Sunday, August 24, 2008

Last day with Goldfish

5 weeks - that was the amount of time that i have worked for Morgan Stanley. And yesterday was the last day. I got this super nice job from BA when i failed to get any other permanent jobs elsewhere that time.

Bye bye everyone - Cliff, Glen, Amanda, Collin, David, Derrick, Mark, Lukman. Thank you for everything. I will sure miss working there (when i am in need of $$$$ ;p). You guys are very nice, will definitely go to heaven. :)

There were a little conversation between one staff and me :

Are you happy to stop working?

Yes, absolutely. I am going to travel next week. :)

So, how are you going to celebrate then?

There is a bbq party going on tonight. The good thing is i will just skip all the preparation parts since i will be working. Then i will just join in the party straight away when i reach glasgow. Another smile :)

Some pics from the bbq party :

Wah. Food food FOOD!

Chicken wings -

Curry powder or 'everything-mixed' marinated chicken wings

3 different types of sausages -

This was the best. Easy cooked and tasted great!

This one not bad. Tasted very salty.

This one here 'mm dimm', yucks.full stop.

Mushrooms -

Bacons -

Then there were some cooked food as well, such as salads with extra virgin olive oil+mayo+malt vinegar, cheesy wedges, potato salads and nuggets.

And not to miss out some group picture. All 15 of us.

After the bbq party, we have a drinking/playing session at steph's place. Everyone got punished (kononnya) and had some hard liquors + beer till 1am.

And the final thing to do last night was to watch moonlight resonance episode 17 with lou poh zai before we k.o. on our lovely bed. G.G.

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