Friday, August 29, 2008

Kokuryo - Korean restaurant in glasgow

If you fancy Korean food, Kokuryo will be your only choice (maybe) in glasgow. The good news - the food is really nice and its located in city center.

It is a very good deal to have lunch at Kokuryo. You get side dish, a main course (more than 30 choices) and boiled rice. You get a different menu for dinner - the same main courses without a soup.

If you fancy sushi, there is set sushi for a price of 9.99 pounds. Yogoo said it was very worth it.

Take a look at the food :

The soup

The side dish

Kim chi jji gae - kim chi, pork and toufu in spicy broth with rice

Sizzling jae yuk bokum - stir fried pork with vegetables in spicy sauce served with salad and rice

Sun do bu jji gae - soft tofu stew with clams, vegetables and egg, served with rice

jap tang bab - selection of stir fried seafood with vegetables and rice

Sizzling oh sam bul go ki - famous korean bulgoki (spicy pork)with squid and assortment, served with rice

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1138 Argyle Street
West End
G3 8TD
tel: 0141 334 5566


Acrix said...

Haha the boss wana sue me for taking their food photo last time coz he saw it online "*_*. They got my phone number and name down. But din contact me at all in the end. The foods are good but i got pissed after dat and din visit it anymore ;p

ti3nD said...

walao erh! the waiters there warned me for taking pics actually. but think think i am writing the good things for them, promoting for them only worh, mou lei yao go put blame on me pulak geh?


Anonymous said...

You commit an error. I can defend the position. Write to me in PM, we will talk.