Thursday, December 29, 2005

Scholarships :P

28 dec

I hav made a comparison between KBU AUSMAT pre-U n Taylors SAM pre-U recently to help my bro to select a suitable course for him.. they are basically the same, which has the same course strucuture, same external examination, carry diff names due to their location of the board of examination... hav talk with taylors n kbu counselors recently.. hav seek mr yap's views thru mail as well, thks sir!!!

KBU offers scholarship as follow :
Merit :
8A's n above- tuition 100% fees waiver
7A's - 30%
6A's - 20%
5A's - 10%

Sport :
school sportman - rm4000
national athlete - rm4000
state -rm3000
head prefect -rm 2000

Taylors offers scholarship as follow :
11A1 n above - full scholarship
12A's n above - rm 3000
10A1 - rm2000

To obtain the taylors scholarship, it is near impossible this time i guess, not as compare to my year, which only require a 9A1's n above to obtain full scholarship..

My bro had chose to take ausmat, 1 due to transport prob, KBU is far nearer to my hse than taylors,2 fees- taylors fees = rm16k, kbu=rm11k, 3 hoping to get scholarship...

dad with zhuon went to register today.. eh tried to apply the rm4000 scholarship with his form 2 sportman cert, however it was rejected.. reason = too long ago! den he applied again with his annually tkd national remaja cert, n it was approved! so ended up he got a scholarship worth rm 3000 wow!! not too bad!! :P still hoping that he can get the full sholarship by scoring 8A;s in his spm!!

receive a news that my sem3 will be starting at 1.30pm on nex tues..
hmmm.. i am looking for that day beside this sat countdown.. ohya n today is the last day for booking of air asia free tickets, so plan it well for hols n go booking for it :P

Monday, December 26, 2005

badminton match???


TOday is a public holiday!!!!! I had myself to get up at 8+ today... arrrrghhh... lazy lazy to get up.. but with a purpose!!! today my hosuing area, SS23 is launching a badminton match.. i hav registered double event with zhuon... we hav jus got our new badminton racquette on last sunday n has not been playing badminton for 'hmmmm... dunno for how long....' for the match, was a terrible lost.. but a good experience... will i take up badminton as another sport soon is another question.. haha.. hav sum pics here taken by my uncle..

x'mas day.. hohoho~


yesterday nite was a peaceful nite (peng an ye) Merry X'mas guys!! today was another celebration of all.. i hav a family party dinner with my fmaily +uncle family.. hav receive sum small gifts from my sis from 'x'mas gift exchange'!!!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

King Kong is worth to watch!

14 dec i watched king kong with cousin n his colleagues @ gsc one U today.. kinda paiseh cos dun know a single of them! anyway, it was a worth-to-watch, 3 hrs long, continuos exciting, sort of endless climax movie...

here are some pics :-

outing with old buddies.. sing K marathon in de curve :P

13 dec ~
Got to meet up with my few best secondary classmates today.. giam, teh n meng yip.. we hav red box's session begining from 2.30pm.. and u guess we hang out IN ther till what time?? its 9.15pm!! hehe.. really geng :P only meng yip experienced voice lost in the end.. it supposed to end at 5.30, but v took the offer to continue till 8pm +buffet with extra rm10...:P

after red box, v yam cha at taman megah. only then mk turns up to join us.. 5 of us, really lots to talk, share, gossip... until it begins to rain at 12 then v make our way home! great to see u guys!!!

** FRENZ **

kinda miss of those days in secondary, those days in college..

feel that my frenz are leaving me slowly.. will we forget sum1 easily after hanging out for a few years, a month, or even a minute???

kinda agree with wat my fren mentioned.. time really matters... life changed.. people tend to forget each other as time goes by..

sumtime v jus mis to hav the initiative to make the first move to keep contact with frenz, or fail to turns up on outing bcoz of lazyness..

will u become one, who turns out to be "WHO CARES" type-frens one day???

Sunday, December 11, 2005

my very first blog in blogspot....

11dec, 1.41 am

i hav stop blogging for quite a long time, few months back.. hav tried blogging in multiply n frenster.. so far found our that the best are from blogspot.. so no harm for me to give it a try.. ;>

i should write a short n nice one here since it is my very 1st blog here...must not be chuang hei!!!

1) today woke up late, bout 10.30am... was thinking on orientation since yesterday's night.. was motivated by vyeaw... thinking on the orientation video.. got sum ideas.. wil share soon..

2) received a sadden news from jian, de unlucky qris masuk hosp due to constant vomitting.. consider serious.. was worried about her.. cant join jian n jo to visit cos promised to help dad out...

3) was relieved when knew that she was getting fine.. will check on her again soon..

4) was upset again during tkd class training, my team decided to quit the coming interclub competition due to politic probs.. haiizth MTA!!!!!! miss to enter this annual national competition... disappointed cos was preparing myself in the past few weeks..

5) v yam cha with auntie ting after tkd .. actually is her dinner with her family.. bad habits of taking late dinner.. not good!!!

6)now writing this blog, looking forward for a better, brighter tomorrow!!

testing testing.. i'm here to blog.... :P

11dec, 1.31 am

having a thought of start blogging due to...
1) inspiration, admire some of my friends who can blog so well using blogspot
2) boring... no more movies on my comp to watch...
3) today was a sad day!!!!!

hope evything will turn out fine then =)