Sunday, November 30, 2008

When will i get my offer letter?

I had my job interview with spa last thursday. By right, they should have given us the offer letter at the end of the interview. However, Cik Zamzarina asked us to go back and wait for the posting letter to be posted by POS LAJU. Even wenjiun from Sabah was told to put down her KL address. Luckily she didnt.

Well, so one day by one day, after 4 days, there is still no sign of the offer letter. Then i called cik/puan zamzarina. So she told me there is an upgrading going on, all the offer letter were with hold. I called again on Friday, Cik/Puan Zamzarina told me "MUNGKIN akan dapat minggu depan". YA RIGHT! In order to minimise the waiting time, I went to Lembaga Farmasi to fill in borang I but i was told that they will start to process my documents ONLY when they have received the verified offer letter.

I finally met most of my friends in kl/pj yesterday night. Tadaeng ---> Qris, wenjiun, kahyee, luyi, vyeaw, su miin and adam! Midvalley was so crowded yesterday! Later only i found out that it was the first day of mega sales + saturday. We had our dinner in Italianese at the Gardens. The food was not bad but they didnt amaze me. The portion size is really big. No more voting for italian meal next time please!

Everyone who is working is complaining of their work. It was either too busy or too free. They were complaining of working OT or were called to 'ON CALL' during christmas break. They also advised those who just started to apply like adam and myself to enjoy more before get posted and start working. Heard working in BIRO has nothing to do AT ALL one?

After that, we had an earlier birthday celebration for wenjiun at Zen.

24th birthday hahaha!

And a group picture of all of us :

ADV - tactical gears

When i was a kid, i love to dress up as an army. I will put on the full army uniform, the cap, boots and accessories to play. Where as my brother might put on the full police suit and start playing together with me. As i grow up, i no longer do that. My hobby has changed to something more challenging. Now, i used to go hiking and jungle treckking. I will have a great sense of achievement and satisfaction when I have managed to get to the top of the hill or completed 14km jungle treckking in less than 3 hours. I love doing that. For jungle treckking, there are some accesories that i must have. For example, a pair of gloves, safety belt and safety hook, suitable footwear, pants and shirts are all essential items that one must have.

At tacticalpantsusa, there is a wide range of 5.11 Tactical Gear available. For example, there are 5.11 tactical pants, 5.11 tactical shirts, 5.11 tactical glove, 5.11 tactical knives, 5.11 tactical polos, 5.11 tactical eyewear, 5.11 tactical shorts, 5.11 footwear, 5.11 gear bag, 5.11 jackets, 5.11 watches, 5.11 jumpsuits, 5.11 accessories, surefire flashlights and many more.

I would like to try rock climbing one day. I am no longer afraid of height but i need to train to be physically fit before i take an attempt to try rock climbing. Also, i will need some tactical gears. The 5.11 Tactical pants is specially designed for this purpose, where it contains patented tactical strap and slash pockets design.

Next one, 5.11 Tactical Training Barrel for all members of Law Enforcement.

5.11 Tactical Series provides safe training oppurtunities to all members of Law Enforcement by including Blade-Tec in the design to ensure safe solution. The 5.11 Tactical Training Barrel is different from the factory barrel. It is replaced with a bright yellow, high impact plastic insert to ensure that everyone around you to aware that the hand gun is safe.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sam Goh Noobs@ Bukit Kiara Relay Run

Last sunday, 3 noobs (beginners) took part in the Bukit Kiara Relay run organized by 3R Circle. It was a small yet challenging race. The 3.9km loop made me feel like it was a 10km run. There wasnt too many participants, around 80 people. However, it was a very succesful relay run.

And this run was very 'canggih' also. The organiser included some electronic chips on the baton to record time. Phewww whit...

The mat which senses the electronic chip on the baton and send the info to the computer.

Introducing to you, Sam Goh Noobs (3 beginners) :

L-R : Hoo, Tien, Zhuon

Picture with Michael Power team before the race.

Besides having regular joggers or cyclists as supporters, we have some monkeys stooding on the tree to watch the race as well.

Julie wong was giving briefing before the start of the race.

And 3,2,1 BOOM! All the first runners dashed off...

After 23 mins 28 secs, i came back and passed the baton to Zhuon. The first person who came back clocked 16mins 59 secs. My performance was terrible. I started to walk halfway during the race. HOW can i walk but not run DURING a race? I was in the 3rd position before i started to walk.

Another 23 mins 20 secs, Zhuon came back. He didnt do good in the race as well. Hoo, our last runner took the baton and dashed off.

The champion team of open male clocked a total time of less than an hour, and after quite sometime, Hoo finally came back with the total time of 1 hour 7 mins.

And with this time, Sam Goh Noobs was positioned 7th.

We never train for the run. So this 7th place does satisfy us. If we train, can we make it into the top 3 next year?

We were served with watermelon for refreshment before the prize giving ceremony.

Closing ceremony speech was given by Julie.

The guy giving out prizes was our boss, same team.

Nolarh, he 'gam ngam' wore the traiblazer T-shirt also.

And the winner for Male's Open goes to this 3 japanese school boys. The youngest one is only 13 years old. -____-"

00:00-18:13 Fumiya Murakami
17:33-35:46 Takahiro Yanagawa
18:23-54:07 Jiro Ishida


Sam Goh Noobs - 7th Placing
00:00-23:28 Ding Min Tien
23:20-46:48 Ding Min Zhuon
20:54-67:42 Chin Kok Hoo

DENG! I should resume my training asap. hehe.

A finally group picture :

Good Job 3R Circle. We will join you again next year.

Next race, 14th december - MCA 6km run + buffer dinner at taman pertanian. :)

Monday, November 24, 2008

ADV - online shopping at shopwiki

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For example, if i would like to new adidas uniform for taekwondo, i would browse the martial arts buying guide under the sports and recreation category. Then, the various shops that contain this adidas taekwondo uniform will be shown.

It is relatively simple to use shopwiki to do online shopping. Start browsing through wiki gift guides for upcoming occasions like christmas and new year or take a look at the best selling products on shopwiki today!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Getting ready for Road Relay Running Circle (3R Circle)

Once again, the Road Relay Running Circle (3R Circle) brought to you the much soughtafter road relay. Criteria to qualify for an entry are - passion for running, positive mindset, high sportsmanship attitude and a team player.

Date : 23 November 2008 (Sunday)
Venue : Taman Bukit Kiara, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, K.L.
Time : 7.30am

It is the first time we take part in such an event - running relay in a hill. Wish us luck for Relay Without Barrier tomorrow!

Genting Trailblazer 2008

If you like to take challenges, if you think running 10km run on the road does not satisfy you, go for Genting Trailblazer, 14km of jungle trail with obstacles challenges, wet, muddy terrain, comes with lots of fun and excitements - all in one full package for you and your partner!

2days after i came back from Glasgow (2 Nov 2008), I participated in Genting Trailblazer 2008 run . The weather was dry before the event day - it has not been raining for almost one week. However, it started to rain on our way up to Genting at 5am. As a result of the rain, the run became tougher than what i have expected.

This Genting Trailblazer run is quite different from the road running or track running that i used to participate in. The first time i took part in such a run was 2 years ago. It was a very challenging run - 14km wild jungle run!! Regular genting trailblazer runners commented that the run is getting more and more challenging from year to year.

It was a team event of 2 person in a team. Thus, Zhuon and i formed a team, and together with us, uncle billy with kok seng while benny with kok hoo formed another 2 teams. The participation fees was not cheap at all! Rm168 for a team. Different people judged it differently, it was worth an experience for me!

Take note that my clothes and pouch were absolutely CLEAN before the run.

After registration and collection of goodie bag, we proceeded to the starting point.

A shot taken beside one of the obstacles before the start of the race - showing that we are READY to Go!

Speaking about obstacles, we have to go through some obstacles before reaching the finishing line. There were at least 10 more extra obstacles this year compared to 2 years ago. When you see muddy water infront of you, you will be asked to jump INTO the water and get across the pool of muddy water. There was also this 6-foot-tall barrier that we have to go through, like the one i went through in broga camp.

After approximately 20 minutes of running around the golf course road, we entered the jungle trail.

The 4 of us ran together the whole journey. At one point, we decided to take a short break so we rested and took some pictures before we continued.

During the race, we have to cross some small stream of water, where after that, both shoes will be WET. Bor Bian but to keep going!

More hills to climb when we were out of the jungle trail.

There were at least 18 obstacles waiting for us before reaching the finishing line.

And i managed to jump over three of this hole! Avoided the muddy water but it didnt help to prevent me from getting dirty and wet.

This is because in the next few obstacles, we were ordered to jump into the muddy water.

Limbo Rock in muddy water somemore Eh!

And we finally made it, clocked 2 hours 28 mins and each of us claimed ourselves a finishing medal.

Good job zhuon, and yes, we came back in one piece, positioned 45 after benny and kok hoo.

Take a look again at my clothes, shoes, socks and pouch after the run.

Then i bumped into my active partner for Genting Traiblazer 2006 - Jackie Tan!!!! Many were afraid to go through the muddy water. But we chose to go through some of the obstacles again for some added fun!

Thank you Jack for the added fun!!!! :)

This Genting Trailblazer was super tough man. My whole body ached for at least 5 days!

Anyone interested to join me next year?