Thursday, August 21, 2008

Beijing Olympic Games 2008 continues

Its the end of day 12 Beijing Olympic Games, lets take a look at the medal tally table :

China is leading with 45 Golds, followed by USA with 26 Golds and Great Britain with 16 Golds. And proud to say that Malaysia is still with one silver medal, positioned 60, after Lee chong wei lost to

There were various funny comments posted on blogs and msn captions after the big lost in badminton last sunday.

Such as :

"Msia badminton kena GG-ied!"

"Before the final - MALAYSIA BOLEH!!!!! But after the final - MALAYSIA BOLIAO -_" !!!

"Kena tapao gao gao. Sob. Y the match like adult vs baby dy? SIEN."

For complete medal tally results, click here.

You know, today the sun newspaper claimed that Scotland would be sitting 16th in the medal table if they were completing themselves. All thanks to the hattrick brought by Chris Hoy - by making another history for Great Britain by winning 3 gold medals in cycling. What about Michael Phelps? To date, he would have been positioned number 9 if he would have competed beijing olympic 2008 all by his own. lolz.

Next, you must not miss out the big name of Usain Bolt. He is another Olympic Hero after Michael Phelps and Chris Hoy! He was the man who brought Jamaica first gold medal when he created a new world record in 100m male event back to 16 august. Watch the replay by bbc here. Today, Bolt made the impossible real by creating another world record with 19.30 sec in 200m male. You will definitely see him in each and every newspaper tomorrow.

HOW? 200m with 19.30 secs? WTF. 100m with 9.69 secs. 2 NEW WORLD RECORDS. How is it possible?

He won both races with such a HUGE DISTANCE in beijing olympics games 2008. Watch the 200m replay by bbc here.

Read the full story from

Next up is my favourite sports- Taekwondo. Im very surprised that Mexico managed to claim a gold in Men's Fin weight. Korean was not even in the top 16. Chinese taipei lost in the quarter. Even great britain was able to qualified and the match between Guillermo Perez (Mex) and Michael Harvey (GB) during the top 16 was horrible. They failed to impress me. I have watched alot more exciting fight. Watch how Guillermo Perez won Mexico's first gold medal of the Beijing Olympics with victory in the men's -58kg taekwondo.

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