Friday, April 25, 2008

Utensils for sale!

A very first of all, we are giving out a FREE toaster with the whole set that many of them doesnt.

Trust me, you will use the toaster ALMOST EVERY morning, every midnight.

Basically, we have everything that is needed in cooking - lots of plates, >10sets of cutleries, >10 pots, a few frying pans, rice cooker, plastic containers and alot alot alot more. p/s : You will not just get what you see here in the following pictures.

Next, if you like to bake, no prob - we have the weighing scale and a few baking trays here.

And not to forget, this is the BURIZA do kyanon shared by the 2 houses lorh. We use it to chop the whole chicken everyday without fail. Burize de kanon, nani? If you play dota, then you should know how expensive a BURIZE is lorh :P

If you are still not convinced enough, then watch the commercial video by Uncle lim :P

Everthing for 40 pounds, you tell me where to find lorh? :P

p/s : p105-iers, start posting up things for sale erh, and for those who didnt receive the email from jin werne regarding the username and password, drop me a note k.

Anyone who is interested, please kindly email or or

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