Monday, July 07, 2008

Need a job desperately

It is my 600th post!

Made myself to the cal lab to print another 15 copies of C.V. (Curriculum Vitae).

Went online to once again and tried my luck by submitting my application to the top 10 nearest subway store to jbc.

Tried my luck in glasgford street, Argyle street, St. Enoch and made my way back to jbc when my stomach wasnt feeling too good.

Spent at least 20 minutes filling in the application forms in Peckhams's in Glasford street. Was given a name card from McD and Sportdirects. Nowadays, you dont have to go out for a walk-in interviews, instead, you can sit relaxing and apply online at home!

Too lazy to work for BA until wednesday.

Any good way to earn money besides waiting? Gala casino, here we go? haha.

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