Thursday, January 31, 2008

Go for a Holiday?

Christmas holidays has ended about a month ago and spring holidays is approaching in another 2months time.

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I heard that some of my friends are planning a trip to watch Mamma Mia somewhere near april.

So i went and checked on the tickets about it.

There you go :

Where: Prince of Wales Theatre, Coventry Street, London

When: Performances from 30/01/2008 until 25/04/2009

So today is the very first for this performance.

Some other popular musicals that you are not gonna missed if you visit london includes Les Miserable, Phantom of the Opera, The Lord of the Rings and Lion King.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

ming tian = tomorrow = min tien = me?

It is so easy to remember my name as my title says it all.

Sometimes, my name can easily leads to confusion. Dont ask me how i differentiate, between ming tian and min tien, when you are used to it, you can differentiate them. BUT, i MADE a mistake today.

Next door hsemates were cleaning their stove and floor after dinner when i made a laugh out of everything.

Okay, so this is what happened 4hours ago.

Incident place : H3 plus J2 kitchen

People involved : jian, vyeaw, hsheong, edmund, smiin, phek joo and me

When edmund said to smiin and phek joo on the other end of the kitchen "ming tian you tak jin lai....." (min tien stepped in again), i immediately gave them a big response (the other 4 of us were brushing the floor at the other side of the kitchen. they have cleaned their floor twice, so walking with shoes are allowed for that particular area, manatau i accidentally stepped in a few steps while smiin was cleaning the floor.) i shouted back, "walao, why keep saying me.....!@#$%$!!!!?"

and the truth revealed > ed was saying " ming tian inspection, you tak jin lai... " (means during inspection tomorrow, the staff will be stepping on the floor with shoes again....)

So here i am 2apologize



thks to uncle lim, we borrowed this NEW henry from the 2 ah mois and start vacuuming our kitchen with him! he was so efficient compared to her! i tried and asked for a new HIM 2days ago, but my effort was a failure.

Love him, Henry looks so lovely lerh!

good luck for inspection tmr!

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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

here they come, again...

After 3months of peaceful days, they come again - JBC HSE INSPECTION

Although everyone is busy with this new sem, projects, presentation, but we all have no choice but to take up sometime to gather and do something about it together!

It is actually a good activity to get us moving, get us to do some hsechores. I mean, we all are lazy fellows, some basic hsechores are unavoidable and anyone will just volunteer to do it, but things like spending an hour just to squat there and clean the toilet floor, clean the blind spot behind the fridge, gosok the freaking griller and all, who will go and do without an inspection? so , afterall, it is something good to FORCE us to do something. lolz.

SEE, Everybody is preparing for the inspection.

Many of our house will be inspected on this coming wednesday, while some staying on the top floors will be inspected tomorrow.

a true fact : there will be a minimum fine of 30pounds after the first warning..

GOOD LUCK peeps!

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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Creating sound with a mixer

Have you ever wondered how does one actually recreate the voice of a creature that lived more than 60 million years ago???

BRICE CARRINGTON has succefully created the sound effect of 'T-Rex Eating" back in the movie - Jurassic Park.

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Say bye bye to sem7!


time filies!

sem 7 ended yesterday. everybody said bye bye to lab session. and all we left with now is ONE MORE SEM to go. 2 months packages include pharm care presentation + One final year project report(~80pgs) + 3 pharmcare reports (3k words each) + 1 cpp report (another 2k words) + more classtests to go before the FINALS in may.


Time Flies!

dds classtest results + pp3 resit results still unreveal. PRAY HARD!

afta may = GG = holidays + wait for lou poh to come :)

study study study study study study lorh!!!!

Working with EA is alwiz awesome. :) Been busy n stopped for quite sometime (2wks) n resumed the weekend job today.

my lunch was jus aweSome!

Final day to relax before sem 8 starting on monday. walaoyeah! one NEW sem in 3days time -______-"

gambateh lorh!

Friday, January 25, 2008

4 seasons in ONE day!


When i was preparing breakfast this morning, i saw a wee bit of snow. It started to snow more and more progressively and we can clearly see the snow significantly. However, it didnt last long. It lasted about 5mins nia. it was at around 1030am this morning. Kim claimed that this morning at 6something, it snowed heavily too.

Then it turned into dark-cloudy sky. I walked to the computer lab after breakfast and it was raining at that time .

After 2hours, the weather turned again. This time we can see clear sky with bright sun pulak.

It was at 2something, while i was having my lunch in my room, there were something hitting my windows constantly. There were super alot of 'hujan batu' falling down. I was quite excited and my effort of collecting them with a small plastic bag failed. lolz.

Then, sunny day again till 4pm when sun began to set. There was also gale (a very strong wind)during the night. And it is raining right now at 11.50pm.

~ pics from minimei...~

~ pic from darren ~

~ snowing video from minimei ~

My first boss in glasgow is looking for people to work quite desperately.....

No WORK = no $$$ = No nike shoe = mou heng

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

2 weeks long lab session with mr. NICE!!

10 days of lab session with mr.nice guy was alrigt!! :)

We are really fortunate under his supervision. He helped us so damn much! It is like a guided experiment. He is needed in almost each and every step of the protocol. OKay, we dont have lab sessions actually. What we did throughout the 2weeks were to face the computer, all the time, 9days long, there is once when we spent almost 3hours figuring out someting, but mr nice guy just spent 5mins to solve that. You see the difference between pros and noobs at this stage.

We can be very hardworking at some stages ...

AND we are serious in work too, just that we are slightly photo-sensitive.....

This is the computer room, with 6pcs, 12people working at the same time. The size of the room is merely the size of my room!!! @___@

We have so much of breaks that we can actually choose when and what time to pop back into the lab, as long as we get our work done. There will be only a small amount of work to be completed each day. Throughout the time, we were guided by either mr nice guy or ms rachel, nothing is really too tough for us to handle alone.

Lets look at what is so tough to be solved ...

THey are trying to solve SOLITAIRE!!! lolz.

A happy-ended group pics - all 12 of us plus mr. nice guy!



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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

my sexy lips


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Monday, January 21, 2008

Praying for the best!!

We stepped into pp3 lab once again this morning, suffered throughout the 3hours. We seriously hope that this will be the last time for us.

The constant support from friends and loved ones must be expressed here ...

A card from mr.lau vyeaw - very early, about 3days ago.

He made a note and requested me to show him my victory(like the tiger shown above) after the test. Qris vyeaw smiin and kwern were all waiting outside the lab. I was down and disappointed and just walked to my locker.
Thank you!

A cup cake from hazel on saturday's night.

Thank you!!

Mars chocolate from ms.chua pl.

Thank you!!

Thorntons chocolate from tan. kwern.

Thank you!!

To qristine, khang wern, luyi and vyeaw - Thank you for spending so much time to help us revise pp3!!!

Green bean tong shui + good luck wish from smiin...

Thank you!!

Lucky angel from ms.Q

Thank you!!

Ferroro rocher plus lucky star from ms chee lyin...

Thank you!!

Good luck cadbury chocolate from mr.Alebugger...

Thank you!!

Mr lau vyeaw boiled one BIG POT of CHICKEN soup

with scallops and red dates...

Thank you!!

Uncle lame made us this card, sticking at the toilet's door.. lolz.

Thank you!!

Miss pink tapaoed this for us from burger king...

Thank you!!

Good luck wish from tan pjoo over skype...

Thank you!!

And my lou poh made me this!!! :)

Thank you lou poh, so loving them!! :)

Cheer up people! We will just pray hard and hope for the best!! good luck!