Friday, February 27, 2009

To p1wimax customer service,

Hi, I have subscribed for p1wimax on 14 Feb this year (Home plus package). However, i was given the Homelite package. I have discovered this after lodging into my online account on 15 Feb. I have been experiencing slow internet speed since the first day i used your service. The retail seller at Pelangi Mall (johor bahru), ah pang promised me to solve the issue by one week. However, he has been giving me blank promises each time. I have waited for 14 days and nothing seem to be done yet. I have called him to discuss on this issue for at least 8times.

In addition, i am very disappointed after calling your helpline for several times. Nothing can be done for me. Steve asked me to fax the receipt to your office in order to change the package plan for me. I have done so but another staff from your office claimed that he didnt receive the fax! Can you please kindly contact me asap!

Please and thank you.

A customer of yours,

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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Enjoying better Sex

We were given an oppurtunity to attend the talk on "Enjoying Better Sex : 10 years of Rediscvoring Passion" by Dr Rosie King at Mutiara Hotel this evening. It was a very intersting talk where we were shared with statistical studies on sex health in asean regions and the discovering of Viagra by an accident.

The first part was on the statistical studies. In Malaysia, it was found that Men ranked sex as the 8th (while women ranked sex as 14th) essential criteria in life after family, financial, religions, general health etc. It was found that viagra had significantly improved the general health and confidence of one in patient with ED (erectile dysfunction).

Viagra was officially approved by FDA at 1998. Some intersting facts :

1) Viagra is a PDE 5 inhibitor.
2) Sildenafil citrate (Viagra) was first used to treat hypertension. Then it was used in a study for angina patients. The study was abandoned because viagra is ineffective in treating angina. However, from that study, it was found that one of the adverse effects of sildenafil was erection. Thus, the discovery of Viagra in treating ED was an accident.
3) The subsequent study involved viagra in treating ED patients. It was found that a dose of 75mg or 100mg significantly improved erection in men with ED.
4) 1 billion of viagra were sold yearly with over 35 millions of viagra prescriptions. 6 tablets of viagra were consumed worldwide every 1 second.

After the talk, we were served with buffet. The food was good. :)

I couldnt answer this, can you help me please?

The ambient was excellent.

The only 'human' picture that i managed to snap. The 3 J's (L-R : jingmein, jen ing, jing yen)

The answer for the question i posted earlier in the post.

Even wonder how much each of this blue pill costs?

Rm50 - Rm 75 each. Can you imagine how much money pfizer manages to earn if 6 tablets of viagra are consumed every 1 second.

Target Grade 4 hardness - take Viagra

Saturday, February 21, 2009

ADV - online poker

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Experience with Dangerous Drugs

I was working in the outpatient department, handling dangerous drugs (DD) for the past 5 days. It was a more relaxing job compared to filling or dispensing in the outpatient department. Some example of DDs include diazepam, clonazepam, alprazolam, midazolam, lorazepam, syrup morphine, fentanyl patch, rectal diazepam and so on. After 5 days of working on DDs, i am so familiar with DDs now - I know the shapes, colours and packings well and i am able to use the tablet counter very well too. Thank you yokdai for helping me with DDs. Thank you jingmein for teaching me syrup calculations. Thank you En seng for helping me everytime i asked for help.

ADV - Detective game

Do you like solving mysteries? If so, is the right choice for you as it offers countless challenging detective games.

I personally find it extremely interesting spending time playing detective games online. The game is played by following 3 simple steps, that is to firstly choose the clues and the suspects prior to solving the case. So how does the scoring system work? Points will be awarded for every clue identified and by solving the mystery. For each correct clue identified, whether it is the correct suspect or incriminate/exonerate, 2 points will be awarded. However, 1 point will be deducted for every wrong suspect or incriminate/exonerate marked. For every case solved, 10 points will awarded. This means that in a mystery with 5 clues in which all have been identified by the player, 20 points will be awarded if the player managed to solve the case as well. (5 clues at 2 points each plus 10 for solving the mystery).

After signing up, you get to choose all different kinds of mysterious cases from the mystery archives.


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Pls, can i say NO?

I feel very pressured working in opd today.

If someone is talking to you but you choose to ignore that someone, that is very rude.

It is very rude to not answer someone's question in full also.

Yesterday, I volunteered for a campaign work for this sunday but i rejected the job today.

This is because I have a very bad feeling that i wont feel happy if i make it to sunday's campaign. I will have to try to make friends with someone who dont treat me as a friend. So there isnt any point for me to go. Now you understand why i said SOME of the frps are nice and VERy helpful in my previous post.

I didnt have a good time working with X and Y for the past few days. Today, I asked x, 'can you fetch me this sunday?'. Then X answered 'Oh, it is not convenient.' and immediately X walked away. It is so rude to not show concern to someone who is seeking for help. I feel very disappointed and i know i will have to face many black faces throughout my opd shift in future.

That is not the end. X gave me TONS of work for this weekend too. 'You do all this, this and this for me this weekend, since you are not on-call.' (Self added dialogue : Fei poh gave me all the work, so now i will pass you all the work!keke!)

If you are a nice person. I will definitely help you. But now...

Prps sekalian, Can i just say, 'NO'?

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Gotong Royong during valentine's day

Happy Valentine's Day to all couples!!

Valentine's Day 2009 - Every staff from HSA was ordered to go back to HSA to 'Gotong Royong' yesterday.


This is our resting room

Some labels were hand written

Drugs are labelled according to their classes

The very expensive Plavix = Clopidogrel

I was placed in the outpatient department. Jen Inn + ah sing + me were incharged of changing ALL THE LABELS from the counters. 3 of us were under Pn. Farah (picture below).

We were given a short break at 11am - served with nasi lemak and orange juice.

It is actually a 'mission impossible' - copy down all the drug names accordingly, check the quantity, type the details in excel and sort them in a list, check mims for 'before food/after food', type the drug names again in words and finally replace the old labels with these new labels. After 4 hours, we only finished 1/10 for the counters. But the rest who incharged for the resting room and the 'papan kenyataan' have done a good job.


That was what we have done for 4 hours - we copied down approximate 2/3 of the drugs name and we only managed to make new labels for these 6 drugs shown below.

Good luck and gambateh bah to whoever who will be ordered to 'gotong royong' at outpatient department next 6 months.

I was the first to reach tmnet yesterday's morning to enquire about streamxy. The day before i sacrificed my lunch hour to go there and i came back to work after waiting for one number to pass. All my efforts on streamxy were wasted - because i found an alternative to online.

People, let me introduce to you - P1 W1Max.

I went to Pelangi Mall alone to enquire about P1W1Max. I signed up for a 12 month contract, brought home a modem with 2 cables (one connect modem to the ac power, another connect modem to your pc) and the best thing is that i dont have to pay a single cent YET. Newly registered member like myself are given a 15days trial with full money back guarantee.

So i managed to go online 3 hours after i came back from pelangi mall. You dont need to apply another tm line to go online. Isnt that great????

Many of you might be interested to know the speed W1Max as compared to streamxy. I cant answer you right now because Pang (the salesman) submitted for Home Lite package (rm49 with 312kbps) for me instead of Home Plus (rm99 with 1.2mbps). I think the Home Plus package is a better deal compared to Streamxy Combo (Rm110 with 1.0mbps). I will definitely blog about P1W1Max again when my package has been changed to Home Plus in a few days time.

Friday, February 13, 2009

ADV - check out acobay today

I believe that many of you are an active member in famous social networking websites like facebook or frenster. Have you heard about Acobay? It is a consumer network site that is different from facebook or friendster. The main objective in Acobay is to link together people who shares the same interests or hobbies. By having these people to get connected with each other, they get to discuss and review about the items that they owned (it could be a car, computer, cell phone or a bag) or the hobbies that they shared (basketball, fishing, cycling or surfing online). It also has similar features to facebook where you can still make friends and meet new people from around the world, drop messages and testimonials in your friend's page or upload your favourite photos.

Life as a pharmacist

It is friday and it is supposed to be my last day of working for the week. However, all the prps (provisional registered pharmacists) are ordered to go back to the hostpital tomorrow for 'gotong-royong'.

Majority (almost all) of the seniors/colleagues working in the outpatient department are very nice. They are very helpful. In the past 6 days, i really learn alot in the outpatient department. At least, i am able to dispense to patient confidently. We were required to meet the requirement of 'at least 5 cousellings per week' and i havent got one yet!

How was work? Have you got used to working as a pharmactt?

My answer will be 'very interesting'!

Monday, February 09, 2009

ADV - sports betting

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After you have registered yourself as a member, you will be given $10,000 virtual money weekly to place your bets. You can also check previews, match ups and recaps on all your favourite teams. Beside that, you can also compete for thier daily or weekly prizes. The website is sponsored by many advertisers and so are the prize money. In conclusion, is a great website to watch sports and to earn some extra money with zero risk.


Saturday, February 07, 2009

Greetings from JB

Thank you so much to Chansuzjian and family for allowing me to stay for a few nights before i got a permanent place to stay.

I will be moving over to a new place tomorrow morning.

I am working in the outpatient department right now. I will be in the department for 4 weeks. Working from 8am - 6pm daily is very tiring.

I am looking forward to weekend!!! Huuray!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Im going to Johor

3 months of holidays after i came back to Malaysia has come to an end finally. I will be going to JB with Adam tomorrow morning and lapor diri on thursday morning.

Hope i can get batu pahat!

How is working as a pharmacist like? Oh no...

ADV - online shopping

Online shopping has become something very popular since the growing of Ebay and Amazon, as well as due to the introduction of paypal. Paypal acts as the intermediate account where user bank in money from one bank into the paypal account, subsequently shop online with the paypal money. People love to shop online as it is very convenient. With just a few clicks, we get to purchase the the things we like. Many online shops offer free delivery to certain continents. There are many popular online uk clothes shop, is one.

It is sorted out nicely for both men and women department. It is sorted out according to popular brands, including French Connection, Jack & Jones, Vero Moda, Haynes, Gio Goi, Max C London, Motel, Superdry, Supreme Being, Traffic People, Triple Five Soul, Vila Clothing, Divine Trash, Fairground, Fenchurch, Fly53 clothing and many more.

I like this Supreme Being Monolog Bird T-shirt : Heather Grey very much. It is 100% made of cotton and it is also available in cyan blue color.

CNY house visiting tour

We managed to visit 5 houses and stay together as one team for about 13hours last saturday.

The 10 of us :

First destination was Hee Sheong's house in USJ. Met hs' younger sister for the first time. After that, we headed to Subang - vyeaw's new house. His parents treat us with finger-licking KFC there and this save us some money for lunch. (gam sia gam sia!!) Met his bro and dai sou for the first time.

Next, we headed to kajang. We spent quite a few hours gambling in luyi's house.

Group picture no 1 :

Group picture no 2 :

We had dinner at 'yeh lai xiang' in Kajang.

After dinner, we went to visit Kim Hoe's house in taman jasmine, Kajang.

The final destination was to Long Long River - Qristine's place.

At qris place, we had another gambling session + playing Bridge + playing Lami.

That is the end of house visiting and friends reunion.

Happy working to all of you!

ADV - drug treatment

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Su Miin's 24th & 25th birthday

A year ago, we celebrated Su Miin's 24th birthday in glasgow.

It was the second day of CNY and so most of us wore a red T.

A boxer on the head.

Another present from weeyeaw and kahyee.

The penguin was the main attraction that night. Everyone loves to pose with that giant sized penguin.

The girls with Sm.

And the guys with Sm.

All of us in JBC.

This year, we took the CNY bai nian (house visiting) oppurtunity to celebrate Su Miin's 25th early birthday in One U last friday. His birthday is on 8th Feb. This year 'bai nian' trip was very successful although there were some confusions earlier on.

The first stop was to visit my house in Taman Sea. Then we headed to One U. As it was a friday night, Chilis was crowded and we sat to wait for an hour before having a place at the restaurant!

It is rare to see this type of warning on a menu :

*Notice : Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne disease, especially if you have certain medical conditions.

We were given a FREE brownie (Rm12.50) after informing the staff it was sumiin's birthday. (they didnt check IC that day)

Some photos of our Human GPS :

Su Miin must be talking about Hs' gadget...

Hee sheong's gadget...

Happy Birthday Ong Su Miin