Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Mch tax me so much!

I was taxed a total of 36 pounds for working 40 hours in a week! MCH. Went to see robert early this morning but it doesnt help. Gonna call Hm Revenue to find out more tomorrow.

And Asian style is closed from 27th july - 3rd of august for some reason. deng.

Anyway, had a really good dinner @ Rumours just now.

And there is 2 very interesting shops that i saw somewhere in Bath street :

Very interesting 'husband and wife' punya shops next to each other.

Okay there is this taylor FERGUSON on my left

Cafe ZEUS on my right

I thought they should have called it Taylor LINA to match ZEUS. hehe.

Paiseh. it is also meant for dota's lovers. ciaoz.

Eh, there is this big football match in malaysia - chelsea vs malaysia

and the results was out, 0 - 2, how can? lolz

and finally,

Wish uncle lim, edmond and sui lin, and khai yong and friends have a safe journey back to msia tmr! cyaz :)


Darren said...

I was at the stadium watching the match... super hot.. deng!

ti3nD said...

wowwwww! u so late go back also manage to get ticket? geng.
hmmm... glasgow no more sunny day liao. haha.

how can chelsea only scored 2 goals?
damn fake lorh... @@

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