah gong to Clinic Y for another examination. Out of my surprise, Dr L gave a totally different diagnosis from the first 2 doctors. From his examination, he found a scar in ah gong's left eye. He said it is not a disease, it might be due to damage or surgery, he was not sure. Then he did an OCT scan and dilated eye test (abnormal result on left eye, there seemed to be an extra tissue on the macula region of the retina where he believed it to be a scar). He said it is not AMD. I did mention to him that another doctor diagnosed to be wet AMD, and that made us so worried that we brought him here for another examination. He then suggested a surgery to 'pull' the scar away and also to pump gases in the vitreous area to remove the cloudy part. He said there is 20% chances for the eyesights to be improved after the surgery. Dr L is a retinal surgeon. He likes to opt his patient to go for retinal surgery. The surgery costs Rm 6000. Asking if surgery is needed at the moment to prevent deterioration of the eyesight, he said it will be fine to leave it and do more observation during the next follow up.

At that point, i was really confused. One said it is a dangerous disease and another said it is just a scar. So i chose to bring my ah gong for another inspection.

This afternoon, we went to hospital Z for examination under Dr P. Initially i thought this doctor might be the nicest as he was very patient in checking my ah gong. I spent almost 7 hours in hospital Z today. Dr P confirmed that it is not AMD. There is a lession in the left eye. He suggested to inject Avastin (Rm 300) to reduce the swelling and subsequently to go for surgery to remove the lession (Rm 5000+). Asking if surgery is necessary to prevent vision loss, he said it is not. In addition, he addded that the surgery might or might not help to improve the eye sight. With consideration that my ah gong is already 80 years old, he will be able to see things but the images might be blurred at times, i decided to with hold my grandpa for the surgery until i have discussed with my family. However, Dr P said he would not be happy if the patient do not go for the surgery. After that, my ah gong was ordered to do a blood test.

When we met the nurse, we were expected to answer whether or not my ah gong can make it for the surgery next Tuesday. I was so shocked because i have explained to the doctor that i would not make any decision regarding the surgery until i have discussed the issue with my family. Besides doing a blood test, the nurse was trying to help to take my ah gong's bp and glucose levels too. In the end, i cancalled off blood test (since he will be going monthly blood test from another doctor to monitor his renal), bp monitoring (he monitors his bp every morning and night on his own) and glucose levels. EACH SINGLE TEST costs money okay.

I have one general opinion on doctors --> Most doctors are serious $$$$ sucker. They will never consider patient's situation (financial, moral, emotional) . Instead of letting the patient or their loved one to make the final decision, they will try to manipulate the situation so strong that eventually they are the one who will make he final decision in order to earn them some money.

I dislike doctors. I hate them. Yes, i do.

Tell me i am wrong. Doctors, show me your kind heart, show it to all the patients and prove to me that i am wrong!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

ADV - Use the same products

Nowadays, social networking has become very popular, whether it is to the working adult or teenagers. It is the place where people spend their leisure time to make new friends and learn about new stuffs. Popular sites including friendster, bebo and facebook. Today i came across this new interesting similar social networking site - it is called acobay. It is a place for people to show off the gadgets they owned, because by showing off something that you owned, you get to find people with similar interest. Showing off your dreamed car to your friends is not the way, the right place for you is Here, you can show your dreamed stuffs to the world. You can easily upload a picture and subsequently, write a short review to tell the world why you like this product so much, how much is the product or even write about why you dislike this product. is a site to connects you with people who use the same computer, people who visit the same restaurant, people who like the same shopping mall, people who play the same online game, people who drink the same tea and many more. Registration will takes less than 1 minute. It is really quite intersting sometime to find a person who likes the same things, loves the same car and also has the same hobbies with you.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I sincerely hope that it was a wrong diagnosis and if it was true, lets hope that intravetreal injection can stop the disease from progressing.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Some updates

What have i been doing lately?

Yesterday was Hari Raya Aldiladha, everybody was very happy and everyone get very lazy because of this extra one day. Dont you think so?

Today, I called Lembaga Farmasi to make sure that they have started to process my borang 1 but failed. I will keep trying later in the afternoon. It has been a month plus since i came back and i have rested enough.

I am currectly addicted to DOTA at garena. But the sad things is that none of my active friends join me there. I make friends with all my bro's friends, then make more friends from the friends' friends. All in total, i have 12 contact and out of that, 10 of them is my dota friends (where i dont know them in person, but i have their msn contact, friends just for dota, get it?)

I am also trying to catch up on my studies. Ehem, wait, no more studies, let me rephrase --> i am trying to revise what i have learnt. I can hardly remember what i have learnt in final year but when i look at bnf again, i feel very interested to keep on reading. Isnt that a good start?

A few days ago, my family and i went to take graduation photo at the studio. I was probably the last person to do this as many have done so in August during the convocation. There was a big sign stating no photography is allowed and we were actually caught for taking personal pictures. However, the photographer didnt mind and helped my sis to change the settings of her camera for a better picture.

With Mummy and daddy

With mummy and 3 sis

And this is Zhuon, he will graduate next year, but not under Strahclyde University.

ADV - Product review site

Sometimes we could not make up our mind in making decision, hence we refer to friends and family for advices. At, you will get to read many honest opinions on many different types of products. Is it really essential to visit this type of Product Review site? For example, i like to read some reviews regarding a new released movie before proceeding to the cinema to watch it. I find it useful and interesting to read the movie reviews.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Best prawn mee in PJ

A few days ago, i brought my grandparents for breakfast in Mee Yoke Lim, SS2. It is very famous for prawn mee and spicy wantan mee.

The best prawn mee in PJ - very thick soup, some prawns and some taugeh and kangkung, plus deep fried onions and sambal to make the prawn mee perfect.

I love eating prawn mee. In glasgow, i tried once in Rumours for the price of 7.50 pounds (equivalent to RM 45 with conversion rate of 1 GBP to RM 6). Now the bowl of prawn mee pictured above, priced at RM 4 can already satisfy me.

Next, Chee Cheong Fun priced at RM 0.70 per piece. It was not bad.

Also, if you like noodle soup, you can try the pork meatballs noodle soup.

The shop is in Chao Yang, SS 2. Give it a try if you have a chance.

ADV - Perfect duvet for the night

When were your best cuddle filled moments? Were you alone reading some books or playing with your kids? It is the beginning of winter and the weather is getting colder as compared to autumn. Hence, many people tend to stay in the room rather than going out. How about you? Are you an active person who likes to go out or a passive person who tends to stay in?

Pure Living Collection has a great variety of duvets, pillows, pillow protectors, mattress, mattress toppers and bed linens. Some top selling products include Perfectbalance Pillow, Spundown Duvet, Complete Care Mattress Cover and Goose Down Duvet.

The Spundown Duvet won the prize for 'Winner of the Queen's Award for Enterprise' and 'Innovation' in year 2003. It is a washable duvet and it is superbly soft, as well as extremely lightweight. It also contains 100% polyester microfibre duvet filling. Lastly, it is suitable for allergy sufferers and children.


If you are looking for something new, Mulberry silk duvet can be a choice. It is made of 100% Mulberry silk and it is resistant to dust mites. The silk is perfect for controlling your body temperature and keeping you warm during the cold nights. The duvet is available in all season weight as well, where it functions to prevent overheating, thus it is suitable for use all year round.


Friday, December 05, 2008

Learn more about Glaucoma

What is Glaucoma? What are the common types of Glaucoma? What are the risk factors, causes of Glaucoma? What are the treatment options for Glaucoma? How do i use eyedrops medicines?

First and foremost, lets take a look at the structure of our eyes.

The Sclera is the white part of the eye while the cornea is the clear membrane in the front of the eye over the black circle (pupil) and colored ring (iris). Light passes through the pupil into the eye. The pupil becomes small (constricts) in bright light and larger in dim light.

The lens of the eye is a small and clear disc. The lens can become cloudy, for example, in Cataract. Retina contains sensory cells, i.e. cones (differentiate colors) and rods (differentiate shades of grey), where they function to absorb light.

There are millions of optic nerves in total and they function to connect the retina to the brain, hence they are essential for our vision. Glaucoma is basically linked to damaged optic nerves.

What is Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is a group of diseases that can damage the optic nerves of the eyes. It is known as 青光眼(qing guang yan) in mandarin. As time goes by, if left untreated, it will eventually leads to vision field lost and subsequently progress to blindness. Glaucoma might or might not be related to raised intraocular pressure (IOP) (>22mm Hg). Increased IOP is an indicator for Glaucoma only.

What are the risk factors, causes of Glaucoma?

Everybody is at risk of developing Glaucome but it is more common in people falling in these categories :

- African Americans over age 40.
- Everyone over age 60, especially Mexican Americans.
- People with a family history of glaucoma.

In a healthy person, clear fluid flows in and out to nourish the surrounding tissues. However, sometimes the fluid passes too slowly and results in increased IOP when the fluid builds up. It is said that the level of pressure your optic nerve can tolerate without being damaged will determine whether you will develop glaucoma. One thing to note is that Glaucoma occurs when your optic nerves are unable to tolerate the increased IOP and thus leading to damage.

What are the common types of Glaucoma?

The most common one is Primary open-angle Glaucoma. Other types of Glaucoma include angle-closure Glaucoma, low tension/normal tension Glaucoma and Secondary Glaucomas.

What are the treatment options for Glaucoma?

It is very important to control the disease to prevent losing vision.

A person with Glaucoma loses peripheral (side) vision initially and may lose straight-ahead vision slowly until no vision remains if left untreated. The pictures below indicate person with glaucoma unable to see side clearly (LEFT) and a healty person is able to see the full view clearly (RIGHT).

Taken from National Eye Institute entitled facts about Glaucoma.

The most basic treatments for Glaucoma is by medicines. Other options incldue laser trabeculoplasty, conventional surgery, or a combination therapy. It is important to understand that treatments only help to save the remaining vision but not improve the sight already lost from Glaucoma.

There are a few different classes of medicines used to treat Glaucoma, where all the drugs worked by lowering the IOP.

- Beta blockers (eg. Timolol) --> reduces the rate of production of aquoes humor and thus reduces the IOP.
- Prostaglandin analogues (eg. Bimatoprost) --> increases uveoscleral outflow of aquoes humor.
- Slective Alpha-2 adrenergic agonists (ef. Brimonidine) --> dual mechanisms action i.e. reduces aquoes humor production and increases uveoscleral outflow to reduce IOP.
- Carbonic anhydrase inhibitors (eg. Dorzolamide) --> reduces the secretion of aquoes humor and thus reduces the IOP.

p/s : Eyes medicines usually available in eyedrops. These eyes medicines are not cheap at all, ranges from rm50 to rm 80 per bottle.

Simple instructions on using eyedrops medicines :

  • First, wash your hands.
  • Hold the bottle upside down.
  • Tilt your head back.
  • Hold the bottle in one hand and place it as close as possible to the eye.
  • With the other hand, pull down your lower eyelid. This forms a pocket.
  • Place the prescribed number of drops into the lower eyelid pocket. If you are using more than one eyedrop, be sure to wait at least five minutes before applying the second eyedrop.
  • Close your eye OR press the lower lid lightly with your finger for at least one minute. Either of these steps keeps the drops in the eye and helps prevent the drops from draining into the tear duct, which can increase your risk of side effects

ADV - Dragon Coupon Code

From the playlist above, i really love the way the author translated his speech into words easily.

Nowadays, blogging has become a very popular activity for leisure time. People blog for making money and also for personal purposes. Blogging has become one thing common in many of us. It is actually fun and interesting to share with each other via blogging.

I am quite free and so i tried out many new features in blogging. What would you like to have in order to improve your Blogging efforts? As for me, i would think that a good theme design is essential. The theme must suits you and your contents must suit the theme as well. The theme generally portraits the owner of the blog, his personalities, his styles and his uniqueness. Next, i would like to have a new logo that portraits me well. It can be a company logo or something that people easily remember once they see it. The next one will be some softwares to help me in blogging. Word count tool is something very useful for me. I used it to do a quick word count for my post everytime. Another usefull software would be a statistics counter, where it helps you to monitor the amount of trafficsto your blog daily. Of course, you would want to install a chat-box widget on your blog so that people or visitor can drop you a comment when they feel to.

Recently i came across this useful software called Dragon Naturally Speaking. The softwares is not free but you can get them with a reasonable price with the coupon codes available below.

Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 Basic with Discount Coupon Code

I have watched the video and it seems to be a very useful tool in Blogging. It is about turning your talk into text! It is proven to work effectively with minimum errors. It would definitely be included in the top 3 for my wish list for Blogging.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Offer letter is on its way

This morning i rang SPA office to look for pn/cik zamzarina again. This time i spoke in english to pretend that i am a different person. So today i finally got a proper and more secure response. The offer letter was posted yesterday and she said it WILL BE ARRIVED next week. So i asked her, isnt it posted by pos laju?? She said no, if it is within kl/selangor area, they will post by pos normal. The unlucky one like myself just wasted 2 weeks (already, could be more) for absolutely nothing.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

KTV - JJ Lin ft Charlene Choi - 小酒窝 Xiao Jiu Wo + Lyrics

I super heart this song recently, JJ lin & Charlene Choi - 小酒窝

林俊傑 JJ Lin JunJie:
我還在尋找 一個依靠 和一個擁抱
Wo hai zai xun zhao Yi ge yi kao He yi ge yong bao

誰替我祈禱 替我煩惱 為我生氣為我鬧
Shei ti wo qi dao Ti wo fan nao Wei wo sheng qi wei wo nao

蔡卓妍 Charlene Choi CheukYin:
幸福開始有預兆 緣份讓我們慢慢緊靠
Xing fu kai shi you yu zhao Yuan fen rang wo men man man jin kao

然後孤單被吞沒了 無聊變得有話聊 有變化了
Ran hou gu dan bei tun mo le Wu liao bian de you hua liao You bian hua liao

Xiao jiu wo chang jie mao shi ni zui mei de ji hao

蔡卓妍 Charlene Choi CheukYin:
Wo mei tian shui bu zhao xiang nian ni de wei xiao

Ni bu zhi dao ni dui wo duo me zhong yao

林俊傑 JJ Lin JunJie:
(你不知道 多麼重要)
(Ni bu zhi dao Duo me zhong yao)

蔡卓妍 Charlene Choi CheukYin:
You le ni sheng ming wan zheng de gang hao

Xiao jiu wo chang jie mao mi ren de wu ke jiu yao

林俊傑 JJ Lin JunJie:
Wo fang man le bu diao gan jue xiang shi he zui liao

Zhong yu zhao dao xin you ling xi de mei hao

一輩子暖暖的好 我永遠愛你到老
Yi bei zi nuan nuan de hao Wo yong yuan ai ni dao lao

蔡卓妍 Charlene Choi CheukYin:
幸福開始有預兆 緣份讓我們慢慢緊靠
Xing fu kai shi you yu zhao Yuan fen rang wo men man man jin kao

然後孤單被吞沒了 無聊變得有話聊 有變化了
Ran hou gu dan bei tun mo le Wu liao bian de you hua liao You bian hua liao

Xiao jiu wo chang jie mao shi ni zui mei de ji hao

蔡卓妍 Charlene Choi CheukYin:
Wo mei tian shui bu zhao xiang nian ni de wei xiao

Ni bu zhi dao ni dui wo duo me zhong yao

林俊傑 JJ Lin JunJie:
(你不知道 多麼重要)
(Ni bu zhi dao Duo me zhong yao)

蔡卓妍 Charlene Choi CheukYin:
You le ni sheng ming wan zheng de gang hao

Xiao jiu wo chang jie mao mi ren de wu ke jiu yao

林俊傑 JJ Lin JunJie:
Wo fang man le bu diao gan jue xiang shi he zui liao

Zhong yu zhao dao xin you ling xi de mei hao

一輩子暖暖的好 我永遠愛你到老
Yi bei zi nuan nuan de hao Wo yong yuan ai ni dao lao

Xiao jiu wo chang jie mao mi ren de wu ke jiu yao

林俊傑 JJ Lin JunJie:
Wo fang man le bu diao gan jue xiang shi he zui liao

Zhong yu zhao dao xin you ling xi de mei hao

一輩子暖暖的好 我永遠愛你到老
Yi bei zi nuan nuan de hao Wo yong yuan ai ni dao lao

ADV - Multihand blackjack

Nowadays, online gaming has become a very popular activity for almost everyone. Each and every single one of us spend sometime to online each day. It is not surprise to see that many are interested in casino online as well. There are a great variety of games available, to play for fun or to play for real money. The popular games that available for players are blackjack, roulette, baccarat, slot machines and many more.

One of the games that i like most is blackjack. I find it to be very exciting game. It needs alot of strategy and they are not too hard to master the techniques.

There is this new game from money-casino recently. It is called multihand blackjack. Basically, the rules are similar to normal blackjack. One different is that a single player is allow to play up to 4 hands in a single round. This makes the game even more exciting and challenging. It is either you win alot of money or you lose alot of money. Player can also refer to the strategy table for basic guidances. In addtion to that, players can always refer to Money Casino's online magazine for useful tips and strategies. It is always good to learn some advanced techniques in order to win big money over blackjack.

Still in Process -_-"

So, 13 days has passed since i had my interview at SPA. I called and managed to get to Pn/Cik Zamzarina during my first try at 10.20am this morning. I was so surprised that my call got through (i tried calling many times yesterday afternoon but failed, as usual). And so she checked, then her response was nothing special than what i expected 'ohh, its still in process, we are upgrading our system, you will get your offer letter in a short time.' WALAOYEAH. Now i am talking about my OFFER LETTER you know, not posting letter. CELAKA betul! FINE.

Anyway, one good news to share was that the petrol price is lower by 10 sen, effective from today!

PETALING JAYA: Petrol and diesel prices at the pump are down 10 sen today, with RON97 petrol at RM1.90 a litre and RON92 petrol and diesel at RM1.80.

A few months ago, the petrol price was as high as RM 2.70/litre.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

ADV - Online gaming Neo Shifters

What do you normally do during your free time? Is it shopping, watching television or going online? As for me, i love computer games. Computer games can be very addictive, a gamer tends to sit infront of the computer for hours continuously, thus a new system that implements educational criterias in gaming is essential. There are benefits for gaming also. Nowadays, online gaming is getting very popular, where it connects people around the world to enter the server and play online games at the same time. Gamers will interact with each other rather than playing a game alone. There are times where it requires teamwork and it is essential to form a group/clan, train together and requires best coordination between members in order to win a battle.

I have came across this interesting MMORPG known as NEO Shifters. It is completely free to play, with an option to purchase vip statues for add on bonuses. It is simple to start, all you need is to register a free account and start picking a character that suits you. The 2 main groups are Templars and Paladins. You can either select to be evil, destructive, greedy, wasteful, mischievous, manupulative and dangerous in the Templars group. Or you can choose Paladins group with the good-man characteristics such as driven, intelligent, resourceful, resilent, heroic, pure, brave and good. Then each group is subdivided into 4 sub categories, namely defender, bomber, warrior and sniper. As for me, i have chosen chosen a bomber with high power from the Templars group. Throughout the game, you can customize your character with weapons and skills. Your character will earn experiences and levels by completing many different exciting mini-games. I have included 2 screenshots as below.

Upgrade your character by installing additional gadgets, armor or weapons. The best thing that i like about this game is that it allows me to combat individually or in gangs with my friends. So people, do register and join me in the combat of Neo Shifters.


Monday, December 01, 2008

Easy RM100 from I-respondent

Survey is the best way to earn quick money. For those of you who lives in KL/Selangor, check out I-respondent. Ask me for an invitation, Register under me to help me earn 10 points, each survey that you participated will earn you Rm 80 - RM 150 + 50 points, where 100 points can be traded for a RM 25 jaya jusco/RM 25 kfc voucher. Isnt that great? It wont be a secure way to earn money but it is definitely some bonus money that one can earn.

Lauweeyeaw was the first person to brought me into this survey job! Arigato!

I had joined several surveys from i-respondent before i went to glasgow. And i was so lucky to be chosen for one digi prepaid survey today. It was a 2 hours discussion at Menara UOB, damansara height.

Before the survey, we were served with domino's pizza and some soft drinks. Then the 2hours survey began. Today's topic was related to telecommunication service providers, namely digi, hotlink and celcom. We were given some pictures ranged from ah chai fishing to ah moi dancing, ah pek dressing traditionally, ah mah having dinner with family and etc, then we were asked to group them according to digi, hotlink or celcom. We were asked to draw digi and hotlink into a person for us. Wah, this drawing task is so difficult man. You can never imagine the type of potrait that i managed to draw. hahaha. I had a hard time as drawing is a tough job to me. Anyway, it was a very relaxing 2 hours discussion with 5 other respondents.

Stupid offer letter still havent arrived. Please give me more survey job!

Happy 2 years Anniversary!

Memory @ da louvre, Paris

We were so fortunate to bump into one professional photographer from netherland who volunteered to snap a picture for us.

Happy 2 years Anniversary! :)

Sunday, November 30, 2008

When will i get my offer letter?

I had my job interview with spa last thursday. By right, they should have given us the offer letter at the end of the interview. However, Cik Zamzarina asked us to go back and wait for the posting letter to be posted by POS LAJU. Even wenjiun from Sabah was told to put down her KL address. Luckily she didnt.

Well, so one day by one day, after 4 days, there is still no sign of the offer letter. Then i called cik/puan zamzarina. So she told me there is an upgrading going on, all the offer letter were with hold. I called again on Friday, Cik/Puan Zamzarina told me "MUNGKIN akan dapat minggu depan". YA RIGHT! In order to minimise the waiting time, I went to Lembaga Farmasi to fill in borang I but i was told that they will start to process my documents ONLY when they have received the verified offer letter.

I finally met most of my friends in kl/pj yesterday night. Tadaeng ---> Qris, wenjiun, kahyee, luyi, vyeaw, su miin and adam! Midvalley was so crowded yesterday! Later only i found out that it was the first day of mega sales + saturday. We had our dinner in Italianese at the Gardens. The food was not bad but they didnt amaze me. The portion size is really big. No more voting for italian meal next time please!

Everyone who is working is complaining of their work. It was either too busy or too free. They were complaining of working OT or were called to 'ON CALL' during christmas break. They also advised those who just started to apply like adam and myself to enjoy more before get posted and start working. Heard working in BIRO has nothing to do AT ALL one?

After that, we had an earlier birthday celebration for wenjiun at Zen.

24th birthday hahaha!

And a group picture of all of us :

ADV - tactical gears

When i was a kid, i love to dress up as an army. I will put on the full army uniform, the cap, boots and accessories to play. Where as my brother might put on the full police suit and start playing together with me. As i grow up, i no longer do that. My hobby has changed to something more challenging. Now, i used to go hiking and jungle treckking. I will have a great sense of achievement and satisfaction when I have managed to get to the top of the hill or completed 14km jungle treckking in less than 3 hours. I love doing that. For jungle treckking, there are some accesories that i must have. For example, a pair of gloves, safety belt and safety hook, suitable footwear, pants and shirts are all essential items that one must have.

At tacticalpantsusa, there is a wide range of 5.11 Tactical Gear available. For example, there are 5.11 tactical pants, 5.11 tactical shirts, 5.11 tactical glove, 5.11 tactical knives, 5.11 tactical polos, 5.11 tactical eyewear, 5.11 tactical shorts, 5.11 footwear, 5.11 gear bag, 5.11 jackets, 5.11 watches, 5.11 jumpsuits, 5.11 accessories, surefire flashlights and many more.

I would like to try rock climbing one day. I am no longer afraid of height but i need to train to be physically fit before i take an attempt to try rock climbing. Also, i will need some tactical gears. The 5.11 Tactical pants is specially designed for this purpose, where it contains patented tactical strap and slash pockets design.

Next one, 5.11 Tactical Training Barrel for all members of Law Enforcement.

5.11 Tactical Series provides safe training oppurtunities to all members of Law Enforcement by including Blade-Tec in the design to ensure safe solution. The 5.11 Tactical Training Barrel is different from the factory barrel. It is replaced with a bright yellow, high impact plastic insert to ensure that everyone around you to aware that the hand gun is safe.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sam Goh Noobs@ Bukit Kiara Relay Run

Last sunday, 3 noobs (beginners) took part in the Bukit Kiara Relay run organized by 3R Circle. It was a small yet challenging race. The 3.9km loop made me feel like it was a 10km run. There wasnt too many participants, around 80 people. However, it was a very succesful relay run.

And this run was very 'canggih' also. The organiser included some electronic chips on the baton to record time. Phewww whit...

The mat which senses the electronic chip on the baton and send the info to the computer.

Introducing to you, Sam Goh Noobs (3 beginners) :

L-R : Hoo, Tien, Zhuon

Picture with Michael Power team before the race.

Besides having regular joggers or cyclists as supporters, we have some monkeys stooding on the tree to watch the race as well.

Julie wong was giving briefing before the start of the race.

And 3,2,1 BOOM! All the first runners dashed off...

After 23 mins 28 secs, i came back and passed the baton to Zhuon. The first person who came back clocked 16mins 59 secs. My performance was terrible. I started to walk halfway during the race. HOW can i walk but not run DURING a race? I was in the 3rd position before i started to walk.

Another 23 mins 20 secs, Zhuon came back. He didnt do good in the race as well. Hoo, our last runner took the baton and dashed off.

The champion team of open male clocked a total time of less than an hour, and after quite sometime, Hoo finally came back with the total time of 1 hour 7 mins.

And with this time, Sam Goh Noobs was positioned 7th.

We never train for the run. So this 7th place does satisfy us. If we train, can we make it into the top 3 next year?

We were served with watermelon for refreshment before the prize giving ceremony.

Closing ceremony speech was given by Julie.

The guy giving out prizes was our boss, same team.

Nolarh, he 'gam ngam' wore the traiblazer T-shirt also.

And the winner for Male's Open goes to this 3 japanese school boys. The youngest one is only 13 years old. -____-"

00:00-18:13 Fumiya Murakami
17:33-35:46 Takahiro Yanagawa
18:23-54:07 Jiro Ishida


Sam Goh Noobs - 7th Placing
00:00-23:28 Ding Min Tien
23:20-46:48 Ding Min Zhuon
20:54-67:42 Chin Kok Hoo

DENG! I should resume my training asap. hehe.

A finally group picture :

Good Job 3R Circle. We will join you again next year.

Next race, 14th december - MCA 6km run + buffer dinner at taman pertanian. :)