Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Mch tax me so much!

I was taxed a total of 36 pounds for working 40 hours in a week! MCH. Went to see robert early this morning but it doesnt help. Gonna call Hm Revenue to find out more tomorrow.

And Asian style is closed from 27th july - 3rd of august for some reason. deng.

Anyway, had a really good dinner @ Rumours just now.

And there is 2 very interesting shops that i saw somewhere in Bath street :

Very interesting 'husband and wife' punya shops next to each other.

Okay there is this taylor FERGUSON on my left

Cafe ZEUS on my right

I thought they should have called it Taylor LINA to match ZEUS. hehe.

Paiseh. it is also meant for dota's lovers. ciaoz.

Eh, there is this big football match in malaysia - chelsea vs malaysia

and the results was out, 0 - 2, how can? lolz

and finally,

Wish uncle lim, edmond and sui lin, and khai yong and friends have a safe journey back to msia tmr! cyaz :)

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

CRAZY flight deal from Ryanair!

I booked my flight to Paris last saturday and booked the flight to italy last night. Tonight, i just couldnt resist the last minute crazy deal, which ends this midnight (kononnya), so i ended up booking a trip to ireland.

And guess how much was the fare?

1 pound per person including tax and all charges!

But still have to pay 4 pounds for credit card charge so ended up paying 5 pounds per person to fly to Belfast city, Ireland.

1 euro per person from Dublin back to Glasgow.

And 5 euros for credit card charge so 6 euros for the flight ticket.

In total, i pay 5 pounds + 6 euros to catch a return flight from glasgow to ireland. :)

So u think you can fly from KL to Kota Kinabalu with just 5 pounds + 6 euros or less? I doubt so...

ADV - Benefits of camping tour

The weather is good these days for the europeans. They love sun. It is the best time for them to go around europe or else where in the world for some break with the family.

I am on my way planning some trips for september break too! So i went to enquire information and details regarding touring Europe with some tour agency. I was given 2 options - a) to go with a normal tour or b) to go with camping tour.

The prices for an ordinary package holiday tour is way to expensive at this peak season! So i asked more details regarding the other options - to go with camping tour. Of course, there are a few benefits by going camping tour over traditional package holidays. Camping Europe is your choice if you are all about living it up on a budget! It helps to save money - everybody want to save money and gain maximum sights from a trip, so why not? Next, you will also get to experience life on the continent while enjoying the nature at some of the Europe's famous camping sites. You will be staying in a twin share tents if you wish, easily put up and put down. How about the food? Well, camping does not mean that you will solely depends on can food to survice, right? Swimming pools, warm showers plus lively nightlife, if these are the elements you are looking for, then camping tour is going to be your choice.

With all these benefits, i might considere a camping tour over traditional holiday package. What do you think?

Monday, July 28, 2008

So you think Malaysia is hot?

I thought A Hot Summer should link with some hot chicks like a poster shown below :

But that is not the case, the only thing that is HOT right now is the weather.

Today glasgow is freaking HOT wei!!! Dont you agree with me?

It gave me the feeling of walking around in malaysia. You can see many ang mohs (male) just walk around without wearing their tops. And the gals are wearing extremely little too.

It has been extremely hot weather (in glasgow) in the past few days. And today was at the extreme.

I know the fact that Malaysia is much hotter than glasgow and the main thing that each and every one of us to complain about malaysia is the HOT WEATHER. But glasgow is seriously hot the past few days!! How is the weather in Malaysia now?

The only cure to hot weather is to soak yourself in an indoor swimming pool, with air-conditioned.

That might not be the only way. Maybe you should have a cold drink plus some lovely icecream like this.

Weekend is calling for an end really soon. 2 more hours to midnight. Tomorrow need to work again. Hurraaaaaay. Wait....No... deng! damn it!

Joseph Baniak

Today i discovered this person named Joseph Baniak who served the United State Air force for 14 years as an Offier. Joseph has retired from the military force and he achieved the rank of Major. Major Joseph practice duty in several countries, including Persian Gulf, Afghanistan and Iraq. Besides that, he used to coordinate mission and take in charge of project management, as well as holding up small group leadership.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Some updates on my job

Min Tien Ding - A pharmacist to be chose to stay in UK for several more months rather than go back malaysia and register with the board of pharmacy so that he can go travel around EU with his loved one.

Subway didnt call me on friday morning. So, i will still be working for Morgan Stanley for the coming few weeks, happy to say that.

My mum was really shocked when i told her that i spent approximately rm200 weekly just for transport to morgan stanley. So that is gona make up rm 800 a month no? How do i survice?

I am recently working in a canteen (Morgan Stanley) in this big credit card customer service company - GoldFish.

GoldFish memang got 2 goldfish as the logo wan lerh.

And there is actually a very nice view from the main gate.

It is just a moderate size canteen. It can accomodate approximate 110 customers. Goldfish has around 1k people, each day, 800 will come to the canteen and get their food at different time. The peak time is at 12 noon to 2pm.

Okay, lets forget about my canteen. I will find a time to snap some pictures of the servery area, the store room, the walk-in fridge, the kitchen, the toilet and blah blah blah next time. hehe.

Now, lets take a look at the meal i had each day.

For the past 2 weeks, i had been taking scottish breakfast every morning. They are nice, especially hash brown and bacon.

Harsh brown, bacon on cheese toast, baked beans + a cup of choco milk.

I dont have a big appetite in the morning. Or rather, i need to save my tummy for the big meal in the afternoon.

A link sausage, grated cheese+bacon with bun, scrambled eggs and a cup of cafe au lait. Simple huh?

Croissant, square sausage, harsh brown, 2slices of bacon, baked beans and poached eggs.

Then one day, i purposely went to pick up a black pudding to make my breakfast look nice like this.

I had black pudding a year ago in Hewlett packard punya canteen. It looked very jeng but it tasted sucky for me!! (the round thingy in black) I tried again, but still, i dont like them.

Accoring to wikipedia, "Black pudding or (less often) blood pudding is a British English term for sausage made by cooking blood with a filler until it is thick enough to congeal when cooled. It is also called blood sausage."

So lets just forget about black pudding. I WONT TAKE THEM ANYMORE. haha. I had some mixed fruits for the past 2 days. And out of all types of coffee, i like mocha the most.

Maybe one day i should try to be naughty and pick up as many variety of food as possible to make up a Full English Breakfast Meal like this?

A full English breakfast with scrambled eggs, bacon, sausages, black pudding, mushrooms, baked beans, hash browns, and half a tomato

Next, my lunch was good each day. They will be 3 or 4 main dishes to choose from. I would love to try as many dishes as possible, but i dont really fancy scottish meal. I can have one main meal for my daily lunch.

Macaroni cheese + carrots + green peas - super cheesy and quite salty, NICE!

Deep fried goujons (fish) with chef own tartar sauce and lemon wedge + chips + broccoli + roast potatoes - tasted not bad!

The bbq day - Beef burger + bbq drumstick + sausage + fruit punch + mixed fruit - Fan-tas-tic!

Roast loin of pork carvery + broccoli + roast potatoes + apple sauce (nani?) + gravy - Hmm, i dont like the pork carvery.

Chicken satay + stir fried veg + rice + some green peas - Mmm dim larh chef! -_-"

Breaded haddock + chips + green peas + mashed potatoes - an ordinary fish and chips, quite good!

Crispy chicken + sald wraps - Thumbs up!!!! good job chef! i love it.

Burger day - Peppered beef + bacon + cheese + salads + Curly fries - Yippeee, i love it very much! very jeng!

Roast beef carvery + yorkshire + green peas + cauliflower + roast potatoes - NOT NICE. i think i shudnt choose carvery over macaroni cheese liao!

That is all about the food. The job was really simple - walk walk walk walk walk around and make sure everything is filled up, everywhere is clean, talk and greet the customers, chat with your supervisor, say more chips please to your chef...

I replied my mum : i work 40 hours each week. Each hour 5.52 pounds. 5.52 x 6.5 - rm800 - alot of taxes = G.G.

Nolarh just kidding. My mum wouldnt know what is G.G actually. My saturday night is going to end with Exorcist 1973...

Welcome my weekend!

Everything went very smooth. I worked 40 hours last week and i worked 39 hours this week. GG.

By putting urself into full time job, time passes superbly FAST. Seriously, no kidding. A week has gone just like that. chi sin one. Full time work is not easy. Right now, I remember how i greet the customers each morning, how i do the canteen work, how to get my butt off the bed at 7.15am each morning, how to avoid missing bus or train, how to save money, but nothing about drug interaction, mechanism of drug, drug approach - GG.

So what is up for the weekend :

I wanna teman my lou poh more.

I wanna dagei more.

I wanna skype with my parents tomorrow.

I wanna have some good rest during my only 2days break.

I wanna download dvd version punya The dark knight 2008 and watch it asap.

P/s : im not ready to be a pharmacist, yet! lolz.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Grab a ticket to Man United

Manchester United team managed to grab both champions league and premier league trophies just couple of months ago. The glory moments were strongly captured in my head.

I have always wanted to take a day tour to Manchester. Not only i get to tour around , i also get to eat good food (especially dim sum). Besides that, I would definitely like to pay a visit to the Old Trafford stadium.

Many of my friends are die-hard fans of Manchester United. Do you know that 2008/2009third qualifying round is on the 1st of August? 2 weeks after that will be a big match between Manchester and Newcastle. How about getting Manchester United Tickets earlier before it is too late!

Super cheap flight

Ryan air is currently giving out some super good deals!! The offer will end this midnight.

The lowest fare was at 1 pounds including taxes and all, but restricted to some cacat punya places like Aarhus, Oslos, Gothenburg City. But wait, you only need to pay 1 pound to Stockholm also. And they are many many many more crazy deals around europe.

Maybe i am too NOOB in all these. These days, credit card company are making alot of money and they charged 4 pounds per person per flight for making any booking. And you know what, i pay 36 pounds in total for 2 person to fly to paris from glasgow prestwick, of which 16 is credit card charges for booking. -_-" Anyhow, still a good bargain huh?

Any good recommendation of places to stay in Paris, anyone?

Thanks a zillion :)

Eifel towel - sini saya kambing!

sini saya kambing = here i come :)

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Say good luck to me!

I remembered i wrote a post on my new-potential-part=time-job-punya-boss in the end of May. And tomorrow will be the day for me to face it.

I got a nice job from BA - working as general assitant in Goldfish. Right now, Goldfish desperately needs me to work there for them for the next couple of weeks. Good but not great.

I will be attending a job interview with subway from glasford street tomorrow at 5.30pm. Goldfish let me off an hour earlier to attend this interview. I told them the truth somemore. -_-"

So wish me luck. I want to be a sanwhich artist for the next couple of months before i go back and officially becomes a registered pharmacist!

PureSport sports drink

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I used to drink at least 2 cans of Isomax each week, one on tuesday and one on saturday. I drink them to refresh my energy after a strenous taekwondo class. I have been constantly addicted to sport drinks.

Are they really good? Well, it is all depends on what you expect. When you have reach a certain level, you will always expecting something more. Power bar or power gel might do the job. But for world class swimmer like Michael Phelps, he depends on PureSport Workout and Recovery sports drink with protein as his main choice of sport drink.

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Bye bye and safe journey, my friends

5 hours ago, majority of my friends flew back to Malaysia from glasgow international. Couldnt send them off this afternoon coz i was working. Some others will be flying back on the 29th next week.

To all my kaki-kaki/kawan-kawan/peng you sekalian,

Have a safe and pleasant journey back to Malaysia!! :)

Some group pics :

To my hsemates (jian, vyeaw, hsheong), sebelah rumah hsemates (edmond, wmeng, smiin and pjoo), sebelah sebelah hsemates (adam, kim hoe, darren and tam ming), qristine, khangwern, luyi, yijie, wong ah moi, wjiun, ah bao, hazel, kah yie, pei ling, anson, desmond, ron, khai yong, di and dap, ss members and sekalian-sekalian from my bloglist,

1) update me with what happen in Malaysia
2) update me with any wedding ;p
3) update me with your work
4) copy down the law paper question, make up a past year for me :P


1) i will update you with what i kepoh in glasgow
2) i will update you with anything interesting in glasgow
3) i will find you to go yum cha when i back later!