Saturday, August 30, 2008

Holiday pay from BA

If you have worked with Blue Arrow before, you should have noticed a small statement saying 'your holiday year ends xx/xx/08'. Have you wondering what is that?

As for me, i started working for Blue Arrow since last year, 29 Aug 2007. My first job was at Hamilton, working for almost 11 hours, together with Uncle lim, lee kwai hoong and su miin.

first job@ glasgow with friends

My contract with BA was terminated when i stopped working after new year's eve job @ tall ship. YES I WAS FIRED in march after failing to work for BA for more than 2 months.

best job ever - Working during new year's eve with friends

Then i came back to BA in mid july 2008. I got a full time job in Morgan stanley from BA. I was being taxed excessively by working more than 20 hours in a week.

Two weeks ago, i enquired about holiday pay from BA. It is something like if you are working full time with a company, you are qualified for some days of holiday pay leave. Then i requested it and finally they have paid me for the holiday pay.

It was a 24 hours bonus holiday pay that they have included in my last week's pay slip. After deducting the payable tax, i received 90 pounds bonus from BA.

Not Bad Huh?

ADV - Language translator

It gives me a hardtime figuring out what each word in italian means when i am browsing through a tourist attraction website. Moreover, i cannot make any bookings or purchase any tickets because i cannot read italian. Eventually, PROMT Automatic Translation Solutions save my day! It offers language translation service for both home and business use. As for business use, it is suitable for small offices to multinational corporations, aiming to setting up a good communication network between employees and oversea partners. There are tools are able to simplify data research and assess foreign documents. The translation tools are compatible within many popular applications, namely microsoft internet explorer, mozilla firefox, open office, microsoft office applications and acrobat reader. The translation software can be used to translate emails, web pages or documents. User can also customize and fine-tune the translation software to achieve high-quality results. Besides that, it is also equiped with translation memory where it can create dictionaries to increase translation efficiciency.

PROMT can translate up to seven languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Russian and Italian. There is a total of 24 translation directions which contain over 100 specialized domains. This translation software is particularly helpful for a company to translate a document into another language.

part time job agency in glasgow

If you want to look for a part time job in glasgow, there are a few choices.

1) Flexible part time job
2) Permanent part time job

Here are a few part time agencies that you should go to :

Contact no: 01412263031

Blue arrow will be the main part time agency that most of you will be interested to go to. Its located on the first floor at 135 buchanan street, directly opposite Orange. Ring the bell and tell them you want to register for part time job. P/S : Bring your cv with you and tell them you have experiences with food/catering.

Advantages : Flexible. Tell them your availability and you will easily get a job from them, especially during the weekend. I have got both extremely good job (morgan stanley) and extremely tough job (hamilton) from them.

Disadvantages : Everything is in random mode (ALL RANDOM). No fixed working place. Sometimes you need to travel for 45 mins (to get to AYR) or 30 mins (to get to Hamilton). No fixed working time (as short as 4 hours up 15 hours max in a day). Some travel expenses are not claimable. (i pay 30 pounds for transport weekly)

p/s : i have worked 26 hours in a day before and that was not the most. I lost to someone else who worked 28 hours on the same day. lolz.

2) City G8

Location: 69 Buchanan St
Entrance sign: Regus
contact no :01413143754

City Gate will be the second choice of flexible part time agency to register. Its part time jobs related to catering as well. They have alot of jobs in SECC/glasgow city hall (reachable by tube in 10mins time/walking distance). They also offer jobs during the weekend for Ayr/Hamilton horse races.

Advantages : very relaxing 4-5 hours job in SECC in the evening. You might be interested to catch one/two/more during your sem7.

Disadvantages : For every 4 hours that you worked, 15 mins will be deducted for no reason! they are very famous of "tipu-ing" at least 15 mins for each job that you have done for them. But dont worry, you can try to claim that if you want.

p/s : I only worked for City G8 once. I worked 4 hours but they paid me 3 hours and 45 mins. -_-"

As for permanent part time job :

You can try your luck ANYWHERE opening for vacancy, such as subway, burger king, mcD, topshop, newlook, sportsdirect, JJB, debenhams and so on. Many places are looking for people in october onwards as they need alot of part time workers for christmas sales beginning in nov/dec.

Good luck and be sure to share with me your stories okay? :)

ADV - Postcards

I mentioned about online printing solutions the other day, today i will be discussing more details regarding another printing service. Vistaprint is a very popular printing solution chosen by more than 15 million of people around the world. It offers easy-to-use online printing and premium service. Vistaprint has one advantage over the rest - the price. It allows customers to customize the photos conveniently and offers high quality prints with affordable prices. This is not only applicable to large amount of prints, but also to small business or anyone who requested a full-color printing in small quantities.

There are many products available, such as various types of business cards, marketing materials, business identity (website, letterhead, free logo design, brochures,postcards,car door magnets, cap, t-shirts), rubber stamps and labels (pocket stamps, address stamps etc), invitations and anouncements cards, product accesories and many more.

How to make an order?

There are several solutions. You can design pictures from scrath by using vistaprint's online tools. You can also upload your own imgaes, graphics and photos or search the database for suitable pictures to be printed. Alternatively, there are thousands of professionally desinged templates to choose from.

There are several promotions right now, such as free business cards and 30% promotional discounts on selected products.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Kokuryo - Korean restaurant in glasgow

If you fancy Korean food, Kokuryo will be your only choice (maybe) in glasgow. The good news - the food is really nice and its located in city center.

It is a very good deal to have lunch at Kokuryo. You get side dish, a main course (more than 30 choices) and boiled rice. You get a different menu for dinner - the same main courses without a soup.

If you fancy sushi, there is set sushi for a price of 9.99 pounds. Yogoo said it was very worth it.

Take a look at the food :

The soup

The side dish

Kim chi jji gae - kim chi, pork and toufu in spicy broth with rice

Sizzling jae yuk bokum - stir fried pork with vegetables in spicy sauce served with salad and rice

Sun do bu jji gae - soft tofu stew with clams, vegetables and egg, served with rice

jap tang bab - selection of stir fried seafood with vegetables and rice

Sizzling oh sam bul go ki - famous korean bulgoki (spicy pork)with squid and assortment, served with rice

Also : Read kokuryo review from huiyincho.

1138 Argyle Street
West End
G3 8TD
tel: 0141 334 5566

University of Bedfordshire

From 14th of August, you can step into the University of Bedfordshire to enquire information regarding the courses available. There are many courses available such as advertising, marketing and public relations, art and design, biomedical sciences, business, biomedical sciences, management, healthcare, nursing, human resource management, law, tourism, sport management, media and performing arts, psychology, social work and many more. The clearing team will be there to offer help, solving your financial problem and answering everything that you need to know regarding studying in University of Bedfordshire. It took the 5th ranking in the United Kingdom for Journalism, 7th for Law, 16th for Marketing and many awards. If you are looking for a course, be sure to make a visit to University of Bedfordshire - Clearing 2008. For more information, please call the helpline at 0800 013 0925.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Away for 3 days

I have stopped working since last friday. I am still waiting for my pay slip to arrive, till then i can share with you guys one big important discovery - holiday pay leave. nyek nyek nyek :)

I am very fortunate to meet robert in his informal uniform and requested my p45 from him. According to rob, he will then request the tax from london revenue and the process shall takes about 6 weeks. THEY OWE ME MORE THAN 200 pounds of tax at the moment.

I MET ALLEN from eastern treats TWICE today!!! He is a really nice supervisor and i really like him alot!!! We have a wee chat and got to know that sebastian and agatia will be leaving glasgow tomorrow to prepare for their weddding in polland next month. You can wish him here -

I will be away for 3 days. See you guys then :)

Monday, August 25, 2008

ADV - Printing service

I have came across this useful online printing service from today. A year ago, we were having some hard time to find printing service for our batch's convocation magazine. We ended up with giving the most troubles to our batch representavive - fionna to travel around kuala lumpur to find one. Why didnt we think of online printing service that time?

Printedeasy offers quality and affordable prints not only to magazine, but also to various sizes of brochures, scored and folded brochures, CD products, DVD products, flyers, leaflets, letterheads, posters, stickers and many more. The company is also offers full colour litho printing and 5 colours printing with reasonable prices.

If you would like to print matt laminated business cards, perhaps you might want to print them in bulk to get a special discount rate. What about printing different names on the business cards? Well, multi name business cards might be the solution for you, from printedeasy.

It is really simple to place an order, just choose the product that you are interested in, put in the specific amount and customize the printing paper and design. Free delivery is available with unbranded packaging and a standard delivery should take 3 to 6 working days depending on what you are ordering.

Beijing Olympic 2008 Closing Ceremony

Beijing olympic games 2008 has ended an hour ago.

I was really shocked to read about the news that one taekwondo exponent (Angel Matos of Cuba) was banned for life of entering taekwondo competition after kicking the referee in the face following his disqualification in a bronze-medal match. Watch the specific video here at 1 min 57 sec.

How can this thing happened during an olympic games?

Sunday, August 24, 2008

ADV - Go-Gos

GOGOS stand for Great Outdoor Gastromic Occasions. Many people are hoping to have an unforgettable party for any important occasions, namely 21st birthday party, gathering party, farewell party, special surprise party or wedding caterers. GOGOS offers wonderful Private Party Catering experiences by providing great food and perfect atmosphere. There will be a team of well trained, friendly staffs ready to serve you. You will need to provide the theme for the party. Then they will decorate the atmosphere of your party room according to your needs and creates the best party experiences ever. Can you imagine playing the 'Sounds of Africa' like bongos or lions roaring during a barbeque party, while all of you are dancing on the floor? The audio team will be there to provide you the most appropriate musics that suit you with best quality. A hidden pa system will also spice up the mystery part of the party.

If you are looking for Corporate Catering in Berkshire, GOGOS can do the job too. It offers professional outdoor catering services. It can cater for up to 5000 people, by providing both formal or informal lunch and dinner. There will be some standard menus for you to choose from. Alternatively, you can also create your own "bespoke" menu. Many catering food available such as hog or roasted lambs, roasted chickens, grilled fish, paellas, hot pots, salads and many different kinds of homemade desserts.

A visit to Silverburn

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce to you guys Silverburn - a real shopping place, for both grocery and women shopping. Its a way better place to shop as compared to buchanan gallery or st.enoch.

To get to silverburn, you will need to hop on to bus 3, bus 56 in union street. (thank you hsheong and qris for the info) I believe that there are other buses going there too. Just check out the sign board and you can get on board any bus that passes by silverburn. It costs 2.85 pounds for a return bus fare. Alternatively, you can get a cab (jbc cab number:01414297070) from rottenrow east.

The interior design is modern. It has a very beautiful garden right after the entrance.

Although it is only a one-storey shopping complex, but there are plenty of shops and restaurants that you can seriously spend sometime in, such as TK Maxx, Topshop, Dorothy Perkins, Next, Boots, H&M, Mark & Spenser, Yo Sushi, Prezo, Wagamama, Nando's, Starbucks, Fuel's and many more.

One good news about Silverburn is that it is open 7 days a week and the opening hours are as followed :

Monday - Friday 10.00am - 9.00pm
Saturday 9.00am - 7.00pm
Sunday 10.00am - 6.00pm

And remember i mentioned about grocery shopping in Silverburn as well? Guys,farmfood and tesco extra are just located outside silverburn shopping complex. So why not take this oppurtunity to do both shopping and grocery shopping together?

ADV - choosing a web hosting site

If you want a private website ending with .com, .net or .org instead of or, then you need to do some researches on which web hosting to join. Many web hosting websites offer great deals on unlimited website storage, domain hosting and unlimited traffic. You will definitely want to read about web hosting rating before making any choice. reviews about the top 10 web hosting companies. It contains full details regarding all web hosting providers, web hosting plans, discounts or promotional plans. You can also read more on customer reviews related to each web hosting provider. Besides that, you might be interested to read about tips in choosing a domain too. Why not make full use of all the reviews by webhostingrating before making a decision over a web hosting site?

Last day with Goldfish

5 weeks - that was the amount of time that i have worked for Morgan Stanley. And yesterday was the last day. I got this super nice job from BA when i failed to get any other permanent jobs elsewhere that time.

Bye bye everyone - Cliff, Glen, Amanda, Collin, David, Derrick, Mark, Lukman. Thank you for everything. I will sure miss working there (when i am in need of $$$$ ;p). You guys are very nice, will definitely go to heaven. :)

There were a little conversation between one staff and me :

Are you happy to stop working?

Yes, absolutely. I am going to travel next week. :)

So, how are you going to celebrate then?

There is a bbq party going on tonight. The good thing is i will just skip all the preparation parts since i will be working. Then i will just join in the party straight away when i reach glasgow. Another smile :)

Some pics from the bbq party :

Wah. Food food FOOD!

Chicken wings -

Curry powder or 'everything-mixed' marinated chicken wings

3 different types of sausages -

This was the best. Easy cooked and tasted great!

This one not bad. Tasted very salty.

This one here 'mm dimm', yucks.full stop.

Mushrooms -

Bacons -

Then there were some cooked food as well, such as salads with extra virgin olive oil+mayo+malt vinegar, cheesy wedges, potato salads and nuggets.

And not to miss out some group picture. All 15 of us.

After the bbq party, we have a drinking/playing session at steph's place. Everyone got punished (kononnya) and had some hard liquors + beer till 1am.

And the final thing to do last night was to watch moonlight resonance episode 17 with lou poh zai before we k.o. on our lovely bed. G.G.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Beijing Olympic Games 2008 continues

Its the end of day 12 Beijing Olympic Games, lets take a look at the medal tally table :

China is leading with 45 Golds, followed by USA with 26 Golds and Great Britain with 16 Golds. And proud to say that Malaysia is still with one silver medal, positioned 60, after Lee chong wei lost to

There were various funny comments posted on blogs and msn captions after the big lost in badminton last sunday.

Such as :

"Msia badminton kena GG-ied!"

"Before the final - MALAYSIA BOLEH!!!!! But after the final - MALAYSIA BOLIAO -_" !!!

"Kena tapao gao gao. Sob. Y the match like adult vs baby dy? SIEN."

For complete medal tally results, click here.

You know, today the sun newspaper claimed that Scotland would be sitting 16th in the medal table if they were completing themselves. All thanks to the hattrick brought by Chris Hoy - by making another history for Great Britain by winning 3 gold medals in cycling. What about Michael Phelps? To date, he would have been positioned number 9 if he would have competed beijing olympic 2008 all by his own. lolz.

Next, you must not miss out the big name of Usain Bolt. He is another Olympic Hero after Michael Phelps and Chris Hoy! He was the man who brought Jamaica first gold medal when he created a new world record in 100m male event back to 16 august. Watch the replay by bbc here. Today, Bolt made the impossible real by creating another world record with 19.30 sec in 200m male. You will definitely see him in each and every newspaper tomorrow.

HOW? 200m with 19.30 secs? WTF. 100m with 9.69 secs. 2 NEW WORLD RECORDS. How is it possible?

He won both races with such a HUGE DISTANCE in beijing olympics games 2008. Watch the 200m replay by bbc here.

Read the full story from

Next up is my favourite sports- Taekwondo. Im very surprised that Mexico managed to claim a gold in Men's Fin weight. Korean was not even in the top 16. Chinese taipei lost in the quarter. Even great britain was able to qualified and the match between Guillermo Perez (Mex) and Michael Harvey (GB) during the top 16 was horrible. They failed to impress me. I have watched alot more exciting fight. Watch how Guillermo Perez won Mexico's first gold medal of the Beijing Olympics with victory in the men's -58kg taekwondo.