Monday, August 18, 2008

I am still with GoldFish

It has been a long time since i last updated about my job with GoldFish. I am glad to say that i am still with Goldfish (previously known as Morgan Stanley). I have been with them for 4 weeks!!!! My total payable tax has accumulated to almost 150 pounds over the 4 weeks. I have tried making calls to Hm revenue and the staff promised to send me the tax claiming forms but none arrive yet. The worry is that "Am i able to claim them back????".

Okay lets go back to Goldfish. I still have very nice scottish/english breakfast everyday.

And recently, i made myself some mocha ice in the morning too.

I was once very interested to work with subway but ended up with no empty vacancy to fit me in more ten subways around glasgow city centre. So i worked for Blue arrow once again since then.

And this is how the canteen looks like :

I was recently working as a sandwich maker for the past 2 weeks with Goldfish.

Let me introduce to you guys ----> MY DELI BAR :

People here can be very healthy at times, where approximate 50-60% of people working in Goldfish will order sandwich/baguette for lunch. That will make me goes extremely busy during the peak time (12-2pm). Frankly, I like to stay busy than have nothing to do almost all the time.

But the people here are considered very unhealthy at times also because there will always people requesting/shouting for - "can i have a bowl of chips please?".

One day, i was trying to be very healthy, but i failed. I had hot baguette with tandorri chicken and lots of salads (very healthy) + curly fries (not healthy) for my lunch. I heart curly fries.

Fish and chips is the most common food that you will see (at least twice in a week, fry with different types of flour). Another common food that you will find is pie -steak and vegetables pie.

At many times, i chose rice with curry over fish and chips.

Rogan josh beef curry + naan + papadum + rice + mango chutney + cucumber sauce :

Beef to go with black bean sauce is really a good choice. I love the combination of stir fried beef with black bean sauce + green peas + carrots + prawn crackers :

And to go with a slice of cake to make up my lunch -

These battered crispy chicken are very nice. =)

But this roast chicken breast is not so nice. =(

Fortunately, i have this slice of chocolate cake for the add on for my lunch -

On the other hand, at other times, i really got very sick with all the food, and i chose macceroni cheese, beef lasagne or kukujiao meal over the others.

There was this free food day again on wednesday. It was like the other day where we had a free bbq party for all the staffs. This time, we have macceroni cheese, chips, beef balti curry, rice, roast chicken + sausages with bacons + stuffings, some desserts and some fruit drinks.

I had a really good meal that day - fed myself with some roast chicken + sausages with bacons + stuffings + green beans + carrots + roast potatoes.

And a slice of raspberry cake.

That was not the best thing. On the same day, i received 2 free cinema tickets from my boss, entitling to watch any movie anytime in cineworld glasgow or elsewhere.

Thank you Goldfish.

Should i go for The Dark Knight or The Mummy - Tomb of the Dragon Emperor?

p/s : i am not working tomorrow, HUUUURAY, all the best to lou poh zai and gp A,B, C and D people sitting for pp3 exemption test!!


weithian said...

you've been fed well by food and love from your lou poh :P haha

hmm! thanks for the luck. I don't know am I suppose to hope whether to get exempted or not :/

ti3nD said...

haha lolz.

wah of coz people will hope he/she will get exempted woot, no?