Tuesday, March 27, 2007

afta the end of day2-exam!

27 mac, tues

if u ask me to describe my mood now, i would tell u that im mixed up, both relieved n stressed for the exams!!! my pimples started to pop up since last week..

It was biopharm4 yest, siao siao siao!!! pray hard that my calculations never go anywhere wrong too far! aiiiihzzz.....

den it was dd2 today! pheww pheeeww pheeeew! the test was okay lorh..n i spotted the essay ques correctly! hehe... erm... if i write CLONAZEPAM instead of CLOZEPAM as one of the antipsychotic drugs, will prof cheung hei gives me any marks for my entire para? or gona penalize me for this silly mistake(because i saw the name from the mcq!)?

2 more exams days for p105 n 3 more days for my dear dear n juniors!
cant wait to call for a celebration on thursday noon n a really big one on fri! ;)

happie studying! jia you jia you! ;)