Saturday, March 15, 2008

Last lecture for my life!

Take a look at my title once again - Last lecture for my life!


Can you imagine that? Time really flies. You gotta accept it. I went to kindergarden only when i was 6years old. I was a naughty boy, as well as a chicken-boy. The kindergarden security is kinda lousy. It was broken by the six yeard old kid. I ran out of kindergarden the 2nd day of school when my mum left me after sometime. I wanted to cross the main road over to my dad's cake shop, and a lady from the pasar save my life. She brought me back to the shop!!!
Thank you pasar aunty!

Then into my primary classes life. I was always in the first class because the discipline teacher is a friend of my family. However, my results suck at that time. I was always postioned 30 over in a class of 40. I didnt do well in UPSR, with 5As out of 7As, i was positioned into the 8th class of SMKDJ.

I slowly progressed and i moved out from the 8th class to the fifth, followed by third and finally to the top class of SMKDJ in Form 4 and Form 5. My peak performance was during Form 5 when i scored straight A1s of all my subjects.

Then i entered the famous pre-university - Taylors College. I excelled in my studies and all i know about life at that time was STUDIES. Again, i did very well for my SAM course. I managed to grab a nice place in IMU for pharmacy course.


3 and a half years is almost there. What have i achieved????


to be continued...

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