Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Away for 3 days

I have stopped working since last friday. I am still waiting for my pay slip to arrive, till then i can share with you guys one big important discovery - holiday pay leave. nyek nyek nyek :)

I am very fortunate to meet robert in his informal uniform and requested my p45 from him. According to rob, he will then request the tax from london revenue and the process shall takes about 6 weeks. THEY OWE ME MORE THAN 200 pounds of tax at the moment.

I MET ALLEN from eastern treats TWICE today!!! He is a really nice supervisor and i really like him alot!!! We have a wee chat and got to know that sebastian and agatia will be leaving glasgow tomorrow to prepare for their weddding in polland next month. You can wish him here -

I will be away for 3 days. See you guys then :)

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