Monday, August 25, 2008

Beijing Olympic 2008 Closing Ceremony

Beijing olympic games 2008 has ended an hour ago.

I was really shocked to read about the news that one taekwondo exponent (Angel Matos of Cuba) was banned for life of entering taekwondo competition after kicking the referee in the face following his disqualification in a bronze-medal match. Watch the specific video here at 1 min 57 sec.

How can this thing happened during an olympic games?

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Anonymous said...

I've read about this incident but this is the first time I've seen that photo.

The Olympic flame may have been extinguished and the athletes have gone home, but in roughly a week’s time, another world-class competition will come alive in the same venues. Another group of world-class athletes are waiting in the wings, eagerly anticipating for their turn at the world stage of Beijing for the Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games.

2008 Beijing Summer Paralympic schedule