Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Working in Morgan Stanley

After almost 3 full months of not working, i forced myself to get up and go to breakfast club of Blue Arrow, hoping to get a job for the week.

When was the last time i worked for BA? (31 december, 2007)

I was fired long ago by BA.

Initially, i told myself that i wont go back BA dy. The reason - you get very random jobs, random time, random place, everyting is AR (all random). Thus, I chose the easier job - Eastern Treats. However, they do provide REALLY GOOD JOB like the time during new year's eve.

I thought that i could get myself a full time weekday (mon-fri) job easily. But hell no, i dropped so many C.V. and application forms (peckhams, many many subway, McD, KFC, many food outlets in St.Enoch and JJB, and almost none come back (the only one reply from an email asking me to work in a subway near hamilton, which is almost 45mins drive from here).

So i was wrong. I chose to go back BA. My working status was resumed by Rob last friday. It was drizzling this morning when i left jbc. I managed to get myself to BA on time.

Im really glad when Rob asked me to work for Morgan Stanley for the entire week. I know that place - Mr Lau has been praising that place! This place is like the heaven days i worked last year in Hp!!!

You will eventually figure out why when i show you some picture :

1) I get paid for taking a 15mins break, while enjoying some scottish breakfast.

2) My job is simple - General Assistant. Basically, i do many things. In the morning, everything is self-service. So i just need to make sure that all the paper cups, napkins, lids, salt, peppers and drinks in the fridge are filled, as well as cleaning the table from time to time.

3) I will have really good food for lunch each day. Today, there are turkey carvery, pasta with chicken and meat or haddock with vege and tiger prawns to choose from.

4) You think the canteen is very busy huh?

The answer is no. 3 people working in the canteen to serve the customer are more than enough actually, but we have 5!

But there is a bad thing about Morgan Stanley. The transportation fees cost freaking hell ALOT!

Seriously wei, i need to pay 6 pounds daily for the transportation fees. Before Rob reminded me with his math (5.52x8x5 - transportation fees), i already said OKAY for the job, because i know the nett amount (easy job, great food, nice people, good pay for a week) that i could earn better than him. I like working as Customer Service/general assistant.


khaiyong said...

HAHA I like that -AR part!

zh1yong said...

i worked there before few times.. once as the easy job, general assitant.. the other time as the dishwasher.. that's true hard work.. it depends.. but its good to get two meals everyday.. the chefs there are quite nice.. the manager is also very nice..

ti3nD said...

haha. there are two mogan stanley. the other one will put u as kp, where you get really tough jobs.

yeah, too easy, bored at times when u hav nothing to do. haha.

wil work there for at least 2 wks! wahahaha:)

ti3nD said...

ky : haha. that shows how much i miss playing dota. trying to use the terms instead of playing. lolz.