Sunday, January 17, 2010

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There was a reason why i left a comment on facebook. .

A good pose by mr lau huh?

Should actually show us another one with the doggie's reaction :P

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Friday, January 15, 2010

truly touching..must watch!

Please allow the video to stream first. it will take a few mins, but its worth the wait...

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hong Zao Mian Xian (Ang Zao Mee Suah) 红槽鸡面线

I only get to eat the above mentioned dish twice every year. There is a tradition going on in my family that every first day of Chinese New Year (Cho 1), we will be eating Hong Zao Mian Xian (Ang Zao Mee Suah) 红槽鸡面线 for the breakfast. Besides that, Hong Zao Mian Xian (Ang Zao Mee Suah) 红槽鸡面线 will also be served to the birthday boy/girl during his/her big day.

By the way, Hong Zao Mian Xian (Ang Zao Mee Suah) 红槽鸡面线 is a tradition dish for Hock Chew Lang.

Last Sunday, I decided to cook this tradition dish and share with my landlord family and friends.

All you need are (serve 10 people) :

1) a whole chicken

2) garlics and gingers

3) the special hong zao

4) mushrooms and boiled eggs are optional

Get started by preparing the ingredients as follow :

1) Chop the chicken into smaller pieces

2) Cut the garlics, gingers and mushrooms into smaller pieces

3) Fry the garlics, gingers

4) Add in 5 table spoon of hong zao, fry them

5) Add some sesame oil. Add in chicken pieces and fry them until medium cook

6) Transfer everything into a big bowl, add water and boil them for about 20 minits.

7) Add in some soy sauce, salt and sugar and some more hong zao if the soup is not thick enough. Finally, add one tea spoon of hong zao vinegar/yellow vinegar into the soup. The soup is ready by now.

8) Cook the mee shua by soaking them into hot boiling water for about 5 minits.

Dont be frightened by the color of the dish!

Taedeng ~~

Hong Zao Mian Xian (Ang Zao Mee Suah) 红槽鸡面线

I invited 2 special guests and in return, they offered huiyin and i to follow them to singapore.

We had our dinner in the very famous japanese buffet restaurant that night.

That night, i was questioned by a friend :"How much was your bonus this year?" So i answered :"Rm500, and i might not get all of them because i started working in Feb this year."

Working for government is bad. -_-"

Yin Mei treat us for the dinner that night. She claimed that she received a great year end bonus from her boss recently. Thank you adam and yin mei!!!!