Saturday, August 30, 2008

ADV - Language translator

It gives me a hardtime figuring out what each word in italian means when i am browsing through a tourist attraction website. Moreover, i cannot make any bookings or purchase any tickets because i cannot read italian. Eventually, PROMT Automatic Translation Solutions save my day! It offers language translation service for both home and business use. As for business use, it is suitable for small offices to multinational corporations, aiming to setting up a good communication network between employees and oversea partners. There are tools are able to simplify data research and assess foreign documents. The translation tools are compatible within many popular applications, namely microsoft internet explorer, mozilla firefox, open office, microsoft office applications and acrobat reader. The translation software can be used to translate emails, web pages or documents. User can also customize and fine-tune the translation software to achieve high-quality results. Besides that, it is also equiped with translation memory where it can create dictionaries to increase translation efficiciency.

PROMT can translate up to seven languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Russian and Italian. There is a total of 24 translation directions which contain over 100 specialized domains. This translation software is particularly helpful for a company to translate a document into another language.

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